K2 Infragena: Single Window Solution for Infrastructure Development

Pankaj Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor

Pankaj Sharma

Founder & Chief Mentor

It's a time when `nation building' feels more real than ever before. An IBEF survey divulges that our country has an ideal requirement of investment worth Rs.50 trillion ($777.73 billion) towards infrastructure development by 2022 to have sustainable development. Let alone the need for more six lane National Highways, only 24 percent of the road network in India is four lane. This coupled with union government's initiatives like ‘Housing For All' and 'Smart City Mission' implicates a mixed, huge bag of opportunities and challenges for emerging local infrastructure developers, while the sector's 100 percent FDI permission attracts major global players. But finding quality driven subcontractors for major infrastructure channels like Road, Railways Transmission & Distribution & Water Pipeline is a herculean task, since the industry is highly unorganized and almost all the companies are focused on a single domain.

A single window solution for all the major channels of infra development, K2 InfraGen ­ an emerging Project Engineering, Power Engineering and EPC organization based out of Gurugram has made this Herculean task much simpler for blue chip infra companies such as L&T ISGEC Heavy Engineering Limited, Tata, Gawar Construction Ltd. H.G. Infra Engineering Limited and G R Infraprojects Limited by manifesting a different level of capabilities owing to excellent Quality of human resources and financial back-up. With more than Rs.60 Million worth equipment in its armory, this ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certified company does most of its projects on inhouse basis and hence has earned a reputation for impeccablet quality an undeniable proposition for the global conglomerates who are looking for reliable partners. A professionally driven company, K2 is already setting new benchmarks in this highly unorganized sector.

"We take pride in being able to build a reputation as a quality driven organization. While the whole sector, which is highly unorganized, struggles due to unorganized subcontract & work order management and timely delivery we excel in it by deploying high end process flow tools, ensuring timely payment to the subcontractors and thus ensuring their 100 percent commitment and eventually timely delivery with in-tact quality," asserts Pankaj Sharma Founder & Chief Mentor, K2 InfraGen. He elucidates how K2 within four years of its inception has established partnerships with the top end infrastructure consumption companies who
are known for their intensive onboarding scrutiny, while other companies take many more years to do so. It's commitment to quality comprises everything from design to procurement, construction supervision and subcontract & work order management.

We take pride in being able to build a reputation as a quality-driven organization

Taking Bulls by its Horns
From political tensions surrounding the projects to need for high investments(which is quite hard to achieve for startups) challenges against ensuring quality delivery are however multifarious. In addition, as the project progresses,it's been a common malady that the quality tends to deteriorate as the non-viable factors start to influence the project. Experience plays a pivotal role in going past these challenges. K2s top management boast of a noteworthy experience (approx. 50 + years) of handling large & complex project management tasks, many of which are located in some of the most remote and challenging geography of the country.

The company makes the most out of its experience plinth by sticking to its Project Analysis Report which is prepared prior to the execution and after thorough planning & analysis, and sticking onto that by using its well-defined & meticulous functional departments and highly qualified and experienced department & process heads. To make sure that it sticks to the plan and ensures quality at any cost, K2 has come up with departments that normally you wouldn't see in most of the companies in the segment. Case in point is its P&L department, which is an addition to the normal finance department.

A huge chunk of credit also goes to the company's intelligent use of construction technologies and sense of choosing the right equipment for the right job and thus optimizing the activity."We use state of the art heavy equipment of optimal capacity viz. from Mahindra. Generally, the conventional companies often lack the latest knowledge and end up using 120 HP machine for a job that can be done using 90 HP machine. The lack of optimization increases the cost. We always travel abreast of the trends and enable cost optimization," adjoins Pankaj.

The Big Tomorrow
Having had a steady growth over the past couple of years, K2 is growing more vigorously in the current financial year already growing fourfold from the previous year and it's only December. Having set the target to become a $1000 million company in the near future(so that it can directly win the tenders) and to simultaneously get the PWD, NHAI, PHED and CPWD registrations done and thus work on more government projects, the company wants to configure its portfolio with 80 percent business based on the machinery and rest pertaining to the manpower delivery in coming few years to expedite the growth of Company.

Pankaj Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor
Pankaj combines high energy with uncommon maturity in business relationships. His initial learning during his yearlong stay in Kabul and three years of operating in the Middle East and Africa have helped him develop a dynamic attitude and excellent relationship management skills. Pankaj has worked with MNC companies ATC India Tower Corporation, and VIOM Networks(a Tata subsidiary), before starting his own 1st venture in Telecom Operation and Maintenance Domain, which is a leading Telcom O& M company of INDIA. Following his business acumen, his second venture K2 Infra is all set on its path of progress and aspires to be one of the leading Infrastructure companies of India.

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