Kogentix: Be a Part of This Collaborative Tech-Movement

Boyd Davis,CEOAn upward career graph is the most welcomed event for any professional. Updating from version 1.0 to version 2.0 was an out-of-the-world experience for Pradeep Bhadauria, Data Scientist with Kogentix Inc., and he realized this while returning from Chicago from a client’s site. The hands-on overseas experience, delight of fulfilling the crucial task and interactions with various executives had carved Pradeep 2.0, who is tremendously charged with confidence to ride rest of his career. He also knew how thrilling would be the reception back in Kogentix family, which augmented his excitement. The fastest growing Big Data startup in the U.S., Kogentix has been magnetic in attracting an ample of tech-savvy professionals alike Pradeep and giving them wings to fly (both personally and professionally).

An Intellectually Stimulating Family

We have seen most of the large companies fall short of providing opportunities for advancement, and startups often fail to invest in their employees for the long-term skill & career development. Kogentix offers the best of both the worlds. It works on disruptive technologies like open source, and big data (particularly the ever-evolving Hadoop stack) focused on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which plays a critical role in transforming enterprises. Indeed, those who prefer to constantly be pushed and learn new skills every day will fit in just fine here. “Working at Kogentix gives me an opportunity to do what I love: build products. Each day brings a new challenge; you get to learn new things, work on cutting edge technologies, and build cool & high-tech data driven products to solve business problems,” asserts Naveen K Togar, one of the enterprise architects of Kogentix.

“We have a collaborative approach where everybody writes codes to solve the problems, be it the team lead, manager or co-founder,” asserts Krishna Nimmagadda, Co-Founder & President, Kogentix.
The most talented people want to work with talented peers. Bestowing an opportunity to learn from one another, the company is filled with an intellectually stimulating environment where plenty of data scientists who are aficionados in machine learning will play your buddy role. This collaboration of experienced professionals and fresher helps every one get motivated.

Bestowing an opportunity to learn from one another, the company is filled with an intellectually stimulating environment where plenty of data scientists who are aficionados in machine learning will play your buddy role

Lend your ears to VidyaGarur, a Kogentix Fresher, who elucidates,“The diversity of work here feels like I’m really contributing to the company and myself. Overall, Kogentix respects work-life balance, has good exposure for career growth and is very future focused”.With infrastructure capability to host even double of the current headcount, the company’s door is always open for people who are enthusiastic, not afraid of experiments &failures, and willing to deal with the randomness & ambiguity of technology, while promising them guidance and an extremely congruous environment to learn.

Nothing less than the locution - ‘Family’ befits this organization, which chants the mantra – people first and every other thing next. Over the years, the company has successfully cultivated an intense family culture, and now, the workforce involves their family members in all the corporate celebrations. “We even celebrate the marriage of employees like festivals,” adds Krishna. There were instances to an extent where a guy who left Kogentix for a bigger firm coming back, as he couldn’t afford missing this family and his peers.

Further more, the company also encourages its employees to achieve higher degrees/ certifications by providing them with extra-leaves to attend the classes. Besides the standard maternity and paternity leave policies, the company becomes a heaven for
women employees as well, as it proffers them with additional benefits like conveyance and Rs.5000 as a gift for new borns along with a medical insurance coverage (from the day the baby is born). Wonder how many companies do this!

The Strong Foothold

The co-founder quad of Kogentix – Krishna, Boyd Davis (CEO), Sanjay Gogia (COO), and Jai Malhotra (CTO), established the company in 2015. While Boyd has been at Intel most of his career, Krishna, Sanjay, and Jai were part of Intel’s big data team when their previous start up was acquired by Intel. From that humble beginning, Kogentix has remained bootstrapped till date, and is now looking forward to raise funds with an aim to expand the products portfolio and enhance the marketing handle. Kogentix is headquartered outside of Chicago where a significant number of US team is located with presence in Silicon Valley. It also has a strong foothold in APAC, with its office in Singapore, and an exceptional team located at Hyderabad that contributes the lion share of its total workforce.


Key Management:

Boyd Davis, Co-Founder & CEO

Davis started his career at Intel Corporation, where he worked for over two decades in a variety of sales, marketing,and general management positions. He leverages on that matchless experience to build Kogentix as one of the best startups in the U.S.

Krishna Nimmagadda, Co-Founder & President

Having a strong experience in open source technologies & distributed computing via leading the West Coast & APAC operations for Intel, Krishna drives global & strategic expansion efforts, and is responsible for the company’s largest multinational accounts.

Offices:Schaumburg (Headquarter), Pleasanton, Singapore & Hyderabad


• Products: Automated Machine Learning Platform (AMP)& AMP for IoT

• Services: Big Data Advisory, Big Data Engineering, Decision Science & AI, and Application & Tools.