KredX: The Growth Catalyst

Manish Kumar,Founder & CEO
Manish Kumar, Founder & CEO

A business starts with little and grows to be something recognizable. What matters is the catalyst of that growth. KredX was born out of the sheer necessity to bridge the gaps in working capital cycles of the SME sector and avoid operational difficulties faced by businesses at the grass root levels due to the delay in payments from large corporates. “Invoices that are raised against blue-chip companies are sold on the KredX platform at a discount to raise funds for SMEs, thereby, ensuring a healthy cash flow. In turn, the investors on the platform get lucrative returns on funds that were sitting idle in a short time frame of 30-90 days at a much higher rate than other traditional investments”, says Manish Kumar, Founder & CEO.

As the SME sector is the backbone of India’s growing economy, KredX believes that it is contributing to the country’s growth story by helping small businesses solve one of their biggest problems - working capital, through its network of investors.

“KredX facilitates collateral-free working capital, quick disbursal in 24-72 hours and a paperless, transparent process for businesses. It offers a unique cash flow solution for businesses and an innovative & alternative form of investment that guarantees healthy portfolio diversification for investors.”, says Anurag Jain, Co-Founder & Executive Director.

The Founders’ Belief
If we look at the macro economic situation of India, there is a lot
of credit demand which is getting generated from the SME sector. Manish states,“On the other hand if you see, India is one of the unique countries in the world where the savings rate is very high so there is a lot of private money sitting in vaults, bank accounts and low yielding fixed deposits.” Anurag adds, “What is required is a bridge that is trusted and basically connects these two sides. A brand which exudes confidence and trust which is exactly what we are trying to build.”

"KredX has discounted over 3 lakh invoices and assisted over 5000 businesses all over the country with their working capital requirements"

The Journey
As it stands, KredX happens to be India’s only invoice discounting marketplace. Manish states, “Since inception, we have discounted over 3 lakh invoices and assisted over 5000+ businesses all over the country with their working capital requirements. As KredX is a completely tech-enabled platform, our businesses and 10,000+ pan-India investors interact with us through our platform; right from documentation to money disbursal, ensuring zero-paperwork, thereby making us a green company.”

In line with the success of their flagship product, KredX, the company launched a new dynamic discounting product, KredX Early, in 2016 which is a treasury management product aimed at large corporates to manage early payments to their vendors. KredX Early is a patent-pending cutting edge technology solution which helps facilitate accelerated payments through an Early Payments Technology for vendors of large corporates, providing an alternative option for corporate treasury to deploy their surplus funds and earn high returns. As a brand, KredX aims at bridging all gaps to help businesses ease up any issue pertaining to working capital both on receivables and payables. “We serve a global
audience through our new product, KredX Early,and currently have 100+ corporate companies live on the platform”, says Anurag.

Disruption Created
KredX Early helps facilitate accelerated payments through Early Payments Technology solution for vendors of large corporate companies, providing an alternative option to the corporate treasury to deploy their surplus funds and earn high returns. Assuring KredX’s credibility, Anurag says,“In a country with a huge trust deficit, the number of monthly organic sign ups by new investors who transact anywhere between 3,00,000 to 7,00,000 INR in the first transaction alone is a testament to the name KredX has created for itself in terms of brand value.”

Anurag Jain, Co-Founder & Executive Director

The Growth Ahead
KredX is today a leading and trusted brand inthe Indian financial services’ landscape and boasts of marquee customers who have been loyal since the inception of the company. It is backed by world class VC firms like Sequoia Capital & Prime Venture Partners.

KredX now is on the verge of adding more products to its product suite. Expressing the roadmap of KredX, the founders conclude,“With multiple projects in the pipeline, we aim to further capture multiple geographies while deep diving into various industries.”