Infrastructure Design Consultants: A Highway Design Consultancy Company known for its Cost Effective & Innovative Designs

Dr. Dulal Chandra Saha,  Managing Director

Dr. Dulal Chandra Saha

Managing Director

The highway sector in India has been at the forefront of innovation and performance. Based on the Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM), the government of India has successfully rolled a total of 60 road projects in the country worth over $10 billion. The market for highways and roads in India is projected to exhibit a CAGR of 36.16 percent during 2016-2025, on account of growing government initiatives to improve the entire transportation infrastructure of the country. Surprisingly almost 40 percent of the total number of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects awarded in India was related to roads. To serve the growing transportation infrastructure needs of the country, road construction agencies (Concessionaires/Contractors) requires design consultants capable of providing cost-effective and innovative design services. Infrastructure Design Consultants P Ltd is one such highway design consultant providing cost effective & innovative design services for more than last 10 years.

Celebrated for Quality
Infrastructure Design Consultants (IDC) is specialized in designing Highways and Pavements, Traffic analysis & forecasting, Geotechnical investigations and Structural design necessary for highway projects. IDC provides consultancy services for the design of roads, pavements, bridges & structures to both Government & Private companies. IDC generally provides Feasibility study services to Government agencies (MoRT& H, NHAI & other State Road agencies) for project preparation as per the requirement of project execution in PPP mode. Feasibility studies are done generally based on preliminary design to finalize project requirements & facilities including its costing & tender preparation. Whereas, main activities of IDC are to Provide detailed engineering design services for road projects to Concessionaires/ Contractors for its implementation on PPP mode. IDC also provides Independent Engineer's (IE) services
for Road projects on HAM and Authority Engineer's (AE) services for road projects on EPC for the Government agencies (MoRT& H, NHAI other State Road Agencies).

"Our main focus at time of providing detailed engineering design services to Concessionaires/Contractors is to ensure cost effectiveness & innovation in design process. Whereas, the main focus at the time of providing IE/AE services to government road agencies is to review designs/drawings & monitoring execution progress in compliance with the provision of concession agreement", says Dr. Dulal Chandra Saha, MD, Infrastructure Design Consultants.

Infrastructure Design Consultants performs economic and financial evaluations of highway projects during feasibility study to assess the economic & financial viability of highway projects under study. Apart from providing safe highway design, IDC's initiative of making roads and bridges cost-effective also sets them apart from other competitors in the industry. IDC has a strong team of dedicated professionals who are qualified and have years of engineering expertise in the Design and Management of Highway and bridge projects.

Infrastructure Design Consultants has successfully sustained the industry with its core competency and cost-effective project approach

Focus on Core Competencies for a Brighter Future
Infrastructure Design Consultants has successfully sustained in the industry with its core competency of providing cost-effective & innovative design approach. Incorporated in 2012, Infrastructure Design Consultants started delivering projects with a team of just two members. Today, it has successfully built a team of 30 dedicated Engineers. The company aims to grow further by increasing the team strength and wants to work with more than 50 employees in next two years &100 employees in next five years. In the upcoming years, Infrastructure Design Consultants is also looking forward to further increasing its presence in the Independent Engineer's (IE)/Authority Engineer's (AE) job which has the potential to boost their collaborations to work more with government agencies in addition to providing Detailed Engineering Design services to private agencies both for road projects on HAM and EPC.

Sirish kumar Gade, Director

The company witnessed a turnover of around 10 Crores in the fiscal year 2020-2021. Some prestigious projects that made this possible are Nagpur-Mumbai Expressway with a total cost of Rs.55000 Crores and the Bangalore-Chennai Expressway worth Rs.17000 Crores.

"We aim to expand in the near future with new opportunities coming our way. We don't believe to rush and focus on taking things slow for maximum efficiency and impact. Currently, our main goal is to further enhance the quality of our services and to offer Value Engineering Services to our clients", concludes Sirish Kumar.