GoBumpr: Vehicle Ownership Made Intelligent for 200M+ vehicles in India

Karthik Venkataswaran, Nandha Kumar Ravi & Sundar Natesan,Co-Founders
Karthik Venkataswaran, Nandha Kumar Ravi & Sundar Natesan

Car is one of the most prized possessions for any individual in India. Maintaining a car throughout the ownership lifecycle or rather taking good care of the vehicle is one of utmost need for any vehicle owner. In the heavily unorganised automotive industry of the country, it is almost a PAIN for anyone to get a hassle free, trustworthy service for automobile maintenance once the vehicle goes out of warranty (upon 1.5 - 2 years of ownership when the free services with manufactures gets over). GoBumpr is a real time intelligence platform which caters to these 150M+ out of warranty vehicles in India. “Around 80 percent of the automobile aftermarket industry is heavily unorganised and highly fragmented which makes it very difficult for a car owners to interact with this market be it to do a regular service, change spare parts, buy couple of accessories for the vehicle, renew insurance or even to arrive at a fair value or right time to dispose the car of. What we have created is a platform (GoBumpr) which uses intelligence (data)and tells the vehicle when to service the car, when is the right time to change spares, provides reminders for insurance and also predicts the right time to sell the car for the best market value. The platform also gets the best quotes for all service needs using a reverse auction bidding engine from various service providers in the unorganised market and also ensures best quality of service with
convenience of free pickup, online
payment, service tracking etc. In a way, GoBumpr is a smart real time vehicle intelligence platform for vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles through the ownership lifecycle reducing the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) by almost 50%”, says Karthik Venkateswaran, CEO& Co-Founder, GoBumpr.

"GoBumpr has grown 30 times in the last 2 years on every business metric and would be India’s largest auto intelligence platform in the next few years"

The Disruption Created
If one looks into the automobile aftermarket industry, it is one of the oldest industries in India and contributes a considerable percentage to the GDP of our economy. Karthik says, “Only 1-2 percent is overall rate of penetration of technology to this oldest industry. If you want to buy a Maruti car or a Honda Car, you know that you need to go to the respective OEM dealer wherein standardisation & transparency is mandated to a certain extent by the OEMs. Besides from new car purchase, the whole ecosystem related to maintenance (car service, repairs, insurance, spare parts, accessories) is completely unorganised and we, at GoBumpr, are making use of technology to bring in standardisation to this industry”. “GoBumpr is a real time intelligence platform wherein car owners and bike owners can easily access any chain of this unorganised industry with the click of a button and this is the kind of disruption we think we've created by GoBumpr.A country like India is in dire need of this kind of disruption”, says Nandha Kumar Ravi, Co-Founder &COO.

Addressing the Challenges to Secure a Position
Lack of knowledge(intelligence) on the car owner’s side coupled with lack of transparency (standardisation) in the market is the major problem of today’s automotive industry. If a person
visits three different service centres, he will be quoted three different prices for the same service or repair job. “Lack of standardisation in terms of pricing, quality of spares being used, lack of transparency at every parts of the value chain exists.And currently, there is no single platform that one can trust with their car for lifetime”, says Sundar Natesan, Co-Founder and Head of Digital Marketing. He adds, “In a way we are creating a tech platform which the car owners and bike owners can use and access this unorganised ecosystem in a seamless way.”

Explaining the unique service orientation of GoBumpr, Karthik asserts, “Right from the time one buys a car to the time that car gets resold, one has to maintain the car and there is no player out there in the market to do it throughout the ownership. We want to cater to this market in a unique” He adds,“Go Bumpruses data(intelligence)to provide convenience to vehicle owners resulting in 50% cost savings, adding high value to vehicle ownership”

The Future Strategies
GoBumpr has been awarded the best company in customer service leadership in the car aggregation sector by Frost & Sullivan. Nandha says, “We've grown 30 times in the last 2 years on each and every business metric and have achieved a 1000 percent YoY growth in revenues in the last year.”

Discussing about the future of GoBumpr Karthik concludes,“Within the next 5 years, GoBumpr would be India’s largest auto intelligence & auto commerce platform connecting all parties in the after market ecosystem ranging from workshops, spare part manufacturers, distributors, retailers, insurers, banks to new vehicle dealers to OEMs ”