Konception Designs: Catering to all Textile & Apparel Related Needs with Comprehensive Solutions

 Vaibhav Sharma,   Managing Director

Vaibhav Sharma

Managing Director

The Indian textile and apparel market size reached to $172.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $387.3 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 14.59 percent during the period 2023- 2028. The market is propelled by various factors such as surging demand for premium quality clothing and home & furnishing items, initiatives launched by the Government of India to empower weavers through various schemes and a growing emphasis on ethically sourced sustainable materials. However, many players in this industry are still not concerned about the adverse effects of fast fashion on the environment. Recognizing the diversity of challenges, majority of clients are now giving preference to durable and long-lasting clothing materials. Konception Designs is notably emerging as a forward looking enterprise in this segment that relies on environmental friendly and responsible sourcing practices.

Incepted in 2022, Konception Designs majorly sources sustainable raw materials, such as organic cotton when it comes to cotton and recycled polyester for polyester fabrics. The company operates on autonomous and self-sustaining team structures, hence allowing its team to work independently while focusing on the
expansion of their clientele along with their individual growth. “Since our inception, we are committed towards delivering outstanding customer services and ensuring top-notch standards in design and manufacturing for its domestic and overseas clients”, says Vaibhav Sharma, Managing Director.

A Perfect Blend of Functional & Technical Proficiency
Konception Designs initially commenced into market with garment design and production and later on they ventured into the realm of home furnishings. The company has formed a dedicated department with the name ‘Kasa De Konception’. Under this department, they produce variety of items like cushions, bed sheets, bedding, kitchen towels, shams, duvets, kitchen soft goods and many more things. Konception Designs provides comprehensive solutions, encompassing co-creative design, progressing through sourcing of materials, product development & manufacturing and at last handling logistics. The company offers these services to its partners across the globe, ensuring a complete and integrated solution for their needs.

Konception Designs plays a pivotal role in the fashion industry by serving a diverse range of retailers, catering to moderate price points and high-end designers. Also, the company assists to major fashion brands and effectively manages their supply chain operations. This also incorporates supervising various processes involved in getting products from production to distribution stage, ensuring productivity and optimization in the overall supply chain. The adaptability of Konception Designs is quite evident as it seamlessly aligns with industry regulations. The company operates within a profit-driven lean structure which underscores their commitment to cost efficiency and maximizing profits.

Konception Designs believes that technology plays a crucial role behind the success of any enterprise and thus it extends services encompassing 3D fitting and sampling, range development and cloud access to line output. The company has its studios in Delhi and Los Angeles, equipped with state of the art facilities and are currently establishing a new studio in London. Konception Designs aims to become a $100 million company by the end of 2026. Moving forward, the company is planning to expand into hard goods with an aim to become a comprehensive destination for customers interested in fashion, home and hard goods. Ultimately, this expansion will allow them to offer a more comprehensive range of products and services, providing a holistic shopping experience to their customers.