Kanagala Technologies: Discerning the Hidden Talents within You

Ajith Chand Kanagala, CEO & Managing Director

Ajith Chand Kanagala

CEO & Managing Director

The crave for inventiveness has been a trait of mankind from ages. In spite of coagulating a bank balance that looks like a phone number, a bunch of young generation entails a workplace that gives room to their creativity and technology enthusiasm. If your orientation belongs to such breed, you should get acquainted with Kanagala Technologies, a Tenali based technology company that caters with advanced demand generation services, in addition to developing technology artifacts ranging from POS solutions to Artificial Intelligence and IoT based ‘Smart Homes’. But interestingly, you don’t have to be super-skilled rather have the eligibility, enthusiasm and an edge to comprehend technologies; Kanagala promises to discern the hidden skills and talents within you. And this unique milieu has worked so well for the company to carve a matchless work force out of no where.

Experience the Technology

“While recruiting, we don’t judge a person through his academic excellence. In fact,we check whether the candidate is having basic skills, interest and creativity required for the job,”expounds AjithChand Kanagala, CEO & Managing Director, Kanagala Technologies. Exposing both fresher and experienced professionals to developing platforms such as HTML, CSS, PHP,.NET, JAVA, Angular JS, Ruby On Rails, and JSON, the company currently offers 450+ services which include Web Designing & Development, App Development,Graphic Designing, Web Hosting, Corporate Email Services, Software Development, ERP systems development,Graphic Designing, and Search Engine Optimization & Online Marketing,to name a few.

In spite of demand generation services, this 2016 established (originated in 2013) company is now shifting its gears to IoT and AI, bestowing an opportunity for its workforce to throw their hands on ‘Smart Home Technology’. However, there is no magic recipe available to pilot this new turn around besides probing the in-house with excellent training modules. Kanagala thus provides cutting-edge and hands-on training to its employees, and in turn carves a stable workforce out of
them which meets the quintessential demand of the mission. “We always encourage our employees to provide their best. When a fresher enters here, he/she has to under go a training program in which they will learn their work and also the culture of our organization,” adds Ajith.

Kanagala provides cutting-edge and hands-on training to its employees, and in turn carves a stable workforce out of them which meets the quintessential demand of the mission.

The Family

This excellent latitude and opportunity to content the tech-hunger account for more than 60 percent of the employees working in the company from last two years. There was a predicament in the organization where the revenues came down drastically for four consecutive months and the company even failed to pay salaries.“I believe, each and every employee has to feel that this company belongs to them,” adjoins Ajith. He was successful in delivering that common ownership and one-family feeling, which resulted in employees distracting them selves from asking for the salary, instead every person became a marketing executive in their own way and bought some projects in succession which helped the company in big time. None of the employees wanted to slip the scale of opportunities that the company provides. “My employees are genuinely committed, and that is why we never fail to solve any of the challenges. Till date, we never had reduction in employees due to lack of sales,” he adds. Today, the whole HR activities of the company have been outsourced to Kanagala HR Solution, which also belongs to Kanagala Group that serves to a customer ecosystem that includes small care agencies to multinational technology firms.

Wishing every family member of each employee on all the special occasions, Kanagala well maintains this ‘family’ factor. In addition, it provides the employees with an opportunity to work at any time from anywhere to meet the min work hours (8 hours), which allows them to simultaneously become a responsible family man. For instance, they can work from 8 AM to 12 PM, go for a movie if they want and resume the work from 4 PM to 8 PM, while the automated ERP system takes care of the work allocation and provides the time limits to finish the task. Further more,the open door policy combined
with the bestowal of incentives, bonus and allowances to the eligible employees makes it an attractive work place even for a materialistic person. “We believe our employees are the key elements in building this organization. Thus, each and every employee has to feel that this company belongs to them. So we plan to make them share holders of this company by end of this year,”announces Ajith.

Despite being a lone rider in the segment, Kanagala is highly engaged with supporting news startups. It plays an incubation role through a program called ‘Incubate Your Digital Startup’, which encourages college students to come up with digital startup ideas, and in turn Kanagala develops their application free of cost.

IoT is the Future

Commenced its operations with a loaned amount of just Rs.9000, Kanagala has remained bootstrapped all along, and today it has a humble 27 people strong workforce (developers/marketing/support team) in place, out of which 10 employees were recruited in last six months. How ever, as the company has pipelined huge IoT & AI plans for the future, it anticipates going for funding this year. “We expect to raise some huge amount to establish a large development center in India and offshore offices in two countries,” concludes Ajith.


Key Management:

Ajith Chand Kanagala, CEO & Managing Director

An MBA graduate, Ajithstarted his entrepreneur journey by selling books online in September 2012. Highly committed to on-board social initiatives, he today owns Kanagala HR Solutions, Kanagala Securities, Kanagala Farms, and Kanagala Financial Services.

Management Team:

Ajith Chand Kanagala (CEO & Managing Director)RatnaKumariKanagala(Director), RohithSurreddy (CTO), &Sai Praveen Alapati (CFO)

Office: Tenali, Andhra Pradesh (Headquarter),Vijayawada(Development Center)& Singapore

Clients: K L University, Michigan Movies, Tenali Double Horse, V&M Exports, Blood Cross Society, Inter Continental Pharma,Celestine Crop Care, Kanagala Farms,Hyderabad Lands, GOUTHAM GRAND HOTEL,and TG9 FM.