KWE India: The Freight Management Champion

Karthi B,Dy. Managing Director

Karthi B

Dy. Managing Director

Logistics is the fuel of modern economy. How¬ever, changing consumer demands, complex business models and growing client demands are just some of the top factors that pose a challenge in streamlining logistics management. With the growing fuel prices and peaking inflation indexes, the cost of transportation increases drastically. Add to this, the need to process enormous amount of information on a daily basis, besides coordinating smooth discharge of operations. On the other hand, the logistics management is turning into a multi-layered job where managers are expected to keep tabs on multiple supply chains simultaneously. If you feel the challenges end here, you are wrong! Transportation rules, regulation and security norms vary from city-to-city, state-to-state, and country-to-country, posing as a major hurdle.

But if KWE India, the Indian subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express (KWE), which is part of the Kintetsu Group, is your freight management partner, you need not have to worry about any of the above mentioned dilemmas. Leveraging its structure risk mitigation team, the company offers customers transparent and innovative solutions and allows customers to focus on expanding their core business areas. Ranked No.1 among the top 15 global forwarders, KWE has global presence in 45+ countries and offers a wide range of services & solutions which are tailor-designed to meet customer requirements. This process-driven logistics management firm leverages technology-driven tools to provide visibility to customers.

Wide Range of Offerings
As a leader in its space, the company provides comprehensive one stop-services and door-to-door solutions, including International Air Freight, International Sea Freight, Customs Brokerage, Cold Chain Solutions, Warehousing, Distribution, Free Trade Warehouse Solution, Charters, and CBU Transportation. This undoubtedly makes KWE India a single window solution provider that mitigates customers’ supply chain inefficiencies through price competitive and technology built tools.

“In India, all our distribution is operated through our joint venture with Gati KWE, which has 5000+ fleet and we operate through vendor inventory truck model for dedicated operating modules,” asserts Karthi B, Dy. Managing Director, KWE India. Being a part of a large Japanese conglomerate adds another advantage to the company. Kaizen and just-in-time models play major roles in its process driven solutions to avoid any damage or claim. Add to this the extensive training KWE’s employees receive in terms of handling error free operations and the realtime tracking systems monitored by Control Tower Team, the entire process becomes seamless and effortless for clients. Additionally the company uses ISO 17712:2013 certified seal locks for
containers, which are classified as ‘high security seals’ to eliminate any leakage during transit.

Dealing with Compliances
“Regulatory compliances vary not only by industry but often by location. The financial, research and pharmaceutical regulatory structures in one country for example may be similar, but with particularly different procedures in another country. Hence, knowing how to conduct business among the local markets is extremely important,”opines Karthi. Thus, KWE invests significant time and energy to pursue an overseas venture, starting with first understanding the culture there.

As a leader in its space, KWE India provides comprehensive one-stop-services and door-to-door solutions

On the other hand, conducting business in foreign markets is achievable only if the business is flexible enough to work within the local laws and regulation guidelines. Thus it is highly advised to seek experienced legal counsel for overseas business practices to identify hazards that may cause barriers for your business. To tackle these KWE has a compliance team in each country to assess and advise customers of all the compliance risk and mitigation process.

Innovation – Its Backbone
Innovation is just another chapter for KWE. It practices it in every aspect of its service. No wonder, KWE India was one of the first companies to implement end-to-end paperless domestic distribution across India covering around 10 states. Using its innovative products and process driven methodologies, the company can handle critical logistics like a pro. For instance, hand carriage and urgent freight delivery to US and South Africa can be done in just one working day!

With AI and RPA driven tools to handle digital marketing cost optimization and freight management solutions, KWE India focuses on innovating technology tools which can help it maintain its growth. Such innovative solutions and the 419 strong workforce who are the pillars of the organization have been driving the growth of the company at 30 percent perannum since the last nine years. “Employees’ dedication, hard work, and meeting customer expectation have been a benchmark in Indian logistic industry. This is possible through continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,” explains a proud Karthi. Going ahead the company has strong focus on future roadmap driven by corporate medium term management plan 2020-2022.

A strategic thinker, result-oriented industry professional with strong leadership qualities, Karthi always leads by example and helps organization build sustainable business model, while driving organizational goals. He has successfully led several business and new product expansions around various products. Karthi’s motto is to keep learning and building IT tools to modern changes.
Quick Facts
Offices: Tokyo (global headquarter), Bangalore(India headquarter), along with presence in 24 cities across Japan, four continents & 58 cities in the American region, 14 countries & 45 cities across Europe, Middle East & Africa, four countries & 57 cities in East Asia & Ocenia, and 12 countries & 58 cities in South East Asia

•International Air freight
•International Sea freight – Full container load/Loose container load
•Customs brokerage
•Cold chain solutions
•Warehousing – 3PL & 4PL
•Distribution- Full truck load and part luck load
•Free trade warehouse solution – India & Overseas location
•Charters – Air and sea break bulk vessels
•PO management & Buyer consolidation
•CBU transportation

Awards & Recognitions:
•CII Scale Award 2018 – Eminent Position under Freight Forwarding Category
•Hewlett Packard India – Certificate of Appreciation 2017
•Toyota Boshoku India – Service Appreciation Award 2017-18
•Sterlite Technologies – Logistics Excellence Award, 2015
•Ethiopian Cargo – KWE Contribution and Support in the year 2016-17
•Singapore Airlines Cargo – KWE Contribution and Support in the year 2016-17 and many more