iQuest Management Consultants: Offering Specialized Recruiting Services

Devesh Upadhyaya,Founder & CEO

Devesh Upadhyaya

Founder & CEO

The importance of a recruitment consulting firm is unparalleled in today's cutthroat world, since organizations need to hawk the best talents within limited timeframe utilizing available resources. Recruitment consultants can not only supply the exact human resource needed, but also make it an efficient and smooth process for both the parties. Yet, while partnering with recruitment companies, the main challenge that companies face is recruitment firms' inability in distinguishing different IT spectrum and their lack of specialization in the respective divisions.

But incorporated in 2000, iQuest Management Consultants, a global-standard recruitment consultant, wanted to make it simple by providing specialization in each IT division homing separate departments each enriched with experts in those respective fields. This facilitates the company to cull the best talent for its clients, who don't have the time, expertise or resources to do it them selves. Quite frequently, companies with dedicated HR departments also seek the expertise that iQuest brings in the field of talent acquisition. Besides offering a superior quality of service, iQuest also endows its clients with the talents that they seek within the framework of a limited timeline and budget. Renowned for being one of the best in industry research, especially in IT recruitment, the company allows clients to tap talent pools that are deeper and better than what clients pay for. Fathered by Lt. Col. Devesh Upadhyaya(Retd.),Founder & CEO,
iQuest offers comprehensive Recruitment, Executive Search and Contract Staffing solutions for IT, Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering, Retail & Hospitality, Logistics, and Healthcare / Medical domains amongst many others.

Quite frequently, companies with dedicated HR departments also seek the expertise that iQuest brings in the field of talent acquisition.

Tailored Services

iQuest offers customized staffing solutions with confidentiality and ethical practices helping companies with 30-minutes response time and six-hours turn-around time. Home to over 150 trained professional recruiters; this organization has always maintained a CV hit rate of around 70 percent. Devesh explains, "Our compliance and quality assurance contact centre teams offer peace of mind, as they are well aware of every detail of headhunting process. Though we are keeping up with the latest technologies such as employment portals, social hiring & professional networking sites, we still cater to the traditional style of headhunting, referencing, and developing databases. We combine all the recruiting processes to lead a happy clientele".

Having sufficed staffing needs of more than 50 companies on the voyage that include names such as IBM, TCS, Tech Mahindra,, Amazon, and Samson amongst many others, iQuest dreams of being recognized as one of the Top 10 Consultants globally. As a first step towards this goal, the company has set up an office in Dubai. With a widespread clientele across the globe - Middle East, Mauritius, Japan, Singapore and other APAC countries, iQuest has added a new feather to its cap with the prestigious 'Indo-Global HR Excellence Award-2015' and has also been recognized by Monster as
one of India's top recruitment partners.It is also a proud member of the renowned Executive Recruiters Association (ERA).

Stronger Together

The company feels that its Founder & CEO as the strength of the company, since he has a strong grip on managing people by constantly supporting and motivating them. This 15 years old consultancy has fortified its workforce with continuous training from external and internal resources, besides reinvigorating them with flexible timings. iQuest's women employees who occupy a mammoth 80 percent of workforce also enjoy flexible timings for their family responsibilities keeping safety & security aspect in mind. The company has also taken care of growth opportunities within the organization. "We have employees who are with us for more than ten years. We emphasize more on developing and promoting capable people rather than hiring an outsider for the top management role. People stick with us for the plethora of growth opportunity we offer," integrates Devesh.

The company has segregated its people into diverse teams to sharply cater to various domains in IT services such as web or application design and development, project management, QA, testing and verification, Sales and marketing across domains - covering the entire IT spectrum. With the advent of new technologies, iQuest will keep creating such teams, which specialize in the respective technologies. Amidst plans of exploring further global shores, iQuest is also open to mergers and acquisitions and remains debt-free as it is now. Devesh concludes, "Firstly, our vision is to go global. Then our sights are set at the top of the pyramid. With our head-office in Pune, corporate office in UAE and regional offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai & Noida, we'll expand to other locations in near future."