Invenio Business Solutions: Genuinely Valuing its People & Adding Value to their Careers

Arun Bala,Managing Director

Arun Bala

Managing Director

Employees will stick with an organisation that values them, that acknowledges they’re adding value to the company and adds value to them in return by investing in them, encouraging them to acquire new skills and enhance their existing abilities. Cracking this code has helped Invenio Business Solutions, a global leader in solving business challenges with innovative IT solutions, to maintain an impressive employee retention rate. Records of cases where Invenio has unhesitatingly taken care of the medical expenses & salaries of its employees who have been hospitalised for a year due to serious illness, exemplifies how it adheres and remains true to its core value of “We Care”. It is this genuine care that drove nearly 20 of its ex-employees to come back, as they realised that no other organisation empowers them like Invenio does.

Invenio doesn’t stop with creating a work culture that’s aligned with its core values (customer focus, employee care, transparency, value delivery, expertise, flexibility, and agility), but also keenly assures that all its employees understand and adhere to these values through an internal program. For instance, every employee is instructed to engage with the customer about their objective, priorities, expectations & pain points, and provide a solution /service accordingly. Similarly, Invenio’s consultants are taught to make exceptions in its processes & policies and demonstrate flexibility to customers, ensuring its biggest & non-negotiable core value of “Customer Focus” is always upheld.

Encouraging Great Performance
Transparency is a two-way street at Invenio. The employees never hesitate to hold their hands up to the management when they' re stuck in a problem and communicate all necessary information to the customer transparently. Likewise, Invenio not only reviews the firm’s performance with every senior & midlevel employee through a monthly dashboard call, but also organises town hall meetings and notifies every employee across all delivery centres about Invenio’s performance, highlights, challenges, risks and goals through a monthly global video session, when the best performers are recognised and rewarded as well. While most new employees attain on-site opportunity generally after three years, those that demonstrate exceptional performance get to make the cut much earlier. “Our unique career fast-track programme selects
20-25 per cent of employees who have demonstrated their potential and fast-tracks their growth by making them subject matter experts through specialised training and placing them on special projects,” explains Arun Bala, Managing Director, Invenio Business Solutions.

The Most Amazing Part Of Working In Invenio Is That It Makes You Feel Like A Family And Not Just An Employee. The Work Culture Is Very Employee Friendly And Flexible. The Leadership Team Is Very Supportive And Their Guiding Force Makes You Feel You Are In Safe Hands - One of the Employee

At the year’s beginning, Invenio schedules numerous programs & workshops on communication, presentation, leadership skills, customer engagement and more, which are imparted by its senior professionals(including Arun) as well as external agencies. To ensure seamless knowledge transfer, the company utilizes diverse knowledge retention tools to document company & domain specific information, processes and customer engagement techniques.

Creating a Friendly Atmosphere
The fun activities at Invenio are as frequent as the training and development sessions. There’s not just a yearly overnight offsite for all junior and senior employees, including the annual grand gala dinner with DJ, but regular family days as well as monthly drinks and dinner with managers, plus diverse team building & stress-buster activities every day. Quite often you can see a group of Invenioites stay at the office until 9 PM, watching football and cricket on the huge 5K monitor, playing indoor games with their colleagues or working out at the gym.

The fact that the company has built its expertise in limited sectors such as media & entertainment, public sector, manufacturing and logistics as well as with technologies like SAP, analytics and integration creates a substantial difference in the camaraderie shared among the employees. Since these like minded people, who can easily relate to each other, row in unison towards the organisational objectives, rather than just their personal or team goals, the employees relish a friendly and family feeling environment. Invenio redefines flat hierarchy to an extent where even the chairman doesn’t have his own office, meeting rooms can be booked by everyone irrespective of designation, usage of the word 'sir' is penalised and even a new starter can approach the MD without appointment to ask questions or explain a grievance.
Noting that 30 percent of Invenio’s workforce comprises of women, the firm insists on establishing a safe & secure environment with policies including an established internal complaints committee, flexible work-from-home and part-time work arrangements, a pick-up and drop-off facility, preventive health checkups, periodic medical camps at office, women’s day celebrations and 26-week maternity leave to name a few. Moreover, Invenio provides PF & gratuity as per statutory norms, and generous medical & accidental insurance coverage for employees & their families.

"Strong Bonding Latest Technology Projects to Work on, Exceptional Opportunities for Role Changes, informal Work Culture, Long Term Partnership with Employees of Sharing Gains of Profits & Growth, Enhancing & Promoting Employee Happiness are the Key Drivers of Making Invenio One Of the Best Companies to Work For!"

- Global HR Head

Growing with Great People
Invenio is growing at a breakneck pace, where in it increased its revenue by 60 percent and headcount by 200 people last year. It foresees more than doubling its revenue and employee count over the next three years. Hence, it has implemented strong and robust people practices to help acquire the right talent through lateral and campus hiring’s. However, the referral of Invenionites who are tethered to the company for the multi-faceted projects and customer engagement opportunities it offers, accounts for about 25% of its recruitment needs. Though currently Invenio prefers hiring experienced candidates (80-85 percent of new joinees last year were lateral hires) to maintain its growth pace, it is looking to substantially increase its hiring of campus freshers with ample energy and transform them into great performers by molding them with a 12-month long classroom & on-the-job training.

Key Management:
Arun Bala, Managing Director
Holding more than 27years of experience to his credit, Arun concentrates on delivering success for Invenio’s customers while driving transparency, accountability and value delivery through all engagements. He contributes greatly to the rapid growth of the firm and is instrumental in devising Invenio’s processes, systems and structures.

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