GravyMatrix: Providing a wide range of Inspection, Testing, and Certification Services

 Ravi Kant Sharma,    FounderThe requirement to ensure that manufactured goods comply with national and international safety and quality- related regulations has expanded dramatically along with the demand for highquality products. From USD 221.4 billion in 2022 to USD 268.9 billion in 2027, the testing, inspection, and certification market are anticipated to expand with a CAGR of 4.0 percent. Producers benefit from these services to increase production, adhere to international standards, and improve the caliber of their goods and services. No matter what industry the business is in, these services can be used for any product, service, or process. Gravymatrix, testing, inspection, and certification firm founded in 2019 is a young company, ambitious and determined to grow in this space with holding a core principle of maintaining integrity.

Gravymatrix was founded by Ravi Kant Sharma, a marine Engineer with 12 years of experience in shipping, and 8 years of experience in oil and Gas. He is a serial entrepreneur, helming various ventures, and has been an angel investor in some startups as well. This experience in shipping, oil, and gas has ensured that the company is run in a professional way, and various industry leaders are connected and readily available for guidance. Business expansion has been feasible, and management contacts for clients in the shipping and oil and gas industries are easily reachable. Diverse entrepreneurial experience has aided in employing technology to increase corporate efficiency.

Under his experiences and pioneering leadership, the company has been making strides and has grown manifold despite the onset of a global pandemic. The firm, guided by the founder, utilizes technology, digital tools, capabilities, and improved core processes to conduct daily operations which increase the efficiency and accuracy of inspections and reporting. Gravymatrix is further developing an app to integrate all operations from inspection notification receiving to paying the surveyors.
Range of Solutions and USPs
Inspection companies’ growth is directly proportional to the increase in Industrial output. As such, Gravymatrix is taking all the measures to ensure agility to tap into the growth of industrial output faster than its competitors. “Some of the most distinctive features integrated by Gravymatrix into their operations is the use of technology in every aspect. Gravymatrix is the first Indian inspection company to use GPS and Selfie based attendance apps.”Says Atul Mishra, Third Party Inspection Assurance lead at Gravymatrix. Atul is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master's degree in Robotics & Automation. The aim is to resolve common client challenges by ensuring that the Surveyors reach the vendor premises timely and conduct the inspections thoroughly.

Gravymatrix is the first Indian inspection company to use GPS and Selfie-based attendance apps

Further, the firm utilizes platforms like Zoho People, Quickbooks Accounting, Google sheets and Razorpay Payroll to enhance productivity. Gravymatrix also offers a quick turnaround time to the clients with inspection reports being delivered within 18-24 hours of inspection, which sets them apart from competitors, who take 48 hours to deliver reports. The reports are even sent for technical review to ensure accuracy and fulfillment of all compliance regulations. Since the firm handles many international clients and has an unbeatable response time for user queries. Further, they provide inspection services in even the remotest regions in India.

Gravymatrix offers a wide range of services including third-party inspection, expedited allocation of surveyors, surveyor allocation to global TPI companies, inspection coverage across the USA, direct deployment of certified inspectors, deputation of Heath, Safety and Environment professionals, auditor allocation for factories, deployment of quality inspectors offshore, review of Oil and Gas projects, and technical documents, examination training, corrosion training, industrial blasting and painting training, precision inspection equipment supply.

Future Roadmap
The firm’s future endeavors are well-defined and clearcut. “We wish to obtain ISO 17020 Certification and get NABC Approval which will enable us to start fulfilling basic requirements for inspection of governmental oil and gas companies,” adds Ravi Kant Sharma. They further aim at expanding globally, starting with UAE and Singapore. Marine Inspections execution processes are in the pipeline given the Marine Engineering background of the founder RaviKant Sharma.