Intellero: Creating Ecosystem of Educational Technology Experience Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Mukul Aggarwal, CEOOver the decades, the Sci-Fi authors and filmmakers have been constantly foretelling the amazing and often catastrophic aftermath of the advent of widespread artificial intelligence. Even though AI hasn’t created any‘RoboCop’or ‘Terminator’ so far, it has silently become a part of our lives through everything from intelligent camera sensors to automatic vehicle parking features and useful personal assistants in our smartphones. One of the crucial segments where AI is spreading its wings to host a paradigm shift is education. We are not talking about the RoboTeachers yet, but the successful endeavors of companies like ‘Intellero’ in creating an ecosystem of contemporary educational experience in IIT & JEE coaching institutions, incorporating all the stakeholders and automating routine tasks such as administration, learning, tutoring, grading & assessments without replacing the human aspect of teachers.

“Our solutions and systems are bespoke, AI powered, and projected to help IIT-JEE & NEET institutes to be at the top of their game. Our constant endeavor is to develop solutions that will sync the process of teaching, learning, & managing classrooms with modern & evolving education system,” elucidates Mukul Aggarwal, CEO, Intellero a technology wizard with an insightful vision and more than a decade of technology experience.

Banking on Artificial Intelligence
The pivot of an ideal educational system is Teachers. But due to the constantly augmenting work pressure they today are not able to provide students who lag behind with extra time and coaching, making students depend on the internet, which immediately takes the human touch and experience factor away from them. This is where Intellero
pitches in with a panacea to this predicament. Using its AI based customized solutions, it reduces the teachers’ efforts by a whopping 90 percent. “Yes, you heard that right! Based on specific requirements of institutes and their overall functioning, we help them build a system that works for them perfectly and can be deployed on digital devices like smartphones and tablets to help them run their admin & classrooms intelligently & efficiently. Indeed, it drastically reduces the overall effort required,” adjoins Mukul.

Let’s take a few examples. While the Intellero’s Automated Test Solution creates the exact IIT-JEE environment to acclimatize students with new examination format and have an edge by steering clear of last minute confusions & surprises it also provides a Unit Test Management solution which will not only automatically create and distribute unit test papers to students but also tracks their performance in real time. In addition, the classroom solutions include Assignment Management, wherein faculty can assign & track homework/assignments with filters like due dates, subject topic class and much more.

Based on specific requirements of institutes and their overall functioning, we help them build a system that works for them perfectly and can be deployed on digital devices

Going a step beyond Intellero also lifts the pedagogy to the digital age through a number of solutions that replace the traditional text supplements with customized digital media, a rich library containing world’s most interesting videos(3D and 2D animated videos, Classroom lectures Informative videos), and many more. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of automated solutions extends even further from Foolproof Attendance Maintenance to Doubts Clearance, All India Ranking(Artificial Algorithm computes AIR projection based on current performance and activities), Announcements (including Messaging (SMS)), Fast Revision and Simulation Games and from Admission Test Support to Parents Login, Teacher's Performance and Cloud Hosting the Institute.

Creating a Market for Artificial Intelligence in Education
Nevertheless in an educational market like India, let alone leveraging the enormous benefits of AI, the institutes are yet to identify the difference that ‘going digital’ beyond video lectures can make. This puts an organization like Intellero in a position to constantly create awareness among the institutes making the company work relentlessly on the grass root level. Boasting of a handpicked workforce who excel themselves in an inspiring work culture, which is a trademark of the company, Intellero has huge growth plans en route to the future. This 2016 born company aims to have 100 percent growth by the end of next year.

Quicks Facts
Office: Nagpur
Offerings: Automating routine tasks of administration learning, tutoring, grading, & assessments of IIT JEE coaching institutions.