iLink Systems: Enriching Workplace with Profuse Flexibility, Positivity & Enthusiasm

Sree Balaji,CEOThe snippets of a recent experiment by Market Watch explain that the productivity of a group of people presented with a positive stimulus was 10 percent more than that of a control group. In fact, when a person feels good, he/she actually does every single thing better. The prime focus of any company is to infuse a positive ambience at the workplace that fosters the employees to feel good about coming to work, stay motivated and perform productively throughout the day. Besides, this positive aura can negate the scenarios of stress or any negative experience and bring out the best in each employee. Despite being an absolutely performance driven company, iLink Systems, a leading global software solution provider and systems integrator, comprehends the aforementioned contexts to create a highly positive, enthusiastic and flexible environment with a perfect work-life balance for employees to be productive and reliable. While endowing new college graduates with compensations, this firm takes a step forward to provide them a positive work culture enriched with long-term development opportunities.

CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified iLink Systems deploys an employee base (fresher experienced ratio of 1:5)of 500 in India and 150in US to frame next-generation technology solutions that would assist clients in solving complex business challenges. Distinctly, these solutions enhance the client’s organizational effectiveness, enrich their business productivity, make them realize the sustainable enterprise value and transform their business inside-out. Besides integrating software systems, the firm develops custom applications, components and frameworks on state-of-the-art platforms for IT departments, commercial accounts, ASPs and ISVs. Vesting its focus on leveraging pre -created frameworks designed to accelerate software development& implementation of business processes for clients, iLink presently owns over 60 frameworks(solution accelerators) that are industry-specific, horizontal and customizable.

Edifying Interviewers, Freshers& Employees
“We treat our candidates like our best customers,”asserts Sree Balaji,CEO, iLink Systems. Prior to
the recruitment process, iLinkensures to edify its interviewerson the trending interview techniques for them to have an intense command over hiring the right professionals. Instilled with the cost & benefit analysis, the firm’s recruitment system then explores and communicates its exact job requirement (full/part time) to the candidates. Further, it accordingly conducts regular job training and orientation programs for each hired employee and also itself to stay abreast of the emerging industrial changes and technologies. Apart from this, its coaching culture assures to allure proficient millennials offering extensive mentorship programs which is an added benefit to its employees. Exclusively for inexperienced candidates, it has launched several internship programs with dedicated mentors to train them effectively and place them in projects in tune with their strengths.

iLink Systems comprehends the aforementioned contexts to create a highly positive, enthusiastic and flexible environment with a perfect work-life balance for employees to be productive and reliable

By and large, iLink takes a leap of faith in hiring folks with boundless zeal to learn & grow and the ability to recognize value in each opportunity that can lift the firm to the zenith. “When you work at iLink Systems- you are working for a company that is driving latest & greatest technologies to enable Digital Transformation not only within the organization but also for our most valued customers. It’s a fun atmosphere when you work in an empowering environment where you have the freedom to develop your skills and make the most out of your talent,” Pallavi Singh, Alliance Manager, iLink Systems.

Enkindling Thoughts & Opinions “To make work meaningful, we make sure that our employees feel free to express their thoughts/opinions and communicate in a jovial way with their peers,”illustrates Piyush Prakash, CTO & EVP, iLink Systems. “Our quarterly based summits champion the exchange of ideas on a common platform thereby eliminating an individual’s fear/inhibitions of being judged and brainstorm on ways to better align our practices for the achievement of our goals,”adds Balaji. Also to spread a common vision among all the employees, iLink infuses team spirit as its top priority by organizing team meetings, potlucks, games, picnics
and outings.

In addition to these, the firm offers its employees with competitive pay, medical, dental, vision, life and AD&D, STD, LTD insurance,401(k)plan, paid vacation, personal leave, prepaid commute options in selected cities, referral&performance-based bonuses and sponsored technical certification courses for qualified candidates(if needed). For employees interested in pursuing a certification course that would bolster their career/competency, it offers them complete fee reimbursement up to a certain amount. To further acknowledge their spadework,it rewards them through boundless encouragements, gift certificates and emails. Moreover,for employees with kids and those who just gained parenthood, iLink proffers paid time off, flexible work hours and even work from home option if requested.

Unlike others, iLink’s team participate as a family when it comes to celebrating Christmas, Halloween or attending summer picnics. Employees can even bring their family to the office to take a trip to have an iLink experience. Interestingly, "iLink Systems is a very good place with awesome work-life balance to learn about Microsoft Technologies through knowledgeable senior resources and management,” says an iLinkSoftware Engineer from Chennai. This is why 70 percent of employees at iLink have been with the company for more than three years; 50 percent for more than five years, while 30 percent for more than 10 years.

Attributing its significant growth rates to its employees, iLink is grateful to them for going that extra mile and bringing that commendable performance this year. Further more, the firm is also envisioning to increase its growth numbers by a certain percentage in the upcoming years.

Key Management:
Sree Balaji, CEO
Sree has over 19 years of experience in High-Tech industry. Sree has overall responsibility of iLink’s growth strategy, vision and performance, and leads daily business operations, directs the development and execution.

Offerings: Cloud Services, Digital Transformation Services, Internet of Things, Data Management & Analytic, Application Modernization, Mobility, Automated QA & Testing, Machine Licensing& Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Product Development, Managed Services, Microsoft Licensing and several others

Offices:Redmond(headquarter)and offices/presence in various locations in the US; off-shore development centers (Chennai, Trichy, Noida & Pune)