HHV Solar Technologies: A Trusted Partner for Solar Modules

R. Chellappan,Managing Director

R. Chellappan

Managing Director

The indispensable rise of solar story in India has just begun. We have history to create. In the run to save environment and with an added benefit of saving the pockets too, from government bodies to industries, corporate and individuals, all have turned towards using solar as an alternate source of energy. But India being a price sensitive market has always been flooded with cheaper products (both quality and price wise) from various countries. This has pushed several Indian manufacturers to jump into the bandwagon, thus further inundating the market with low quality products. Adding to this predicament is the customer’s ignorance about available domestic quality solar product manufacturers, bank ability of solar power projects, payment delay, inadequate infrastructure facility and many others that play spoil sports for the industry. Hence there is a need to provide a level playing field against cheap, subsidized imports in the solar sector.

Foreseeing this need-of-the-hour, HHV Solar Technologies (HHVST) - Solar PV Module manufacturing division of SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd, carved itself as a leading Photovoltaic (PV) solar module manufacturer, and solar technology-based solution provider that follows stringent quality control measures backed by a well implemented IMS (Integrated Quality Management System) and offers only the best solutions at highly competitive prices. Built to perform, this Tier-1 solar module manufacturer puts lot of thought process & analysis behind designing these modules that work for 25 years and adheres to the 25 years power warranty. Starting from inspecting the efficiency of the solar cells obtained from third party suppliers all the way to the packaging of the assembled solar PV modules, rigorous quality control methods are followed at every stage. Further, each component is examined individually and extensive research is performed before the selection of raw materials to ensure they behave cohesively with the entire product and give the best performance. These specifically designed defect-free modules aid the plant to achieve the capacity utilization factor not only in the first year, but throughout the life and even survive in extreme wind,
snow-load and corrosive environments. “We give the highest possible quality of modules in India through the right component selection,” proclaims Mr R. Chellappan, Managing Director, SWELECT Energy Systems Ltd.

Adding to the excellence, its state-of-the-art automated manufacturing centre (Bangalore) generates Crystalline Silicon PV Modules in compliance with IEC and UL standards for photovoltaic design and safety

Building Trust
The element of trust become very crucial for the company as it adheres to 25-year power warranty. HHVST modules are formulated as per the international standards (ISO, IEC, UL, CE and MCS) and are certified & accredited by reputed organizations like TUV Rheinland, UL and BRE. Adding to the excellence, its state-of-the-art automated manufacturing centre (Bangalore) generates Crystalline Silicon PV Modules in compliance with IEC and UL standards for photovoltaic design and safety. The firm leaves no stone unturned to make consumers aware about the benefits of this technology. HHVST educates and approaches its target customers through various direct marketing strategies including cold calls, sending mailers, activities on social media, advertising, participating in exhibition and conducting road shows.

Founded in 2008, the company is focused on developing the right kind of products for Indian market and strengthened its market share globally t by providing quality Bill of Material. With in-house automated manufacturing centre having a production capacity of 100 MW for modules, HHVST caters to multiple customer segments such as residential, industrial, and commercial, for both on-grid and off-grid solar projects. The firm offers state-of-the-art products under HHV ST (solar modules-36, 60 & 72 cells) and SWEES brand (Grid-Tie/Grid-Interactive/Hybrid inverters, Module Mounting Structures, and other Balance of Systems) for Solar Power projects starting from kW capacity to Multi-Megawatt projects across India and overseas. Also caters to the retail segment by offering hand carry solar converts, solar home systems, led lamps etc.

“HHV Solar is a well-recognized brand in India and overseas
market. Major customers like NTPC, IOCL, BHEL, and Bosch have well recognized our brand and recommend us as their first choice for their projects,” adds R. Chellappan. In fact, NTPC has recognized HHVST as one of the best Indian brands in terms of quality.

The Eventful Journey
The firm value is driven by the technical specifications such as panel efficiency, temperature coefficient and materials warranty that symbolizes the brand, while HHVST ensures utmost care of all these metrics. Living true to its tagline ‘In synergy with sun’s energy’, HHV Solar Technologies utilizes maximum solar energy to deliver utmost solutions and meet the exact demand of the customers. This company not only serves society by providing green solution but also contributes towards the upliftment of the society for better tomorrow. It implemented a Model Village (for the development of released bonded labour and Irular families), Montessori Method of Education (for underprivileged children) and developed Alarms (to deter crimes in buses and improve women’s safety) under various CSR activities.

Since its inception, it has been an eventful journey for HHVST. The young and dynamic team of 250+ employees value the quality and productivity. With a strong partner network of 100+ dealers and revenue growth of 20 percent (2016-17), HHVST and SWELECT are planning to expand its manufacturing line in emerging solar markets such as ESS, and EVs. “We believe in 4 Ms concept: Men, Machine, Materials & Money, and we focus on all these to keep our product in the front line,” concludes R. Chellappan.

Key Management
R. Chellappan, Managing Director
CHELLAPPAN is a distinguished Engineer in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Founded Numeric Engineers in 1984, a proprietary concern as the first venture of Numeric Group which has now grown to become SWELECT ENERGY SYSTEMS LTD. Apart from successfully heading SWELECT (formerly NUMERIC) group, he is also an active Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers US and the Chairman of the PELS Society of IEEE Madras Chapter for over 20 years. He has also been associated with the IIM, IIT Chennai, for Power Quality Management programs. He received ‘TRAIL BLAZERS – PATH FINDERS’ award as an outstanding entrepreneur and TiECon Award for ‘The Entrepreneur of the Year 2013’.

Offering: Solar PV module and solar technology-based solutions