Jobskey Search Consultancy: Assisting Organizations in their Search for the Perfect Talent

  Omar M. Azam,    Co-Founder

Omar M. Azam


Jobskey Search Consultancy is an executive search firm in Jeddah, Jobskey commenced their services of permanent hiring, contract staffing, and outsourcing solutions in 2007. Located in Jeddah, the company has blossomed to cater to the recruiting needs of over 1200 clients across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Known for their prominence of local knowledge, the firm provides in-depth insights to boost their clients' workforce. After establishing their success in the motherland, the consultancy has now branched out to the UAE, Canada, and India.

The company has proved its competency over the years, especially during the pandemic. "During the course of Covid-19, Jobskey stirred up the business in a flash, changing the entire business continuum", says Omar M. Azam, the CEO of Jobskey Search Consultancy. Azam is a western educated executive who follows his vision to become an acknowledged leader in Talent Solutions business. The unparalleled way of operation, despite the challenges, ultimately gave them the competitive benefit and the opportunity to be called as one of the most trusted search consultancy in the region. It is the upright team of recruiters of the firm, who nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset that has played a vital role in executing the company's vision and mission for over a decade now. The team is always attentive in what they do and understands the consequences of hiring the wrong candidate. Thus, all the internal and external hiring with carried with utmost seriousness and follows the company's motto 'the right candidate, the first time'.

In an exclusive interview with July Spotlight magazine, Omar enlightens us more about Jobskey Search Consultancy and its distinctive facets.

What are the major factors that differentiate your company from your competitors providing similar services? Explain your USP and how is your company positioned in staffing & recruitment industry?
What makes Jobskey stand out in the marketplace is undoubtedly our approach to selecting the best talented candidates without any compromise. We always prioritize the clients' needs and make sure to make the recruiting process effortless for them. Our market insights help our clients secure the right talent at right time. The firm's strong point is our best-suited personnel who facilitates in meeting the needs and demands of their clients.

These expert consultants are acquired with access to the best talents and help in carrying out the whole recruiting process, from job hyping to negotiating pay and rolling out offers, smoothly and efficiently. It is our customer centric programs and deep connections we share with our clients and candidates that help us in staying updated
and provide the right fit for the opening positions that come our way. This specific approach hastens the hiring process and aids in finding adroit individuals for their clients within the time frame.

Tell us about the various services you deal with key emphasis on your flagship offering.
The firm's ruling pivot ever since its inception has been 'quality'. It has been Jobskey's key driving force and reckons in providing value and quality through our services. In order to boost our clients' efficiency and help them in finding the right talents, our company has induced quality standards in three vital areas of business quality people, robust process, and customer service.

Our market insights help our clients secure the right talent in right time

What is the various pain points your clients come to you with? How do you help them through these challenges?
Top-level executive talent search comes with its own set of challenges. High competition in this field makes it harder for organizations to attract the right talent. Due to this, finding and recruiting the best candidate from the talent pool demands expert assistance. Jobskey Search Consultancy helps various organizations with permanent hiring, contract staffing, and outsourcing solutions.

As newer technologies are revolutionizing the staffing & recruitment industry, how are you adapting to this technology trend while offering your solutions?
Jobskey had a rough start where we had our fair share of ups and downs. Initially, the various organizations in our region were not positive about the idea of cooperating with consultancy agencies to hire talents. This led the company to have minimal clients or no clients at all. Jobskey worked our way up regardless of the turndowns we faced. We invested time in making the clients aware of the benefits of hiring potential candidates through a leading firm and persuaded them with Jobskey's quality database which we acquired earned over the years through regular advertisements, word of mouth, social media connections, and market presence as a reliable search consultancy to boot.

Jobskey sailed triumphantly through the challenges of the pandemic and adapted to the changes it brought. The company was successful in identifying the domains in the marketplace that stood agile. We settled in microniches such as IT, telecommunications, healthcare, and food. This helped us in finding talented and potential candidates without any hassle. Besides, the management of the company was able to run the business through their digital platform to help both the organizations and candidates who were challenged by the pandemic induced restrictions. The firm adopted a remote working and hybrid workforce model both internally and with clients which resulted in a 25 percent rise in profits and a platform to induce ingenious solutions to clients.

Tell us about your company’s future roadmap.
Jobskey looks forward to advancing the company's growth by at least 3x by successfully integrating modern technologies like AI into the business and workflow. By doing so, we expect to outdo our past records and play a major role in the talent acquisition realm. Besides, the firm also intends to generate secure virtual workspaces where our clients will be offered with requisite setup, support, and apparatus to direct the remote working model. We think this approach will help us to empower our clients in recruiting well-suited talents from across the globe through our matrix of consultants and can offer a seamless operational flow remotely. We strongly believe this service will be 'another feather in the cap'.