Identifyplus: Imparting Single Integrated Last Mile Network Platform for e-Commerce, BFSI & Retail Industries

Sandeep Yadav, Director

Sandeep Yadav


With consumers increasingly turning to e-Commerce for all their shopping needs, speedy fulfillment is not only ‘good to have’ but it’s the desire of every online shopping experience. As a result, businesses today started crafting new technologies & experimental supply chain models to enhance parcel volume, expedite deliveries, and delight customers all the while trying to cut costs. This is where last mile comes into the picture that bridges the gap of excellent customer experience while fulfilling their need.

Acing expertise in this very forte is Identifyplus that provides single integrated last mile network platform for e-Commerce, BFSI and retail industries. Unlike others, this one stop last mile platform takes care of everything from deliveries, pickups, reverse pickups, doorstep KYC to cash on delivery and card & digital payments. “In India, the last mile services quality is not good as there are only few known players on which the complete industry is dependent upon for services. We have clearly understood the situation prevailing in the industry and wanted to be the part of this complete story unfolding in the country. Thus, we established Identifyplus that provides all last mile services while maintaining the quality,” avers Sandeep Yadav, Director, Identifyplus.

What makes Identifyplus unique is its tendency to develop entire app along with complete technology stack internally. The Gurgaon head quartered firm has not only designed integrated delivery app, but also developed multifunctional retail POS and facilitates doorstep KYC services (own RD service & UIDAI), thereby going ahead of B2B & B2C and imparting one-point-of solution for all delivery needs. All services along with POS devices are patent and delivered to clients based on their requirements and
terms & conditions through 300+ hubs (60 percent are franchise location & 40 percent are inhouse). Identifyplus takes pride on achieving all these in a short span of three years from inception in 2016.

Identifyplus Opex & Franchise based last mile network platform is much more than a normal delivery application. Apart from accrediting delivery executives with all major services and enabling them to close the transaction at client site itself, this cloud based platform also takes care of FOS activity to ensure SLA commitments and furnishes live updates to shipping partners. Being a key to customer satisfaction, the platform provides realtime money transaction/rotation services whereas reconciliation & closure takes one day. Furthermore for any mishap, customers can immediately connect with delivery boy(number shared via SMS)or raise complain by calling customer care who strives hard to resolve the issue at the earliest. “Our platform gives customer a unique experience providing end-to-end solution while enhancing co-ordination & integration between stakeholders of the industry,” adds Sandeep.

Identifyplus Opex & Franchise based last mile network platform gives customer a unique experience providing end-to-end solution while enhancing co-ordination & integration between stakeholders

Future Envisions
The company that was started with just 15 employees today upholds 2000+ associates who are trained and given opportunity to enhance their career. Recently its 10 junior leaders enrolled for IM specialized courses, where they will not only trained on recent technologies, but also taken through various case studies, which inturn helps them to solve real life operational challenges. A top Identifyplus partners with professional agencies to provide soft skill training and is soon going to launch leadership program under which around 28 selected employees will be trained for six months.

The organization is trying to step forward in future technology by leveraging last mile/middle mile service and thus started working with banks, insurance and credit card companies. Since inception, it has served some big giants from numerous industries like Paytm, Reliance, Myntra, Flipkart and others. Identifyplus is currently working towards extending its KYC services in terms of digital signature & aadhar required by insurance companies, government agencies and others. Enriched with such innovative technologies, the firm is looking ahead to perform 1.5 lakh delivery & 50,000 KYC per day and achieve Rs.60 crore revenue. “We are profitable from day-1 and expanded to 15 states & made 300 hubs in only 900 days i.e every third day we have opened a new hub,” concludes Sandeep.

Quick Facts:

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