Grand View Research: Revamping the Work Culture in Market Research & Consulting Fragment

Swayam Dash, Managing Director.

Swayam Dash

Managing Director.

Market research firms are typically stamped as one of the most strait-laced communities of the corporate world. Comprised of stony-faced people, regimes in the segment have remained the same for years. But when you step into the infrastructure of Grand View Research, Inc. - a San Francisco based market research & consulting company, these convictions are broken unreservedly – it often plays music inside the office, people crack jokes & laugh out loud, and doesn’t monitor the working hours; still making it to one of the most trusted global consulting firms. Having its APAC headquarter in Pune, Grand View Research is also one of the top paying consulting firms in India, and in turn churned out a 300 people strong workforce within six years from inception.

Inducting the Genuine

Each year, the company accomplishes more than 100 multi-country market, competitor, customer, and sourcing intelligence studies for clients, encrusting a gamut of areas ranging from Market Intelligence & Market Opportunity Assessment to Market Size & Segmentation, Market Entry Strategy, Competitor Benchmarking, Pricing Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Sourcing Intelligence, New-Generation Products & Technologies, and Distribution & Sales Channel Assessment. Needless to say, it delves deep into almost every vertical. The interview process lucidly evinces this precision, as the company inducts only the passionate candidates.

“Having more than 20 years of research experience, our employees ensure that we deliver a combination of industry knowledge and global & country research expertise. We scrutinize the experienced professionals before hiring in terms of their learning capability, flexibility and ability to implement what they already know,” asserts Swayam Dash, Managing Director, Grand View Research, Inc. The company is also engaged in campus hiring. It conducts recruitments in around 10 colleges in a year, and hunts for the fresher who are inquisitive enough with
good communication skills and the potential to innovate. In addition, referrals have also been a predominant channel for new inductions. “We give them case studies to handle and test them with tough predicaments,” elucidates Swayam. Through providing them with global exposure and giving out expectation-plus compensations, Grand View Research not only is being magnetic in attracting talents, but also mantles the attrition hole without much effort.

Resources with low performance scores at Grand View Research are proffered with enormous number of opportunities to switch domain or work under a different team-leader

Revolutionizing the Work Culture

Apurv Patil, a recently joined Research Associate annotates, “Besides the open door policy and excellent work culture & pay, this workplace is competitive & knowledge rendering.We participate in brainstorming sessions aimed at process development and this is perhaps one of the most unique attributes of the company”. A longside, the company ensures an unbiased format of promotions and appraisals as well. Though it has a tool in place to account the performance of the workforce where the resources with low scores are proffered with enormous number of opportunities to switch domain or work under a different team-leader. And this paradigm has in turn given re-birth to a gamut of talents with underlying capabilities. “I have been a part of Grand View Research from almost its inception. I love the flexibility of this organization,” asserts Soumi Bhattacharya, HR Manager, Grand View Research.

Abreast of following all the regulations & HR policies (including maternity and paternity leaves, flexible work hours and many more) from the government, Grand View Research is determined in motivating its workforce through incentivizing them and recognizing the best performers of the year in the annual parties, which is celebrated like nothing less than a festival. By inviting all the family members to join the party, it cares to make the ceremony a memorable one. Furthermore, the frequently conducting CSR activities and engaging themselves with the monthly-twice cultural programs, employees engender meaning to their lives big time.
A top all, Grand View Research is a heaven for women employees with a Women Grievance Cell active inside the company and gender equality existing as a well-defined policy. Women can work from home whenever they want, and if they work late night (usually they don’t), the company facilitates secured conveyance. On demand, everyone gets precious and challenging opportunities to prove themselves and have a promotion at any time, regardless of the experience and gender.

Awaiting Expansion

“Every employee addition is a great achievement. We will be persistently training, encouraging, and developing them as experts”, adjoins Shashi Kumar, CEO, Grand View Research. Moving towards being the most trusted knowledge sharing & consulting firm through on-boarding a sustainable strategy, Grand View Research makes sure that every client contributes in the knowledge sharing process, even if they don’t make any purchase.

Going forward, it anticipates serving from a few more locations globally, especially in the U.S. The company’s Co-Founder - Brian Haven, is currently in the process of finalizing locations to expand in the U.S. In terms of India expansions, Bangalore and Chennai are in the pipeline.

Key Management:
Shashi Kumar, CEO

Shashi is a result driven professional with extensive project management, advisory service, research and consulting experience.

Swayam Dash, Managing Director

Having experience gathered from the fields of business development and market research, Swayam has over the years gained techno-commercial acumen and constantly strives towards the enhancement of the organization.


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