Global Interscope: World-class Pools for Commercial & Residential Sectors

Rahul Krishna Chadalawada,    DirectorThe summer has already set in, and we are enduring the scorching heat and the temperature. A chilled drink and a dip in the pool are the ultimate comfort and refreshment from the searing season. Rewind two years ago, when we could go out to water parks carefree and enjoy the aesthetic appeals and fitness benefits in vogue across resorts and hotels. Isn't it so pleasing? Now that things have begun to bounce back, we are ready to experience the merry again with modern features like dazzling lights, multicolor LED, chlorine-free purification, autoclean, water saving antimicrobial filters, and much more. Serving the intention of designing such requirement specific world class swimming pools in India for the past 10 years is, Global Inter scope - a frontier in revolutionizing the swimming pool industry in India through its modern designs, sophistication, and world class equipment.

Global Interscope is a leading swimming pool designer and making custom swimming pools that are made unique to client requirements. The company is known for the integration of advanced tech elements; right from construction to execution and maintenance. They have incorporated innovation and technology to make aesthetically pleasing swimming pools that can be easily installed and offer a lifetime of aquatic enjoyment. Not just as a designer but also as a renovator and contractor, the company has been creating spectacular swimming pools in both commercial and residential sectors. Their rich experience in manufacturing swimming pools has enabled them to achieve a high level of expertise and dominance in making swimming pools.

Intending to deliver transformative outcomes both indoors and outdoors, the brand connects expertise across services, markets, and geographies to design,build, operate and manage projects that unlock opportunities, protect our environment and improve people’s lives. “We are operating in this industry for long years, and our designing concepts have been joining hands with brands like Swimex pools, RP Industries Pools, Bio-Design Pools, FRP Pools, and Conventional Pools. We supply equipment related to swimming pools like Heat pumps, Espa Pumps & Pneumatics, Tiles, Filters, and LED Lights. We also deal with Drainvac India for Central Vacuum Systems, Megavent for Retractable enclosures, (US) for Water Purifiers and Softeners", shares Rahul Krishna Chadalawada, Director..
Unmatched Quality
What makes Global Interscope a trusted brand is, its quality of work, outstanding maintenance, support, and superior products. The waterproof solutions, automatic timer, accessories, and LED lights are of the highestgrade. Leveraging the 10 years of experience and expertise through the products by the company, it has set a new bench mark water natural water filtration to treat pool water. The filters are now available in different sizes and capacities based on the size of the swimming pool. The company also specializes in manufacturing high-quality equipment and has steadily grown its roster of products that include all accessories required for a swimming pool.

Our goal is to offer the best equipment including Swimming pools, Central Vacuum Systems, Fresh Air Systems, and Retractable Roofs in the country by leveraging all the latest technologies

The Growing Portfolio
From being a mere turnkey solution provider for Swimming Pools, Global Interscope is scaling ahead and launching new services such as Central Vacuum Systems, Fresh Air Systems, and Retractable Roofs. In a few months, the company will be launching a Live Experience center as well. “We offer comprehensive services from Designing, Execution, and Completion. We do have options of Tiles, Liners, Natural Stones, Quartz seamless laying, and many more.

Without proper maintenance, a pool can develop issues such as algae growth, unpleasant odor, and belie the purpose of its construction. This is a big worry, especially for private residences as maintaining the pool can be a complicated task. Global Interscope addresses this worry by offering easy-to-maintain solutions with advanced technology and chemical-free methods. “With the advancing technology, now there is provision for chemicalfree pools, temperature control of water, pool cleaning robots, natural filtration, and others. Ultimately, we strive to equip every pool with an innovative natural water filtration care system, an adept technology to ensure chemicalfree clean pool water anytime,” he concludes.

Rahul Krishna Chadalawada, Director
Under Rahul’s headship, Global Interscope has gathered a qualified network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. The dextrous and creative team gathered by Rahul work with the mindset of innovating durable product for users with more sustainable and human-friendly options, along with high diligence for details. Scaling through innovation, the company’s team puts 100 percent effort to stay updated with the latest technologies in field of swimming pools design.

On-demand Services
•Swimming pool designing
•Swimming pool renovations
•Accessories for pools
•Pool tiles services
•Waterfalls and fountains
•Filtration equipment
•Pool enclosures
•Heat pumps