Green Recykloplast: Ushering a New Era of Sustainable Practices in Multilayer Plastics Recycling

 Raghuram Natarajan,   DirectorMultilayer plastics are vital for packaging everyday items like biscuits, candies, chocolates, and snacks, playing an integral role in our lives. However, their composition, a combination of diverse plastic layers, poses a recycling challenge. Furthermore, after product consumption, disposing of these lightweight materials becomes problematic. It also presents a significant environmental concern compared to more easily recyclable plastics like HDPE and PP containers.

Green Recykloplast, an innovative startup venture committed to revolutionizing the recycling landscape. The company is spearheaded by three Co-founders with extensive backgrounds in packaging, each boasting over 20 to 30 years of experience in handling multilayer plastics. Green Recykloplast is dedicated to pioneering advancements in recycling methodologies, wherein, its primary mission centers around mitigating the challenges associated with multi-layer plastics (MLP), a critical concern in today's environmental discourse. Through strategic initiatives and cutting-edge technologies, the company’s aim is to make significant strides towards a greener, more sustainable future.

“We endeavor to supplant materials such as virgin plastics, wood, metal, and concrete across various applications. Our diverse range of products is tailored to serve specific functions, all with the overarching goal of effecting a reduction in virgin plastic consumption. Further, through the efficient recycling of multi-layer plastics, we aim to yield tangible goods that stand as viable alternatives to their virgin plastic counter
parts. This endeavor not only translates to a marked decrease in production costs for virgin materials but also contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions”, says Raghuram Natarajan, Director.

Tailor Made Solution Deliverability
The company has been adept at devising distinctive and processing methodologies as each variant of multi-layer plastic demands vary from one another. This comprehension empowers the company to segregate the material effectively, subsequently allowing us to develop tailored processing techniques. This ensures the proper recycling of multi-layer plastics. “We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards throughout the recycling process. This commitment extends to the intermediate products obtained from the recycling process. We diligently fine-tune our processes to guarantee that the final products meet and exceed customer expectations. Our objective is to deliver well-segregated, meticulously processed materials that not only perform optimally but also enhance the dependability of our recycled products”, speaks Raghuram.

Green Recykloplast’s primary mission centers around mitigating the challenges associated with multi-layer plastics (MLP), a critical concern in today's environmental discourse

When it comes to the company’s corporate social responsibility, it has implemented PET bottle reverse vending machines in high-traffic public areas such as IT parks, corporate congregations, and malls. This initiative enables organizations and their members to actively participate in the collection of PET bottle waste, thereby meeting their CSR obligations.

As part of its social responsibility, the company collaborates with a strategic partner to process gathered PET bottle waste, transforming it into branded T-shirts, caps, and laptop bags featuring logos of IT and corporate companies. These custom items are then supplied or sold back to the respective entities, creating both recycling and added value.

“We are actively seeking collaborations and knowledge-sharing opportunities beyond Karnataka. We are open to partnering with individuals or organizations willing to invest and replicate our success in other states. Having navigated the learning curve, we now possess the technical expertise to facilitate seamless knowledge transfer and foster collaborative growth. Our ultimate goal is to establish Green Recykloplast as a pioneering recycling company in India. We aim to achieve a nationwide presence, both organically and through strategic collaborations with local partners. With this approach, we anticipate reaching a milestone revenue of approximately 100 crores within the next four to five years, propelling our company to new heights”, concludes Raghuram.