Kajaria Digital: Designing Content that Touches Client's Emotional Cords

 Sidhartha Kajaria ,  FounderFor What is common between a textile industry and a digital marketing industry? May be one will wonder to find an answer to this question! It's the day today creativity that drives both the functions to the common path. Sidhartha Kajaria, a textile industry veteran and now a key online marketing strategist takes pride in handling both the business verticals side by side. It all started with Round Table, to publicise their events and social causes, members (tablers) had to be good listeners smooth planners, out of the box thinkers and flawless executors. Multi-tasking prowess, being passionate and loads of creativity were the virtues required. In short, Round Table taught it all.

"After conceptualizing a Golf Tournament Event(fundraiser event to finance our school project for the underprivileged children) and turning a small golf tournament into a big brand in the next three four years with other members, I could sense an interest and passion in me to weave brand stories with my creatives, teamwork and vision,"he further adds. Encouraged by my friends and family I founded Kajaria Ads and Events, a corporate event management company and Kajaria Digital, a digital marketing agency in 2013.

"Mitra has been with me as a designer for my textile work since 2006. His profound knowledge in graphic designing and website development helped me in building up a team and getting started. He is still an important member of my organisation,"adds Sidhartha. For Sidhartha and Kajaria Digital, things are changing for better as the world is moving fast towards social media, giving him more opportunity to play bigger roles in devising some of the most creative and winning strategies for his clients. "Looking at this growing market I started Kajaria Digital six years back as a digital marketing agency from Kolkata," Sidhartha explains. Today Kajaria Digital offers a host of services akin to graphic designing, website, social media marketing, SEO, animation & videos and much more for companies in India and agencies abroad.

Challenges in Galore
However, when it comes to India, Sidhartha feels that the industry is still not open for great creativity as the clients' demand quality work at fastest turnaround time and at a bare minimum cost. "In a good design we look for breathing space. Similarly designers also want the time to breathe think and execute. The sensitivity to understand and value the same, I think, is yet to mature in India.
However, India is waking up to the fact that online marketing is the most cost effective marketing medium and has a much greater reach,"he explains.

But to cater to such vast market, especially global clients, needed a strong team. For Kajaria Digital, finding the right fit was the challenge as its principals were against compromising on quality deliveries. But the company was lucky enough to fix it in the first two years itself, which today enables the company to offer quality services at a much affordable cost. The company currently houses a strong team of graphic designers, motion graphic artists, video editors, content writers, social media/SEO/PPC experts apart from having a technically strong website development team.

Our transformation into an integrated marketing company has helped our clients save both money and energy

The team hand holds the clients through the entire journey of their service delivery. "Being a midsized digital marketing agency, we ensure that our customers never feel lost. Hence we provide a dedicated point of contact for each client,"explains Sidhartha. In the process, the company offers complete transparency and comprehensive reporting to give clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Making Winning Moves
Offering both online and traditional marketing solutions make Kajaria Digital a one stop shop for any marketing needs, further ensuring that the clients do not have to run from pillar to post for their marketing requirements. "Our transformation into an integrated marketing company has helped our clients save both money and energy," asserts Sidhartha. Comprehending that content is the king, Kajaria Digital crafts compelling content (creative & videos) that touches the emotional cord of the target audience. To achieve this, the company does rounds of brain storming sessions before initiating ad campaigns, which ensures generating engagement while getting quality leads for the clients.

In its journey of over six years, the company has witnessed a slew of clients who wanted a first page Google ranking, but without having an SEO friendly website. Hence Kajaria Digital suggests its clients to take educated decisions and not rush up. The company's online PR, blogs and on-page, off-page SEO activities along with meticulously planned social media campaigns ensure their clients have their visibility on the first page of Google ranking. "Our objective is to gather leads for our clients without paying for Google Adwords in time to come," adds Sidhartha. Ensuring ethical practices, Kajaria Digital uses 100 percent white hat strategies to make sure that the client's website succeeds without putting it at risk from Google penalties.

To address the changing market dynamics, the company is working on upgrading its manpower and intellectual resources continuously. Passionate about his work and clients success, Sidhartha is excited about every step of the journey and looks forward to establishing his own offices abroad to engage with clients directly instead of going through the agencies. "This will help us push our margins and build our brands in the overseas market," he concludes.

Sidhartha, born and brought up in Kolkata, is a dynamic, creative, young and self-made entrepreneur with a successful tryst in the Textile Industry for over a decade. He has proved his mettle as a commendable leader who could shape his business thoughts and visions with clarity. His branding insights and leadership skills made him to successfully initiate and lead various projects and events, helping him to weave success stories. His passion to know the unknown, feel the pulse of the digital age made him diversify into Design/AV, Website Development and Digital Marketing.

Office: Kolkata
Offerings: Digital marketing, web development, design, animation & videos and Corporate Events