Hunar Placement Services: Holistic HRMS ecosystem

Vinay Dalal,Co-Founder

Vinay Dalal, Co-Founder

Human Resource Management System is one of the vital areas which a company must primarily focus on in order to achieve expected results. Three HR veterans having cross industry experience nationally and internationally having a common thread - Reliance industries- came together in 2015 to form an integrated cloud based HRMS products that would help companies, especially the MSMEs find the right talent at the right price and efficiently manage their HR processes. “It’s just not only recruitment; we help MSMEs because they struggle with compliances. Their focus is so much on generating revenue, marketing and funding that they lose on this most critical point called People Processes. Dedicated to the same reason the journey of Talbrum started which was just not about recruitment, it was also about attendance and leave management system with productivity tools, payroll with compliances, performance management, Training management, recruitment management and employee database management along with other HR related services”, says Vinay Dalal, Co-Founder, Hunar Placement Services (HPSPL).

Bijay Sahoo & Vinay Dalal

The Minds in Action
Hunar Placement services was formed by the experience and expertise of some of the most talented minds in the HR sector of the country. Vinay asserts, “The brain and the soul has been Mr Bijay Sahoo who was President HR, Reliance industries and he was my boss for almost 7-8 years and so was the boss to Mr P. Praveen. Bijay is actually the friend, philosopher and guide. He
is probably one of the best brains around in the HR fraternity. Praveen happens to be the seed investor and is based out of Muscat. So,he is not involved in the day to day functionalities. That, I take care of.”

"It has been purely 6-7 months in the market and we have 11 clients including one from Singapore"

The Product Line
Talbrum is a comprehensive cloud based Human Resource Management System dedicated to the SME and MSME industry. “We give out better features with a more attractive price point which is the mantra the company tries to uphold. We have also created a software for payroll of a Singapore based company which is getting launched in January. So, we'll be in Singapore through a partner and we have multiple clients in India and at the same time we are moving into the state govt. domain as well”, says P. Praveen, Co-Founder.

Bhuvnesh Kumar, Chetan Chauhan &
Vinay Dalal

(UP,JH,FFSC) Merahunar is a skill and talent hunt initiative by some of the state governments in collaboration with HPSPL. The motto of this product is to provide skilled manpower which is rated by customers nationally and internationally. “We are targeting MSME across not only India but South East &West Asia to start with. We are happy to state that only recently this service has been used for catering professional help in Oman. What makes us different in a crowded HRMS market, creating a niche at a price point with which success is guaranteed”, states Bijay Sahoo, Mentor, HPSPL.

In line with the cloud based HRMS products, Hunar has also come up with a software which can efficiently handle the management of any given institution. This software known as College Management Software: In is said to go live on 19th Januray, 2019. Vinay says, “There was another request which came from Furniture Fixture Skill Council. In the skill
ecosystem, we have a skill council which requires placements. So, we developed a solution for them and we already have a requirement to develop end to end solution in terms of training partners. So, there is some tuning that needs to be done and it will become a school or college management software.”

Growth & the Road Ahead
HPSPL, from the beginning was a well invested venture. Someone aware of the HRMS processes will know that it is a time consuming business and one needs to have patience in order to achieve results. “So once we tested our products with 3 clients went through the entire cycle of the change in financial year. It has been purely 6-7 months in the market and we have 11 clients including one from Singapore and we have got one open offer from Oman which we will be executing shortly”, says Vinay.

FICCI Delegation to Tokyo lead by T.V Mohandas Pai

Talbrum has been readily accepted by the Bihar govt for the recruitment of ITI teachers. Expressing the future of HPSPL, Vinay concludes,“We are closely working with state governments specifically in those areas where there might be huge social unrest because of employment, if not today, then definitely tomorrow. We are trying to provide end to end solution. So, as it stands we'll provide national, international as well as local opportunities for the youth as well as work through Talbrum to provide the most cost effective HRMS services and solutions.”

HPSPL Key Features:
• Cloud based HRIS software developed by HR professionals with cumulative 60 man years of experience globally
• Highly user friendly with customization yet low cost per employee, Talbrum is developed by HR professionals for the HR professionals and it shows!!
• Android based ESS system is very rich in features
• Productivity mapping of the field staff: Time taken for meetings and distances covered during the day