KP Group: Quality-Driven Excellence In Renewable Energy

 Dr. Faruk G. Patel,   CMD KP Group

Dr. Faruk G. Patel

CMD KP Group

India's renewable energy market is experiencing consistent growth, which is a testament to the nation's dedication to clean energy. Currently holding the fourth position globally in installed renewable energy capacity, India has already surpassed the target of achieving 40 percent of its electric capacity from non-fossil fuel sources. This success is attributed to the supportive policy environment and the cost reduction of solar and wind power. These factors collectively position India as a key player on the global stage of renewable energy.

However, when it comes to the execution of renewable projects, the clients in this field have some clear expectations. Quality matters immensely as it is the back bone for reliability, longevity, and performance. Moreover, they want the projects to smoothly integrate with the grid, to be able to handle the unpredictable nature of renewables. Completing the projects on time is also crucial because of the rising demand for sustainable energy solutions. In addition, they are concerned about compliance with environmental rules and regulations.

Meeting these expectations is KP Group, led by Dr. Faruk G. Patel. The company takes pride in its expertise, particularly in wind and solar energy. What sets it apart is its team, which consists of highly qualified individuals who excel in these domains. Its board comprises skilled engineers overseeing the initial stages of procurement. As in solar, precise procurement is crucial, it ensures the quality of modules through an in-house R&D department and a dedicated quality control team.

“We prioritize sustainability, securing solar panels exclusively from India, subjecting each one to rigorous inspection. Our team of experienced engineers ensures that every installation is meticulously planned for a 25-year operational span. Having a robust land bank, we follow efficient evacuation and employ proprietary robotic systems for panel cleaning. Our in-house development of trackers further enhances our self-reliance. Eight years of successful operations is proof of our commitment, surpassing predictions and instilling confidence in investors", says Dr. Faruk G. Patel, CMD of the group.

Empowering Energy Solutions
In its power generation endeavors, KP Group operates in two realms: IPP (Independent Power Producer), where it invests, generates power, and supplies to clients like UPL, L&T, Zydus, Green Lab Diamonds, Anupam Rasayan, and the Indian Air Force Garrison Engineers. The process involves land acquisition, meetings, and straightforward Power Purchase Agreements. Alternatively, in CPP (Captive Power Producer), its clients invest in power projects and it provides solutions, guaranteeing 25-year plant operation. Its clients such as L&T have expanded their engagement with the group, which explains their satisfaction. With over 250 clients and a 100 percent client retention rate, the group’s commitment to service, backed by a seasoned O&M team, sets it apart in the renewable energy landscape.

An Inspiring Journey of Growth
In 1994 at the age of 22, Dr. Faruk G. Patel started a business in logistics and then ventured into construction. Right from the beginning, his focus was on supplying materials exclusively to multinational companies. In 2000, he entered the field of
construction of mobile tower security buildings, and in 2001, established KP Buildcon now KP Green Engineering. His real journey kicked off in 2001, working with Vodafone, Reliance, Dell, and Tata, becoming a leader in tower and security building construction. In 2004, he introduced the concept of tower sharing of one tower multiple networks to Vodafone, leading to the creation of Indus Towers.

Facing challenges in 2006-2007, he sought new avenues and established KPI Green Energy, for solar and hybrid solutions in 2008. By 2011, he successfully executed 105 MW in EPC projects. Acquiring land in 2013, he laid the foundation for solar projects, energizing a 2 MW plant in 2015. Over time, KP Green Engineering excelled in fabrication and galvanizing, while KP Energy, the wind vertical of KP Group, witnessed substantial growth, with its IPO in 2016. In 2019, KP Group completed 15 MW of solar projects and its market cap skyrocketed, reflecting the incredible journey from a two-megawatt beginning to a multi-billion enterprise.

Presently, the group is generating approximately 20 crore IPP renewable power units annually, meeting this year’s target. The combined group capacity has surpassed one gigawatt, with a bold aim to reach 10 gigawatts by 2030, extending its work beyond Gujarat and India. The company’s commitment to renewable energy stems from a belief that it is the future, contributing to a safer world for future generations. Last year, the group achieved revenue of around Rs.1200 crores and a profit after tax of around Rs.166 crores. The team’s professionalism and dedication are evident in its day-by-day growth. Its recent venture in South Gujarat discovered wind potential, with plans to generate 300 megawatts.

Eight years of successful operations is proof of our commitment, surpassing predictions & instilling confidence in investors

Growing with Purpose
The group has grown exponentially and has an ambitious target to reach one gigawatt in each company by 2025, achieving one crore PAT in each company by 2027, and ultimately reaching 10 gigawatts in renewable energy by 2030.

In addition, KP Group has ventured into the future with a new company, KPF Green Hydrogen & Ammonia Technologies, focusing on green hydrogen and ammonia production. This forward integration involves creating MMS structures, and wind towers, and generating power from solar and wind through KP Green Engineering. The group’s aim is to expand into the field of green hydrogen and ammonia production, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable and renewable energy practices. In the area of wind energy, KP Group has collaborated with industry leaders like Suzlon and other big players. Having already installed around 450 Suzlon wind turbines that have shown remarkable performance for the past 12 years, it continues to use quality products in its EPC projects.

Dr. Faruk Patel firmly believes in giving back to society and hence says, "While regulations mandate two percent of profits for CSR, KP Group has dedicated an admirable 10 percent to activities like supporting old age homes, tree planting, hospitals, and medical initiatives, as well as nourishing 12,000 children through its endeavors. Also, KP Group is building the World’s first old age home for 'Divyangs' in Bharuch District. KP Group has also believed in holistic development of society with a moto of 'Human First'. These activities contribute to the group’s well-being and happiness, aligning with both its goals and financial success".

In terms of human resources, KP Group prioritizes employee well-being and holds the 'Great Place to Work' certification. The team today comprises renowned scientists, ex-government officials, highly skilled managers, and engineers. It offers various perks, including a policy of not charging a single rupee for any food or amenities, both in its offices and at the plant. Moreover, it extends Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) to its team, providing them with a valuable stake in the company. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the company stood by its employees, not only ensuring timely and full salaries but also implementing a 30 percent salary hike, setting it apart from companies resorting to staff cuts. This commitment reflects its values and resilience in supporting its workforce.

Towards the Next Frontier
Currently in a strong position, KP Group is aiming to achieve significant milestones. Looking ahead, along with Gujarat, the group envisions offshore projects in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka, with a clear mission to reduce CO2 emissions, having already saved 35.2 lakh metric tons to date. “In line with our honorable Prime Minister's vision of reaching 500 gigawatts by 2030, our commitment is to contribute at least 10 gigawatts to this ambitious target. The journey towards this goal is challenging, but we are putting in our best efforts with a strong and capable team. Our present bandwidth is impressive, and we foresee continued growth. There is even a possibility of venturing beyond national borders in the near future. We are optimistic and wish success to everyone involved in such endeavors", signs off Dr. Faruk.