Hogar Controls India: Specializes In Smart Solutions To Enable And Implement New-Age Gadgets

Ashwanth Anadasu,Co-Founder & COO

Ashwanth Anadasu

Co-Founder & COO

With the surging digitization and penetration of the internet, there has been a rapid infusion of technology in everyday life to manage the growing demands of the 21st-century human. Encapsulated within the innovative trends of the technologies, we are further contemplating more on the unfolding technology infusion to ensure a safer and smarter way of everyday living.

Reinforcing the Smart-Life philosophy that forecasts a change in lifestyle with the introduction of the finest technology solutions enabling a comfortable way of living, Hogar Controls India is all set to explore the boundaries of the Indian smart infrastructure Domain. An American company founded in Virginia, Hogar Controls is a global IoT company with a design-first approach delivering powerful solutions for Smart Homes, Cities, Communities, Buildings, Hospitality, Commercial, Living and Working Spaces.

Specializing in smart solutions that facilitate process improvement, implement fresh outcomes, and streamline day to day operations, Hogar manufactures, markets and sells IOT enabled products and solutions through trained system integrators across the globe. With more than 50+ Years of combined IoT & automation experience, the team is locally present on two continents primarily functioning in the Indian Sub-continent, middle-east, USA, ANZ & Asian regions.

Aligned With Technology
The secrets of the Hogar's success lie in quality and the design of the products which are often revered for their ability to combine functionality with sophisticated design aesthetic and cutting edge technology. "Rather than telegraphing technology and complexity, our products are made to be simple and timeless. Blended in with multiple decors, starting from upscale modernist homes to raised ranch dwellings we use a single touch, multifunction buttons or tactile screens to remove clutter. Beyond appearance, our solutions are easy to use and can be controlled from a single device-a smartphone.

We have emphasized on our user interface to pass the `grandmother test' where the typical older consumer is able to figure it out intuitively without having to rely on our customer service or tech support. In addition, HOGAR has ensured that our products address pain points for consumers. So rather than focusing solely on pushing the technology envelope, we align our consumer needs with developed products to address them rather than assuming a market exists
for the next breakthrough," says Karan Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO, Hogar Controls India.

The efforts to launch Hogar has been in motion since 2012. The founders, brothers ­ Karan Kumar and Ashwanth Anadasu are both technocrats smitten by the SMART bug who beckoned the foundation of Hogar Controls India in 2018, following the establishment of USA Hogar Inc at Sterling, Virginia. In 2015. "Since our foundation, the Hogar Controls business ethos has been underpinned by a perfect balance of passion and innovation, woven together by creativity, coherence, enthusiasm and determination. We inspire progress by unleashing the potential in people and technologies to advance the quality of life.

By making homes and workplaces comfortable, sustainable and efficient, we enable our customers to achieve real progress and create a positive impact in their world. Our motto is to deliver a holistic experience, provide seamless control, and deliver a better quality of life. Our brand's unique character, built around a very clear decision in terms of innovation, is the product of the time and passion we put into studying to use technology and integrate it with natural design, and quality," states Ashwanth Anadasu, Founder, Hogar Controls India.

Our motto is to deliver a holistic experience, provide seamless control, and deliver a better quality of life

Equipped With New-Age Products
With Retrofit designs that easily fits into any home replacing the traditional switches and controlling other equipment, Hogar ensures complete smart home/space solutions available under one roof. Equipped with world-class products designed in America and qualified solutions architects for every need, Hogar hosts an extensive and ever-expanding service network present all over India. Engaged with various global partners like Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Mediatek and more Hogar is in process of getting ISO 9001 certified.

Hogar undergoes stringent factory and QC audit done by trusted multinational Intertek simultaneously ensuring that the products are certified with UL, CE, and FCC confirming to the quality, safety, regulatory checks. Along with the extensive range of touch panels which are not only smart but also completely transform the look and feel of a home with their sleek and modern design, Hogar ensures a distinctive range of insert modules that can make any space smart without changing the essential feel of the space.

Apart from a range of smart sensors and detectors which make every space a safe space integrating both the facets of control along with security, Hogar has also built a range of Smart Hospitality and office solutions which are geared towards making workplace and hotels smart and connective by optimizing time, productivity along with greater control over operations.

With Cutting-edge technology, premium design and aesthetics Hogar Controls India is the only Home Automation brand to incorporate various technologies such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth together. A technology-oriented company, Hogar is aiming to expand its footprint to the Asia Pacific & Europe region from India with a target of Rs.100 crore in Smart spaces by end of 2022. Eager to take forward its growth story and products across the world, Hogar is focused on becoming a company synonymous with smart spaces whether is at residential, commercial or Hospitality.

Karan Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO
Holding over 16 years of experience, Karan oversees the R& D initiatives, worldwide for Hogar.

Ashwanth Anadasu, Co-Founder & COO
A proficient leader with experience in program and portfolio management, PMO, Business Administration, Sales & Marketing, Ashwanth is an ardent follower of Healthcare and Connected Home.IoT industries.
Office: Hyderabad
Offerings: Designs, manufactures, markets and sells new-age smart products and solutions