iVIS International: A One-Stop-Shop for All your Proactive e-Surveillance Needs

Murali Rachapoodi,Director  & CEO,

Murali Rachapoodi

Director & CEO,

Need for advanced security systems as a result of rise in terrorist threats, increasing crime rate, along with growing public and private infrastructure have propelled the demand for intelligent video surveillance solutions in India. Advantages of surveillance systems over physical security such as ability to allow continuous and remote monitoring is further giving opportunities for their deployment across the country. Idea of creating 100 smart Indian cities by Govt, is creating spur in the video surveillance and security market. A city has to be safe, after all, to be smart. There are so many places where the police is not present. Video surveillance can be used for example to monitor traffic, and lower cases of people breaking the law like for instance find someone breaking a red light and automatically stream to the concerned authority, to use the feed as evidence to book the offender!

Banks & ATMs are also considered as the high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. According to the Indian Ministry of Finance, banks have lost around Rs.180 crore during 2014-2017 to thefts. Banks’ grave concern regarding the safety of customers and their possessions has spurred the demand for proactive video surveillance systems that can prevent the crime before it occurs. As per research, India’s video surveillance analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 35 per cent during 2017 to 2023.

With a decade of expertise in deploying proactive video surveillance solutions across U.S., UK & Canada, iVIS International, a Hyderabad-based e-Surveillance company, has firmly established its presence across 5000 locations in India by mastering the art of crime prevention. The root cause of iVIS success lies in its one-stop-shop approach, where it provides end-to-end service covering everything right from building, delivering, installing, and monitoring to maintaining its patented hardware & software. Integrating high quality technology, real-time monitoring & remote interventions (via siren, two way
audio, strobe & integrated sensors), Smart Box, its surveillance system actively deters a crime incident.

The live video is streamed to its monitoring centers (Hyderabad, Vizag & Amravati) where virtual guards raises alarm, strobes & PA messages and sends alerts to local authority & client’s emergency contact in case of any suspicious activity or intrusion and stop the crime before its occurrence. This unique combination of mobile hardware, scalable software and built in backup systems of iVIS has successfully caught 98 percent crimes and caused 70 percent drop in physical security guard costs for its clients. “We are the only company that guarantees the protection of property with theft & vandalism, wherein we pay $5000 to client if we miss any criminal activity from our side,” proclaims Murali Rachapoodi, Director & CEO, iVIS International.

The root cause of iVIS success lies in its one-stop-shop approach, where it provides end-to-end service covering everything right from building, delivering, installing, and monitoring to maintaining its patented hardware & software

State-of-the-art Facilities
The key differentiator of IVIS is its all-in-one appliance, which is compatible with multiple power sources, contains local storage, wireless streaming, encryption and protects clients against power & internet failure with UPS & generators and Multiple Internet Carriers, thereby ensuring 100 percent uptime. All these technologies are bundled into their in-house hardware platform that integrates with multiple IoT devices and cloud-based software platform with edge-based video analytics (face recognition, number plate, object tracking and others) and compression, which work on very low bandwidth of 100 Kbps that allows iVIS to stream three live cameras even across continents.

This smart e-Surveillance equipment is self healing (independently reboots equipment on failure),Intelligent (the software sets the sensitivity & filters noise levels to detect events), runs on solar or grid power,redundant regarding storage on device & cloud, fail over on connectivity with fibre & RF & GSM and manages disaster recovery from three state-of-the-art monitoring
centers. iVIS’ all-in-one fit applications can be extended from ATM to the forest (where there is no power, connectivity and wire) to the urban city with same hardware, software, services and its captive center spread across 20,000 sq. ft. with ultra modern facilities. “We don’t outsource anything. Complete R&D and services are done by us.,” utters Murali.

The firm also streams live about the heartbeat & pulse of the devices through its command centers and scrutinizes the functioning of the devices (video recording, power supply, switching between battery and power source), and thus provides proficient remote service for the devices. Its 24x7 service centres are managed by 300+ trained security professionals who screen the alarm constantly. Besides, iVIS holds expertise in setting-up command control, monitoring, dispatch & quick-response infrastructures for the government. “We established everything starting from camera, smart boxes, video analytic, video display wall to monitoring and entire command control infrastructure for the Amravati Smart city project,” avers Murali.

iVIS as a Brand
Being in the service industry, iVIS International has managed to acquire ISO certification and has filed patent as per its technology in U.S., which is unmatchable. In a homogenous market where there are many offering similar services, it eventually boils down to the expertise that a brand has been able to deliver – an area iVIS has upper hand in. Promoted & supported by a strong group of IT professionals & NRIs iVIS is growing its Indian operations rapidly with a whopping turnover of Rs.30 crore. The company that is currently covering Banking & Smart City sectors is keen to expand its foot print in Warehouse , Telecom, Retail sectors and countries like Europe and Africa in the coming year.

Key Management:
Murali Rachapoodi, Director & CEO
Murali’s outstanding global expertise in the industry has helped iVIS to become leader in the Indian surveillance industry.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarter), Vizag and Amravati

Clients: State Bank of India, IDFC Bank, Union Bank, Punjab National Bank, Andhra Bank, L&T, AP Forest & Police Department, Times of India, Navabharath Energy and Heritage Industries