Inqube Innoventures: Fuelling the Growth of Next Gen Farming

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay ,    Director & CEOTechnology has transformed every industry and farm sector is no exception. It has helped farmers in improving the supply chain, yield, revenues and other farming related activities. Despite these benefits, yet many farmers across developing countries are hesitant to use such technologies to solve existing challenges. This is because the application of technology in different parts of the farm value chain is a vast canvas and needs end-to-end integration to trigger the much needed chain. Due to access, linguistic, and literacy barriers, among other things, it is difficult to make tech applications useful for farmers.

By tapping on its years of experience and with a goal of transforming the food value chain, Inqube Innoventures emerges as a helping hand for farmers. Inqube group has the experience of building the largest digital aggregation of farmers in India and using big data Analytics and AI for farmer benefit where more than five million farmers have been covered with base level digitization and decision support on behalf of a state government.

Vision of Inqube is to work for a Sustainable, Ecofriendly and Food Secure world by continually empowering millions of farmers across nations through development and deployment of state-of-the-art technologies. Inqube works on Analytics, Imaging and IoT solutions to positively impact the rural economy across nations in the developing world with Agriculture as its prime economic driver.

Inqube offers a full stack Agri ERP platform, GreenQube, as a SaaS model to all stakeholders in the farm value chain such as large agri inputs and agri equipment enterprises, Government & development agencies, Banks & Insurance companies for their Agri sector business.The platform offered by Inqube currently supports not only
foodgrain value chain but also horticulture, dairy, poultry, fishery as well as deep sea fishing.

"GreenQube is a 360 degree farm value chain ERP system ­ supporting a prosperous rural economy and farmer welfare. Offered in multiple languages, GreenQube is a simple application, both in web and Android, which helps FPO's, NGO's and Co-operatives to offer their farmers for all types of decision support. This can be downloaded in any Android smartphone” says Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay, Director & CEO, Inqube.

We have designed a robust platform for building an ecosystem between the enterprise and its growers for food security and sustainability of food chain

GreenQube offers portal access for the management, and handheld access for the field staff and farmer. As a ready-to-use Android tool, GreenQube allows users to enrol their field staff and farmers in the platform, get their geolocations crop,land and soil details and can start communicating with farmers on cultivation practices, crop and disease problems, and so on. Farmers can get inputs on training, weather and soil advices, price in nearby markets and many more. With GreenQube, users can get all required data in a personalized dashboard to manage their activities better and take better informed decisions.

The platform offers end-to-end traceability for food products providing the much needed authentication of food value chain for quality assurance, compliance and customer delight. The company is also involved in offering advisory and analytics services to government, large agri input companies, large growers, financial services and other stake holders in agri value chain. The company's digital platform is used by financial institutions for management of farm credit with validation of transactions, leading to building of farmer credit profiling so enable farmers access and manage financial risks of farm value chain in an optimised way.

Inqube currently operates in India, United Kingdom, Peru, Kenya, Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Philippines. InQube has been recognized by the Government of the UK, as a cohort for their UK-India Tech hub program in 2019 and is among the global group of startups currently undergoing a UN SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) focused accelerator program with one of the largest global tech companies.