Katpro Technologies: Pioneering Exceptional Digital Transformation Solutions

Kothand Rajangam,  Founder & CEO

Kothand Rajangam

Founder & CEO

Recent studies suggest application modernization services market is estimated to hit $24.8 Billion by 2030, growing at a 16.8 percent CAGR during 2022-2030. This is where Katpro Technologies is making its contribution since 2011. Headquartered in Tampa, Katpro offers a robust portfolio of services that enable new ways to engage with customers by embracing partner relationships and ensuring optimal productivity and collaboration through highly organized global teams. Additionally, the firm also provides services using industry-standard best practices in project management, IT management, and service delivery. Katpro helps to improve productivity, efficiency, and customer service by making effective use of technology and delivering results within a reasonable budget.

Katpro offers a plethora of services to its clients, for instance, SharePoint Consulting, Implementation & Custom Development that allows customers to migrate their SharePoint investments to the latest versions and enable a complete digital modern workplace using Microsoft 365, Managed Cloud Services which enables customers to migrate to the cloud with 24/7 security. Furthermore, the firm also provides Intelligent Process Automation(Nintex, Workato, Power Apps, Power Automate), especially in light of the labor shortage and high costs associated with manual processes. Katpro uses various platforms such as Microsoft Suite of Products, Nintex, Workato, and Fresh service enabling the customers on their digital transformation journey.

Katpro categorizes its approach into four. Application Modernization Consulting helps to establish a clear vision by analyzing IT assets, and the current state, defining the future state, providing assistance, and drafting a road map. Establishing a business use case that explains the current state, issues, and impacts of the project on productivity, resources, and cost. This would be further dissected into different functions depending on the priorities and business
needs. Katpro's team will help identify the right technology, migrate mission critical data and applications, and assist in implementing solutions. Continuous Modernization Program (CMP) helps to keep up with the growing trend by introducing a continuous modernization and application upgrade program.

There are several reasons why inefficiencies occur, including repetitive manual tasks, inability to manage on premises servers and applications, and the need for highly skilled technical expertise, among others. Our approach is, to first Discover, Learn, and Gather requirements, then understand the vision and goal, then propose solutions and deploy or implement them, and finally provide ongoing support.

We continuously offer a robust portfolio of services enabling new ways to engage with customers

Katpro along with a leading beverage manufacturer in Florida has successfully implemented several projects using the Nintex platform to improve business processes. It is apparent in both their warehouse distribution centers spread across the state and throughout all of their finance departments. This collaboration achieved one of their biggest successes during COVID, by monitoring contact tracing and identifying individuals within the organization across more than 100+ offices throughout the state who may have been in contact with others who were COVID positive, thus ensuring the safety of the company and those who partnered with it.

Katpro's biggest challenge is educating business executives and stakeholders on the importance of continuous technology improvement, including modernizing applications. "Katpro considers terming the opportunities as 'Strategic Partnering Engagement'(SPE). A service provider could only do a limited job based on a predefined scope of work. Katpro's vision is to be an extended arm of its customer and position as a strategic partner, able to assist in every aspect of improving the digital transformation and support ongoing basis", shares Kothand Rajangam, Founder & CEO, Katpro Technologies.

Katpro has always been at the leading edge of enabling customers to succeed in their businesses with emerging technologies like Cloud, Azure, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The company believes in delivering pragmatic technology solutions to customers with a priority on a higher return on investments, as well as quality, transparency, integrity, and quick turnaround times. Over the next two years, we strive to be a leader in enterprise automation and integration.