iMerit: Giving Marginalized Youth Corporate & Social Success in Digital Economy

Radha Ramaswami Basu, Founder & CEO

Radha Ramaswami Basu

Founder & CEO

DebasishPradhan, a boy from Raidighi – a village where the average monthly family income of Rs.2500, who had nothing but a mud house and his parents’ blessings, completed graduation conquering all constraints. Fortunately, immediately after the completion of Anudip MAST (Market-Aligned Skills Training) course, hewas recruited by iMerit, an on-demand digital data services company that delivers data and content curation services in in cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence across verticals such as augmented/virtual reality, e-Commerce, financial services and technology. Fast forward to 3.5 years, today as a team leader in a Data Enrichment project, he has enrolled for a post-graduation program through distance learning, supports his brother’s studies, has given his parents financial security & peace of mind and has fulfilled his dream of buying a guitar. There are hundreds of such impact stories to demonstratei Merit’s strong technology-driven impactmission of creating aspirational livelihoods for marginalized youth in the digital economy by enabling them to work in cutting-edge technologies.

iMerit partners with the most innovative and high-growth companies in the world to provide a trusted team of skilled data experts, unlocking the value hidden within massive amounts of data that was not previously possible, while core business teams focus on core projects. With an employee attrition rate of less than three percent, and over 95 percent accuracy, iMerit is a reliable partner in delivering cost-effective, quality data projects on time and on budget to clients in tech-driven industry sectors such as machine learning and e-Commerce.“We use the power of human intelligence/ingenuity to enable advanced computing capabilities in machine learning and data science. Our custom skilling techniques, nimble culture, curated crowd, transparent & responsive teams helps clients unlock data so they can derive actionable insights and make better decisions on-demand,” explains RadhaRamaswamiBasu, CEO & Founder, iMerit.

The Lofty Mission & World-Class Management

There can be none better to identify
the dismal shortfall of job opportunities for newly skilled marginalized youths, but some body like Radha and her husband DipakBasu, who have already founded an NGO – Anudip Foundation in 2007, which has thus far trained over 55,000 marginalized promising Indian young women and men in technology and entrepreneurship skills.“Having witnessed the problem of youth unemployment over the course of our careers and the impact cutting-edge technology can have on the developing region, we founded Anudip to equip India’s underserved population with skills and technology training,” recalls Radha.

We use the power of human intelligence/ingenuity to enable advanced computing capabilities in machine learning and data science

Efficiently spearheaded by an illustrious leader like Radha and managed by professionals with experience from Silicon Valley, 2012-founded iMerit has rapidly ascended into a high-growth organization with 800 employees (among which 56 percent are women)from diverse social backgrounds & skill topography.Spread across six delivery centers in three states across a span of five years, the company has also garnered global recognitions a kin to the Asia-Pacific Stevie Award 2017 in Excellence in Innovation in Technology Industries category. Unsurprisingly, abundant freshers& experienced professionals have been gravitating towards iMerit to be a part of this inspirational growth story and s its technology-fuelled impact.

The company has achieved an astonishing 97 percent retention rate through its competitive salary structure and employee-friendly policies like providing ample leaves for its employees who wish to pursue their studies, rewards & recognition programs, incentives & allowances, strict sexual harassment policy, grievance escalation policy, maternity & paternity leaves and other statuary benefits such as PF, ESIC and Gratuity. In addition, iMerit has inculcated a warm & familial work culture, where a helpful & professional attitude as well as teamwork are highly encouraged and transparent communication can seen at all levels – from the very junior level to CEO herself.“Despite being a technology company, this woman-friendly office with a comfortable environment is free of any hierarchical barriers with an open and people-driven culture,” proclaims HR, iMerit.
Project-based Disruptive Skilling

“iMerit’s healthy work environment has leaders, not bosses who guide you to achieve career goals and bring out the innovation piece within you,” remarks Delivery Manager, iMerit.Defying stereotypical vertical-specific skill development model, iMerit designs the training program dynamically around client’s particular project’s scope and industry vertical to meet client’s needs.This has enabled the company to forge successful partnerships with clients in machine learning and AI. The model expertizes new entrants to deliver projects in augmented/virtual reality and autonomous vehicles with seamless precision and accuracy.

Starting with the corner stone of cognitive training consisting of inductive & deductive reasoning along with auditory, episodic, motor, observational and spatial learning,the training matures into application-focused learning where the completely AI-ready individual comprehends not just the content but also the context of the data, which he/she structures into actionable information for client. This model is all set to take a more disruptive form, concentrating on cognitive processes along with IT skills. Apace with the rapid growth of machine learning & computer vision, iMerit intends toenhance its services and skilling & development capabilities utilizing the tech platform it’s currently developing. Keen on expanding its unique impact model, iMerit also plans to continue its growth in U.S. market, while nurturing its brand & visibility in other markets like India.

Key Management:

RadhaRamaswamiBasu, Founder& CEO

Arenowned technology entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor& a guest speaker in prominentinternational events with 30 years of experience in executive management, Radha is a pioneer in Indian software business with numerous prestigious awards akin to Silicon Valley Business Journal Women of Influence Award and the UN Women-ITU Gender-Equality Mainstreaming Technology Award to speak for her.

Offices: Kolkata (Headquarter), Metiabruz, Baruipur, Ranchi, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore and California (U.S.)

Clients:A major automobile manufacturer, a leading financial data &media company, a leading global online marketplace, and many more.