HTTPOOL: Growth Partner of Biggest Digital Platforms, Brands and Businesses Worldwide

By Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder, Managing Director

By Sunny Nagpal

Co-Founder, Managing Director

The growing popularity of social media has seen shortform video and snackable content driving the explosive growth of digital advertising in India. Affordable mobile data and smartphones have changed the device usage habits of consumers providing more avenues for media consumption while stimulating the demand for exciting content creation. This digital transformation has reshaped how brands approach customers. Online presence and credibility across digital platforms have become more important than before.

For almost two decades, Httpool has been in this business of incredible transformation helping brands meet customers on their platforms of choice, bridging the digital divide in faster relevant and more innovative ways. Httpool India office was established over a decade ago and has been growing ever since.

What makes Httpool truly unique is the combination of three key pillars: a result driven holistic approach, advanced ad technology and direct access to the most relevant media platforms and ad products. This allows us to support our clients in achieving their goals, as well as offering insights into going beyond traditional campaigns.

Backed by a strong team of almost 300 digital specialists across over 22 markets, the Httpool group is present with offices in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia-Pacific region, including India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Having initially started in Slovenia (Europe) as a cross channel ad network, Httpool steadily expanded globally and in 2013 acquired its first two representation partnerships with Skype and Spotify. A year later, Httpool partnered with Twitter for representation in the Central and Eastern European countries with Twitter representation in India starting in 2017. The company established a close partnership to represent LinkedIn and has done so from 2015 onwards. For over a year now Httpool
also acts as Facebook’s Authorized Sales Partner in the Balkan and Baltics regions in Europe, with its representation currently expanding to the Asia Pacific. In addition to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Httpool also represents other major platforms Quora Spotify Tik Tok Snapchat and similar global and local publishers.

Httpool in India has successfully managed digital budgets and performances across media platform representations for over 4000+ campaigns for 500+ advertisers

Httpool empowers advertisers to create capabilities that fully leverage the possibilities of new technologies and their impact by organizing trainings and workshops for knowledge transfer, as well as taking on an advisory role for brands and agencies. Httpool developed its own Twitter API solution, which recently received the Official Twitter API Partner status. This allows us to support agencies and brands with realtime insights and automation of their campaigns on this major social network to allow for the optimal use of resources and best results.

In 2019 alone Httpool in India has successfully managed digital budgets and performances across media plat¬form representations for over 4000+ campaigns for 500+ advertisers while cooperating with 700+ global and regional publishers.

“Our future plans are to consolidate our position as the largest player while sustaining the number one position. We are creating a framework that allows our partners to achieve global growth by gaining access to 50 plus markets through a single contact point and a single contract”says Sunny Nagpal, Co-Founder and Manager Director, Httpool APAC, who back in 2009 reimagined the opportunity to support advertisers and agencies by starting a joint venture with Httpool and successfully steered it as a leader in digital media and ad-tech with a 80 percent YOY growth since.

“We focus on adding the right solution for each clients’requirement, ensuring every recommendation has a strategic fit. Couple that with strong execution and that’s our recipe for success” adds Sunny.

India’s growing digital market presents many challenges but Httpool's differentiated market strategy offering full funnel digital marketing solutions through exclusive representations and delivering optimal solutions has earned it the reputation of a trusted partner for advertisers, agencies and brands alike.

An Entrepreneur and Investor, Sunny is a seasoned executive experienced in strategic planning, development and management of a multimillion dollar international operations with specific expertise in Digital Advertising industry. Consistently successful in analyzing market trends and capitalizing on global market opportunities to create high profit, he excels in high-visibility partnerships through product development, brand positioning and innovative strategies.

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