Intartic Engineering: Making A Positive Dent With Innovative Products

By Paul Savio,Director – Operations

By Paul Savio

Director – Operations

According to a joint study by ASSOCHAM-PwC, the number of smartphone users in India is expected to double to 859 million by 2022 from 468 million users in 2017 growing at a CAGR of 12.9 percent. This proliferation of smartphones and mobile enabled devices is a major reason for the growing mobile accessories market in India, which is expected to reach Rs.252.8 billion by 2023. However, consumers have always struggled with poor-quality, low-priced, short lived products, which result due to poor materials used during manufacturing process. On the other hand, most of the products are internationally designed and manufactured, which many a times do not fit the taste and requirement of the local customers.

On the flip side, most of the leading mobile accessories brands just sit on the top of the value chain while outsource every job to different players for instance, designing, sourcing materials, manufacturing, packaging and even marketing of products are outsourced to respective industry players in different countries, while they just put their brand logo on it. Breathing every bit of Make in India, Intartic Engineering Private Limited(IEPL) is all set to go down to the drawing board to design indigenous mobile accessories that are designed in India, manufactured in India and used by the world. “We incepted Intartic with the vision to eventually own the entire process of the value chain, and bring the technology into the country and create an indigenous brand from our own soil,” asserts Paul Savio, Director Operations, IEPL that has offices in Singapore and London, and serves customers in India, Southeast Asia and Europe markets, while its office in China acts as the sourcing centre..

Products that Speaks Quality
Incepted in 2015 by Ramashish Ray (Founder & CEO), IEPL is a manufacturer of mobile and IT accessories also providing brand consultancy, GTM and sales & distribution services. Having partnered with Rock and RockSpace, IEPL is the global brand owner of these brands in India with a dedicated manufacturing and distribution setup. “We have a joint venture for manufacturing Rock and Rock Space, which are two of the many brands we run in India today. We manufacture based on their specifications. But currently we are undergoing our next phase of change (upgrade), explains Paul. While there are several standard designs
available in the market IEPL experiments on the designs which empowers it to offer such designs that are not available in the market currently.

Highly expertise in manufacturing mobile accessories, IEPL offers a range of products including power banks, and chargers for several global brands which it manufactures considering the designs and specifications submitted by the clients, while locally manufacturing cables and earphones. But among the sea of players in the field, what differentiates IEPL from the other players? It is the company’s undeterred commitment to quality! “We have a very strong focus on quality and our failure rate is amongst the industry’s lowest,” asserts Paul. Following a strict quality guideline, every electronic chip and cells that IEPL uses are BIS certified from GoI, while all Bluetooth devices are Wireless Protocol Compliant (WPC).

We have a very strong focus on quality and our failure rate is amongst the industry’s lowest

Apart from standard quality checks for strong manufacturing process, it has various equipments inhouse for quality testing which are imported from across the world, while it constantly upgrades its manufacturing equipment every three years. This plays an important role is constantly defining, aligning and ensuring quality of the products. This gives the company the confidence to offer a six months warrantee/replacement guarantee to the customers. “We do immediate replacement if the product is found faulty. Clients can anytime call our customer care and send us the faulty product back to our factory, while we bear the cost of courier,” explains Paul. Once the product is received it is immediately sent for testing and if found faulty and under the warranty period IEPL provides an immediate replacement.

There are more beyond the above that makes IEPL unique. Its commitment to environment is yet another pinnacle. The company has obtained an e-Waste certification and is responsibly disposing off its electronic waste thus ensuring no harm to Mother Earth. Further, 90 percent of its packaging is made of bio degradable materials like paper. “We have moved our power bank packaging to paper bags much before the government led-drive to get rid of plastic. Even our products sold online are paper packed, including our trays,” says a proud Paul.

Innovation & Road Ahead
A forward looking company IEPL will soon venture into designing and manufacturing its own product under its brand umbrella to address the specific needs of the Indian consumers. Every product will be built considering the market insights. “We are planning on an entirely new product line over the next year, and will be making a shout-out in the coming January,” says an enthusiastic Paul. The company is already working on creating an exclusive live of channel partners to develop the market for the new products, while work on launching Bluetooth earphones are almost at the corner.

No wonder the company is experiencing skyrocketing revenue growth (10 fold in its third year) and is expecting it to grow further with the product launch in January. Paul thanks his team and the core management for this growth. He says, “Both me and Ramashish have our background in technology and have worked in the telecom sector for years. Our young team, whose average age is 28, drives innovation infusing the insights of the current generation. However it is of immense importance to keep ourselves updated, so we attend a lot of seminars, conferences and electronic shows & congress across the world”.

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