Learnnovators: Creating Innovative e-Learning Solutions For The Workplace

Ravi Pratap Singh,Co-Founder Learning. Innovation. Two words that set any individual or organization apart from the rest of the crowd. And Learnnovators, an e-Learning company headquartered in Chennai, has these two words weaved into its ethos. As an organization that is into providing custom e-Learning solutions for the workforce, Learnnovators believes that these are the true differentiators of its business. So much so that its mantra simply reads ‘Learning. Innovation’, and its name itself is a portmanteau of the two words.

A winner of multiple awards and top international honours, Learnnovators extends the tenets of its mantra to its clients as well – by empowering the clients’ employees to learn, and inspiring them to innovate. More specifically, Learnnovators uses cutting-edge technologies to help client organizations address skill and performance gaps in their workforce.

Since inception in 2003, the company has developed over 11,000 hours of learning in more than two dozen languages, for an extensive array of industry verticals (including advertising, automotive, banking, defense, engineering, and healthcare amongst others). Every client’s requirement is different, and therefore Learnnovators’ projects are varied and wide-ranging. However, there is a common thread that runs through nearly every assignment: Learnnovators works closely with the client to identify their business goals and the learners’ needs, resulting in a solution that is tailor-made to the client’s exact needs.

Emerging Trends
Learnnovators keeps a tab on the latest developments and trends in the learning landscape. It studies each requirement cautiously and designs an appropriate solution that translates into enhanced employee behavior on the job, and results in maximized benefits for the client organization.

Some of the latest approaches
that Learnnovators has incorporated in its recent projects include the following:

Learnnovators’ vision is to be the company of first choice for all stakeholders, be it employees, clients, vendors, partners or shareholders

Mobile Learning: The rapid adoption of mobile technology is changing the game for the industry. The stupendous growth of smartphones is allowing people greater access to the Internet via mobile devices, thereby enabling them to learn on the move. So, more and more learning and performance support solutions are being delivered via mobile devices.

Learnnovators’ solutions in this area have spanned short learning nuggets, quick reference videos, performance support tools,learning apps, and so on.

Gamification: Executed either as simple game elements added to existing content or as full-fledged gaming experiences, gamification can excite and motivate learners to go through otherwise mundane topics and fast-track the achievement of learning outcomes. Learnnovators has crafted varied kinds of gamified learning solutions, including mini games to motivate learners to perform a certain behavior, to comprehensive story-based narratives that build foundational skills and attitudes in the learner group.

Micro Learning: This involves relevant, concise, byte-sized content delivered at the point of need. Learnnovators has developed several micro learning units, in the form of videos, PDFs, and interactive modules.

Performance Support: According to the 70:20:10 framework, just 10 percent of a person’s learning is from formal training methods. The majority (70 percent) of the learning is acquired on-the-job, through experience, and the support that the employee receives from co-workers and other sources. Learnnovators provides this support to employees in various forms. A recent solution used QR Codes attached to machines that employees were learning to use. These users could scan the QR Codes via a mobile app, and learn just what they needed, when they needed it.
The First Choice
Learnnovators’ vision is to be the company of first choice for all stakeholders, be it employees, clients, vendors, partners or shareholders. To achieve this goal, the company recruits team members with great attitude and nurtures them at a workplace that encourages learning and innovation. Last but not the least, Learnnovators has been assiduously built on the foundation of strong values and ethics, practicing honesty and transparency in their dealings with all stakeholders.

A Winning Work Culture
Creativity and innovation are two critical factors that help Learnnovators stay ahead of competition. While there are several factors that bring about creativity and innovation, risk-taking forms the essence of the same. So, Learnnovators offers something to employees that most organizations do not, or are scared to, offer-the freedom to fail. The company has consciously built an open and friendly culture where team members are encouraged to think, ideate, explore, experiment, and innovate without the fear of being ridiculed or reprimanded in case they fail.

Also, in an industry which is highly driven by numbers (number of hours spent on a project, number of bugs found, and others), Learnnovators adopts a slightly different approach - recognizing and rewarding great attitude in employees. This approach stems from the belief that the right attitude towards work and life automatically leads to greater involvement, better creativity, and higher productivity.“As a result, we have consistently enjoyed one of the greatest retention rates in the industry, not only of employees, but also of clients,” concludes Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-Founder, Learnnovators.

Key Management:
Ravi Pratap Singh, Co-Founder
Having immense experience in L&D field, Ravi handles business development, brand building and strategy at Learnnovators.

Office: Chennai

Offerings: Custom E-Learning, Rapid E-Learning, Mobile Learning, Gamified Learning, Blended Learning, Moddle Customization and Learning Consulting