Kairos Solutions: An Integrated Healthcare Marketing Service Provider with an Eye for Excellence

 Ganesh Lakshmanan,   CEOThe Indian healthcare sector has been lagging behind in the field of modern marketing and brand creation. Sticking to the traditional marketing norms and strategies, the sector has seen significant downfall and degradation when compared to the global or international market. It is not until recently that the Indian healthcare sector identified the obvious drawbacks of not updating their marketing strategies. With the healthcare companies struggling to manage both their day to day operations and the marketing side of the business, many services providing companies have started focusing on administering integrated marketing services for the healthcare sector. One company which is at the forefront of providing end-to-end solutions and marketing tactics that have been tailor made for their clients is Kairos Solutions, the original thought of Ganesh Lakshmanan who holds decades of experience working in the corporate filed especially for the healthcare companies. Set up in 2018, Kairos Solutions is a reflection of Ganesh’s domain expertise, strategic thinking and management skills with which he has been able to create an ever expanding niche for Kairos Solutions within this short period of time.

A Boutique Service - Provider Formulating Tailor made Solutions
Kairos Solutions is a one stop solution provider when it comes to the creation and implementation of custom solutions and marketing strategies for their clients. The company specializes in building platforms for engaging with customers and increasing their market share. Kairos Solutions’ plethora of services for their clients can be broadly classified into conducting conferences and events formulation of digital content, call center facilities, and designing web and mobile-based platforms. When it comes to providing digital solutions, Kairos Solutions provides simple yet effective solutions include the formulation of content strategy reputation management development and programming, and social monitoring. The firm also provides turnkey solutions to help its clients to meet their marketing objectives.

The biggest advantage of partnering with Kairos Solutions is that the company will
assist you right from ideation to execution. One of the unique aspects that separate Kairos Solutions from the rest is their capability to identify and isolate the problems of their clients and then create and implement solutions that are tailor made. “Even when I was in the corporate world, the big challenge was to get agencies that could understand the problems and give us custom solutions. We, at Kairos Solutions, concentrate our entire efforts on providing innovative solutions that best suit our clients. We are offering our entire basket of services from creative to ideation to execution to our clients. We are also offering content management services which are specialized to get the best possible results for our clients”, says Ganesh Lakshmanan, CEO, Kairos Solutions.

Starting from a humble background, Kairos Solutions has transformed itself into one of the most sought after consultants in the integrated marketing service provider space

Growing to One of the Most Trusted Names in the Industry
Starting from a humble background, Kairos Solutions has transformed it self into one of the most sought after consultants in the integrated marketing service provider space. “Like any other business, we had to build trust with the clients and make them believe that we can provide them with innovative solutions and can execute them. The biggest strong point that we could offer was our experience and expertise in the industry. We began our operations with companies who had some relations with us at some point and thus we moved from there. We have always seen that there was a noticeable gap between the healthcare companies and marketing agencies in the industry and we started to bridge this gap with our innovative solutions and applications. The commitment and dedication that we showed in our work helped us increase our business and clients both big and small started approaching us to develop their marketing strategies”, says, Ganesh. This holistic approach taken by the company helped them to create an impressive clientele which includes firms like Medicall, Draeger, Asian Cancer Institute, Mediapp, and also achieve major milestones within a year of starting their operations.

The major catalyst behind Kairos Solutions'success is the company’s drive to constantly update its workforce with the latest technologies and developments in order to always stay on top of their game. For the future, Kairos Solutions is creating a tech based platform for engaging with patients for all stakeholders. This platform will be able to digitize medical records and also help in communicating with the patients. By acknowledging the importance of technology in the future, Kairos Solutions is also gearing up for the same.

Softspoken and in sync with today's changing world of technologies, Ganesh brings in years of expertise and experience working for the corporate world especially in healthcare and is now using them to build the business with his strategic thinking and management. Armed with an Advertising Management from Mumbai, Ganesh has led the Business in various organizations such as Infomedia18, Gulf Times, HOSMAC and Bourn Hall Clinic. He brings in varied experiences from across the world as he has traveled and taken a keen interest in learning the healthcare business of other countries.

Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Complete end to end Marketing Solutions including Digital Content, Call Center, Managing Conferences and Summits, Designing Web and Mobile Based Platforms