Holyland Marketing: Revolutionizing the Agro-Processing & Food Service Industry

Vijay Kumar Budhraja,  Founder & Chairman,Shippy Sharma Budhraja, Director

Vijay Kumar Budhraja, Founder & Chairman

Shippy Sharma Budhraja, Director

In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-growth and highprofit sector due to its immense potential for value addition particularly within the food processing industry. However despite being one of the largest producers of agricultural and food products in the world, India ranks fairly low in the global food processing value chains. In fact, as with the rest of India(most other sectors), this sector is also largely unorganised and informal. With a vision of setting new benchmarks in the industry and paving paths for radical thinking to meet the customer's demand, Holyland Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (HMPL)has emerged as an organisation which has successfully integrated the entire value chain from the farmers to the end customers. Holyland Marketing stands tall as the market leader in canned food and additives industry with very stronghold in HoreCa and marketing presence across India.

Highly Dedicated Organization
Based out of New Delhi HMPL was founded in 1995 with a vision of providing quality products to Indian consumers and the firm dedicated itself to promote & celebrate nature's gift to its home soil. "Through the years, our brands have earned reputation because of our never failing commitment towards innovation and quality," explains Vijay Kumar Budhraja, Founder & Chairman, HolyLand Marketing. The organization today markets over 200 products and 300+ SKUs, which are available across the country though its strong base of dealers & distributors. HMPL's product portfolio includes array of food products like Additives, Canned Fruits and Vegetables Canned Pulp, Canned Sweets Olive products, Milk products, Peppers products, Non-Veg products, Pickles, Ready to Eat, and many more.

HMPL has been a pioneer in revolutionizing the agro-processing and food service industry since its inception. For instance, the firm is the pioneer of crop risk hedging. HMPL has a strategically defined vendor base across India as well as in the global market with which it secures an extra edge in the industry. It helps HMPL to tide over crop risks of a single crop cycle and allows the firm to produce & distribute the products throughout the year at competitive prices.

Furthermore HMPL is the first organization to effectively implement product focused manufacturing in the Indian market. Instead of city based factories processing multiple products HMPL has encouraged product focused factories in the growing regions leading to increased product quality transportation efficiencies and better waste management.

As offering quality products and ensuring the best quality is HMPL's forte, the firm especially takes care of the quality assurance factor for its processed food products by following some stringent procedures such as the products are picked at the peak of
ripeness to lock in the fresh ripened taste and flavour of the fruits/vegetables. To maintain the freshness of the products, HMPL has established processing units near the agricultural areas hence the freshly picked fruits/vegetables are immediately
processed and packed in sterilized cans to keep the nutrients inside and impurities outside. Moreover, HMPL adheres to a strict quality control mechanism and standardized process, where it ensures that the products are hygienically processed and properly packed to preserve the best quality. "Our QC procedures which starts right from the raw material quality assessment to the quality assessment of the finished goods ensures that we pack only the best quality for our customers," explains Harith Budhraja, Director, HolyLand Marketing.

Commitment to quality is deeply embedded in our culture. We provide the best quality products under our brands to ensure a wholesome experience for our customers

Apart from that, the firm is equipped with fully functional inhouse chemical & microbiological testing, laboratories, incubation rooms to ensure that all of its products are safe to consume and meet the quality standards. "Commitment to quality is deeply embedded in our culture. We provide the best quality products under our brands to ensure a wholesome experience for our customers,"states Vijay.

More than just a Firm
Nowadays, where most of the industry players focus only on the business benefits & profits, what differentiates HMPL from others is its ethical value. Being a health conscious food organization, HMPL takes the responsibility for not only providing safe but also nutritious food to its customers. The firm is committed to pack & market only the best quality products under its brands. Alongside, the firm's ISO certified manufacturing facility has been awarded SKOCH Order of Merit for good quality practices.

With such dedication towards the industry, the firm today has become the essential link between the farmers & the end-customers. Besides, HMPL is more than just an organization it considers itself as a family which comprises of 1000+ dealers & distributors, professional cooks food service institutions, logistic providers and more. The firm further takes pride on its 30+ agro-processing units along with the hardworking farmers who have passionately dedicated themselves to service quality products since decades.

Vijay Kumar Budhraja, Founder & Chairman
Vijay is a leader with dedicated vision to offer the best quality food products to the consumers & people of India. His commitment and passion towards driving excellence is the key reason behind the tremendous success of Holyland Marketing. Vijay is a revered name in food processing industry and has been selected and interviewed by ET NOW as the `Leader of Tomorrow'.

Shippy Sharma Budhraja, Director

A senior executive with more than 13 years of experience in various industries Shippy brings in best practices from across the industries. She is an engineer and MBA from the illustrious XLRI, Jamshedpur. She presently looks at Institutional Sales, Exports and Marketing at Holyland Group.

She holds a strong knowledge and experience in HoReCa, Foodservice supplies, Industrial solutions, Exports, Sales force automation and more.

Kapil Budhraja, Director
Harith Budhraja, Director
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