Godspeed Digital: Incorporating Effective Crowd Engagement Applications via Innovative Digital Signage Platforms

T.M. Kiran,Managing Director

T.M. Kiran

Managing Director

Although being the sole producers, the series of unfortunate events never seized for the Indian farmers as they are given the lowest cut of profits. In spite of the administration’s watch guard on fixed cut-off price of the harvests, the farmers still end up selling their goods to the commission agents at throwaway prices. To bring an end to the middle-men monopoly, Bangalore-based Digital Signage firm ‘Godspeed’ in association with the Govt. of Karnataka installed kiosks with in-built thermal printer wherein farmers could access and view the current prices of their respective crops along with the option to take a print for future references.

In a time where signage ventures significantly rush for brand promotions via their digital platforms to live the Indian Times Square dream, Godspeed pools its prowess in crowd management applications with innovative hardware solutions to make day-to-day work easy. “Most of our applications and hardware interfaces are very simple and built keeping in mind even the normal non-IT people as end users,” asserts T.M. Kiran, Managing Director, Godspeed. For instance, while serving the Karnataka High Court for the first time, the company installed wall mounting kiosks with an High court developed in-built application for the lawyers and the public to find out the entire case details with court number & updates just by entering the case reference number. Powered by ‘XML’, the company offers a wide range of digital signage arrangements including digital menu boards, interactive kiosks, flight information screens, digital signage for hospitality, advertising screens, retail digital signage, Wayfinding Kiosks,window projection system and lot more.

'Use & Know' Mantra
Prior to starting this venture in
2015, Godspeed extensively contemplated the Indian foundation, the trends in digital platforms and its usage among the people. As India was an emerging market in digital signage, Godspeed had to go an extra mile in proving that advanced digitization of the business by delivering new trends to the customers. The company customized the kiosks and digital signage applications as required by the customers without disturbing their existing business models. Furthermore, the products are built with highly sophisticated materials with sleek and curved finishing and are safeguarded by toughened glass, making it rugged and stylish.

Godspeed customized the kiosks and digital signage applications as required by the customers without disturbing their existing business models

Godspeed there by articulates its market presence with ‘Use Us to Know Us’, fixated on finding the right match between technology and affordability for its diverse clientele from retail, fast food, hospitality, corporate, Government, financial, education and health care sectors. The signage and kiosks are not merely television sets assembled with mobile PC box, but all its models are equipped with in-built Android or Windows board wherein the signage hardware platforms are just plug & play. With creative content development, Godspeed offers a complete suite of creative services including static & motion graphics, animations and digital videos highlighting on the best possible aesthetics to capture the audience’s attention and communicate the message through the digital signage medium. Additionally, the company has experts for strategic consulting by assisting digital signage solutions that are expedient for specific business need and budget plan.

The Social Contract
Godspeed makes products that create a social impact with added advantage to the existing business or transactions. When the Govt. of Karnataka was in search for a medium via which they could reach the rural sectors throughout the state for making people aware of current
Govt. schemes, promotions and functionalities, Godspeed installed its floor standing Digital Signage in 177 taluks of Karnataka in the taluk office. Handled from a single server in Bangalore for the broadcasting of the circulars, it takes no time to upload data online throughout 177 locations on real-time basis.

The Business Paradigm
Complying with ISO 9001:2001 standardization, the team incorporates three levels of analysis while managing the digital signage campaigns - Quality Production followed by Testing for 48 hours prior to Packing & Forwarding. Currently, the company’s tech team is innovating on its crowd management applications by integrating its existing digital solutions on novel compact designs via PMS - People Management System that saves spaces by fitting in any spot. Moreover, Godspeed is indulged in creating more such new products for crowd management like queue management systems and crowd analytics, that would make human machine interface simpler.Also a specialized experience center is located in Bangalore wherein clients can experience the touch and feel of products.

Godspeed is not just built by merit of industrial qualifications, it is built with a futuristic vision that foresights to grow 200 percent by 2020. The world and workplace have changed dramatically over this time. Now more than ever, visual communication has become an extremely powerful tool to engage, educate & inspire people and Godspeed has been developing innovative technologies and content for reaching People. Use it to Know it!

Key Management:
T.M.Kiran, Managing Director
Having 18 years expertise in IT segment, Kiran has worked as the regional head for many global ventures and has extensively worked on numerous government projects.

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