InterviewBit: From Learning To Earning

Anshuman Singh,Co-Founder

Anshuman Singh, Co-Founder

Experience holding hands with innovation creates the perfect example for the world. Two learned minds from facebook and fab came together to form InterviewBit in order to fulfil the gap in the e-Learning segment that has developed over time. “We wanted to solve this problem. How do we significantly increase the number of employable people who graduate every year who are really good at tech.. We started out by building out fun and interactive content which is highly relevant to the toughest job interviews in tech. We create content that is universally available to everyone for free. We then ensure that everyone who has the right intent and is hard working (Irrespective of their background/university) gets an opportunity to work for aspirational companies,” says Anshuman Singh, Co-Founder, InterviewBit.

InterviewBit wants to create one single platform for everyone related to this sector. It wants to create quality tech e-Learning content which is possible for everyone to follow through. “Some of the big names of the industry like Uber, Amazon and 400+ other product companies hire through us. Due to limited number of good colleges, only a limited number of good developers graduate every year. Which is why, the product companies compete for the same limited pool of engineers, we want to significantly boost that pool of engineers. We started out as being very campus focused but over time we expanded ourselves to become relevant even for working professionals. Now we have people who have more than 15 years of experience on the platform upgrading themselves for a better job,” says Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-Founder.

Addressing the Challenges
“One of the key challenges in the e-learning space is that the
content is not very engaging. Even
if students do pull through and complete the course, there is no job guarantee. This is very unlike universities where there are campus placements.

InterviewBit focuses to fix exactly that. The content is fun, interactive and game-like. And there is guaranteed referral to companies for people doing well.

"As of today in India more than 400 companies hire using InterviewBit"

An aspirational job is one of the biggest motivators. For InterviewBit, jobs and e-learning has to co-exist. Neither of them can survive without the other,” states Anshuman.

An Insightful Journey
When InteviewBit started its course in 2015 it figured out that a platform for hiring will have to be on the list. The referral section was developed with time. Abhimanyu asserts, “We built out a whole recruitment angle and a bunch of recruitment products for companies where we were able to track the top players in the industry into the platform and offer them to hire from our platform. As of today in India more than 400 companies hire using InterviewBit and they depend a lot on us for their tech hiring. That is one of the major milestones we have been able to achieve. Today we have about half a million developers from Tier 1 universities or Tier 1 companies that are on InterviewBit which is I think is no minor feat.”

How it Works
Indeed it is true that there is competition in the tech e-Learning and hiring industry but it seems that InterviewBit had planned the game well before they entered the field. Their earlier job experiences have made them customised with the solution that they now offer at the platform and good results were just the fruit of their dedication and smart work. Anshuman informs, “We have 2 sets of users. First is the company that is looking to hire and the user who is looking to learn and then get a job. For a user who comes to InterviewBit can be either a fresher or a working professional. The first few minutes on the site are questions to understand your background a little better. Based on your answers, we personalize the
content that you see. In case you are already good at solving the problems on the site, we’ll start referring you to companies directly.” He adds with pride,“The conversion rate of referrals to offers in companies is extremely high on InterviewBit”

Abhimanyu Saxena,Co-Founder

Growth & the Road Ahead
InterviewBit has successfully achieved a YOY growth of 100 percent. If seen from a revenue standpoint it is a global company which is yet to monetise all the areas of its interest. “We have a good community of developers in US, in Europe but we haven't gone ahead and started monetising them yet. It's a way of validating the market. This year has been slightly better for us because we have launched some new recruitment SAAS products which are an additional source of revenue. In the last 6 months we have been able to significantly ramp up our revenue from the SAAS Products”, says Abhimanyu. Stating the roadmap ahead of InterviewBit, the founders conclude, “From the B2B side we would want to explore more countries apart from India in 2019.”

InterviewBit Services at a Glance
For Candidates:

• Customised Plan
• Interview Coverage
• Easy Referrals
• Best Companies to Select from

For companies:
• Referral of interested and highly relevant candidates based on job openings.
• Highly customizable tech assessment platform
• Tech Hackathons for hiring and employer branding

What’s More
• Global Opportunities
• Coding Interview Experience
• No Remuneration