GyanMatrix: Handing Over the Power to Employees

Rajan Parasuraman, Managing Director.

Rajan Parasuraman

Managing Director.

The loud applauds and smiling faces were making that beautiful infrastructure of GyanMatrix (GMX) even more attractive, and the techie at the receiving end was having the time of his life with a cheque-leaf in his hand and the higher management team shaking hands with him. He became another hero of the organization in shut-eye time, and all he did was just being committed to his duties and solving a critical issue for the company’s London-based technology client. Such sparkling scenes of people getting personal and warm experience is a defined-policy of GyanMatrix – a Bangalore based technology incubation center which has the perfect recipe in place to execute on mobile, web, analytics and IoT platforms. “The identity that we want to have for our organization is only through the people, not through the deliverables. Our mantra is ‘People-first’,” asserts Rajan Parasuraman, Managing Director, GMX. And this mantra accounts for this 2015 founded startup becoming a dream-come-true workplace for employees in no time.

As our country is crowded with a gamut of technology & service organizations, Hariharan Parasuraman (Founder& CEO) clutching his strong semiconductor & enterprise background built it as a technology incubation center, where today 200+ people come every day with an idea of having fun at their work place with utmost freedom. “We constitute an agile house. Every single process runs on agile methodologies here, whether it is work or culture,” proclaims Hariharan.

Every Pearl is Different

The proper execution of plans played the deciding role in GMX eradicating the startup challenges and landing on the safer side of hiring. Besides the regular hiring process through walk-ins and job portals, it joined hands with a well-established third-party recruitment firm to conduct successful Hackathons to fill some of the challenging positions like data scientists and data engineers. The next milestone was campus recruitment, where the most discussed mismatch of
industry and academia came as a hurdle. The ‘Experience Freshers Program (EFP)’was GMX’s answer, through which the company reached out to colleges in Coimbatore, set up a mini-version of the company inside one of them, and started training students by providing them with hands-on experience on live projects. “Our aim is not just creating our future workforce, but carving employable workforce out of colleges,” adds Rajan. Following such an innovative process,the company hired over 140 people in just three months.

The proper execution of plans played the deciding role in GMX eradicating the startup challenges and landing on the safer side of hiring

“Despite being a family, we take pride in calling our selves as a ‘tribe’,” he adds. This pristine has been remarkable in providing a personal experience to its workforce starting right from advertising the openings with attractive ads (which received appreciation from one of the designer at Google),to entire office welcoming every new candidate with sweets & flowers, and also in all along their journey.“It’s mandatory for us to give the new candidates a personalized welcome. We did it when we were just six, and doing it when we have 200 employees,” proclaims Hariharan.They have this personalization factor even in the business cards, in which the people can include their photo& caption they like. Lend your ears to Abarna Mathiyalagan, a GMXian, who echoes, “When they said ‘Welcome to GMX Family’, they truly meant what they said. GMX is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills & knowledge”.

The company starts its employee embracement even before the hiring process. Besides hiring managers welcoming the candidates personally when they walk in, it even collects interview feed backs from them, and thus improves persistently. “Our main focus is on employees growth, satisfaction, and comfort,” asserts Shaveta Mehta, Director – Process & Delivery, GMX. Once the candidates are on-boarded, the company not only proffers them with responsibilities, but also the power to own whatever they do, including taking leaves.Apart from providing the employees with hands-on mentoring via live projects from day one where experienced professionals play their buddy role, the organization
encourages them to do organization encourages them to do certifications through offering reimbursement when they submit the proof. But the crème de la crème of GMX’s policies has been the in-house program - ‘The Pitch’ which curates a platform for employees to pitch their brilliant ideas and grow it as a business with seed funding from the company itself. Having a 60:40 experienced vs. fresher ratio, the company’s work ethos over the years has successfully attracted several professionals from leading MNCs like Microsoft, IBM, HCL and Accenture.

Endless Benefits

In addition to mandatory HR policies, the organization puts forward a gamut of benefits starting from free food and conveyance (with additional security for women) to company sponsored annual trips, bonanzas on referrals (latest gadgets & tour packages for two person), and facilities like Spa, Jacuzzi and shower inside the infrastructure. “We have established a people-oriented policy & process and every step of ours goes in that direction,” says Jasintha Mary, Director – HR & Admin, GMX. This boot strapped organization has one of the top five best infrastructure setups available in Bangalore, and is today looking forward to its 50 percent growth in terms of number, and on the other hand manifesting a partnership approach rather than a client-vendor approach, with mutual owner ships in every thing starting from hiring and firing at both the ends.

Key Management:
Hariharan Parasuraman,Founder & CEO

Having a strong semiconductor & enterprise back ground, Hariharan is known in the organization as a man of zero compromise.

Rajan Parasuraman, Managing Director

Rajan seeks fun in everything he does. Mingles with team at ease, Rajan pumps like the heart for the organisation’s welfare and growth.

Board of Directors: Hariharan, Rajan, Sam Neff (Board of Director & BDH) Balasubrmanian Santhanam aka Balu (Director - Technology & Finance), Vinoth Vanaraj (Head - Data & BI), Vasanth Govind (Head - Products & Engineering)

Office: Bangalore

Offerings: Enterprise, Web, Mobile Apps, Infra Operations and Technological Innovation.