Insights Opinion: Elevating & Empowering Business Through Data-Driven Market Research

Shahab Gauri, Director - Research Services,  Sharoz Ghauri, Director - Client Services

Shahab Gauri, Director - Research Services

Sharoz Ghauri, Director - Client Services

When knowledge is coupled with years of experience, research, and business insights, the result is guaranteed. Especially, for critical businesses where tiny errors could make or break the brands, knowledge & cautiousness is the need of the hour. Starting from formulating a business plan to raising funds, choosing the right strategies, creating valuable products, addressing the consumer pain points, offering customer support, proper profit planning, and its precise implementation, an entrepreneur has to look after so many aspects of a business. None of it will work if the budding leader is unable to his path into the right & prosperous market. Today, in the data-driven world, businesses need to understand their market and derive the crux of it to observe success and stay abreast with the trends. But then, just getting the numbers on a sheet is not enough. It takes an expert eye and a guiding hand to make the most out of data and source insights. This is where the expertise of market research firms such as Insights Opinions comes into action.

With immense value addition, Insights Opinion is an all-rounder partner that offers Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, Global Panel-based Research, Mystery Shopping, Survey Audit, Programming & Hosting, Translation services, Data Processing & Analytics, and Online Research Community Building.

The Delhi-based company is going beyond all the requirements, raising the bar higher for itself. With the attitude of 'Beating the Best', it acts as a catalyst making things happen on the ground with every project it takes on. Staying true to its goal of delivering customer service that is not just the best but legendary, the company is emerging as a favorite choice for business in a spectrum of industries including Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Education, Retail & Wholesale, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Transport, Sports, Cosmetics, Travel and Tourism, Food and Beverage, Finance, and Media.

Choosing Insights Opinion
Insights Opinion has emerged as a market leader by operating as a single-window solution provider covering everything under the umbrella of Market Research. Moreover, associating with Insights Opinion comes with multi-fold benefits. Firstly, the knowledge of the team of professionals who individually carry years of experience, Insights Opinion is backed by members with diverse expertise and provides straightforward advisory solutions that are impactful and effective. Each project is diligently analyzed and expert researchers, panelists, and communities are on-boarded along with the in-house specialists according to the requirement of the project. The second and crucial aspect is the cost that is worth the value and economical. Last but not the least, the firm's commitment to its promises of timely delivery is unparalleled.

What makes the company stand out among other firms is its diversification into language support and services. It not only provides translation services but also conducts studies in multiple languages with its skilled bilingual and native speakers. With over 200+ in-house CATI workstations and more than four million panelists from different industries and verticals in more than 30 countries the company offers comprehensive services to further complement the benefits it delivers to the clients.

There's an in-house team for survey sampling, an inhouse programming team, an
auditor team to check data authenticity, and a separate Quantitative and Qualitative team for specific projects. Moreover, Insights Opinion provides a one-stop solution that offers 24/7 services. The company ensures that the clients receive truly high end service, focusing on outstanding results and high quality.

Striding Forward
The Director, Sharoz Ghauri, mentions, "In the past five years, we have emerged as a global leading market research firm specializing in the consumer, B2B, and healthcare sector. We cover every spectrum of business research data with customized analysis within a limited turnaround time, which has given us a competitive edge over our contemporaries. Although it all started small, today we have grown into one of the most vibrant and reputable research outsourcing firms providing worldwide data collection services to research and consulting firms, Insights Opinion is your perfect business partner. Our main offices are based in the UK, US, and India and we hold an extensive portfolio of indelible services in all industrial fields.

At Insights Opinion, we are determined to make no quality compromise and are appreciated by our worldwide clients for excellence

It has been a rewarding journey to grow 10-folds in terms of turnover and geographical expansion. We have also been recognized as one of the top 22 healthcare research companies by Quirk's Media.Going forward, we envision expanding online panel reach and catering to more to B2B and healthcare markets”.

The Team
The company's capability to provide unrivaled professional services is built around our qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff. "We are a firm founded with over 15+ years of individual experience and in-depth knowledge of India, US, and the UK markets”, informs ShahabGauri, Director. He further adds, "Our team of top-notch experts employs rigorous scientific methodologies with robust statistical analysis to perfectly cater to varied financial data ecosystems of diverse industries. We take pride in serving multifarious businesses and helping clients to excel in strategic decisions with a complete market landscape analysis. Our determination and enthusiasm to perfectly accomplish the assigned tasks have marked a significant success in our dynamic growth in countries across the world. Our unmatchable passions, ability to serve in more than 60 languages and perfect customized services have earned us the most valued trust and appreciation of our clients”.

Values & Ethics
We all must have heard of the axioms,'Data is an asset' or 'Information is wealth'! As much as this is true, every market research organization must adhere to data protection laws and ethical usage. While keeping a check on all the policies and guidelines, Insights Opinion strictly adheres to GDPR compliance and is also a member of ESOMAR. The ISO 20252 and 27001 certified firm stays true to all the terms and definitions as well as the service requirements for conducting market, opinion, and social research.

Shahab Gauri, Director - Research Services
Shahab Holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration and has 15 years of multi industry experience in Market research, Business Management, P& L Management, leadership, Sales & marketing, branding, operations/supply chain, and profit & loss. As part of the core team at Insights Opinion, Shahab creates a customer-focused and positive team spirit, Conduct departmental audits to ensure adherence to processes and procedures. Apart from managing existing client accounts, he continues to market existing and new research services, consistently monitoring the profitability of projects.

Sharoz Ghauri, Director - Client Services
Sharoz comes with over 15 years of experience in the market research industry and has been associated with several fortune 500 companies. His core competencies include helping clients to fully understand their project needs and developing solutions that fully meet their requirements. All the directors of Insights Opinion believe in Professionalism Blended with Balanced Human Values, Innovation, and Creativity, while being Dependable, Trustworthy, and Committed - in terms of People, Growth, and Services.