Lessburn: Beyond Digital Marketing - Bringing Real Growth

Ramesh Srinivasan,  Chief Executive

Ramesh Srinivasan

Chief Executive

Digital marketing is truly the indispensable tool for businesses today! For mere endorsement of products services and brands online to being an integral part of business currently, the world of digital marketing has transformed a great deal. Yet, businesses are in the constant lookout for a real growth beyond the frontiers of digital marketing strategies. This is exactly the sole vision of lessburn, a Growth Consulting Agency and not a mere Digital Marketing Agency that ultimately helps companies expand into something bigger than before. Ramesh Srinivasan, Chief Executive, lessburn, adds, “We always endeavour to bring-out the best of every client at every juncture of their business”. The company in fact believes that a creative, bold and inspirational plan is highly essential, besides smart & sound strategies, to achieve the real growth of businesses.

Expertise Par Versatility
Wondering how lessburn manages to achieve this? In short, the ability to predict the market, foresee the trends and innovate accordingly is what places lessburn way above its peers in the digital marketing space. The company starts with exploring the target audience of its clients, their competitors, and their promotion strategies in order to concoct novel strategies for them. Precisely, it deals with preparing Competitive Intelligence Reports for its clients. Post garnering the requisite data, lessburn ensures to devise a new strategy for its client’s business, execute their ideas, and eventually bring-forth a significant growth through organic & sponsored ads.

In fact, its pursuit doesn’t end there! Right from the point of client acquisition, market research, business information, digital marketing, lead generation, customer engagement to growth consulting, sales &business development and growth hacking lessburn offers nothing less than the best to its clients. The company nurtures its clients all through their journey by being their ultimate torchbearers and not just a typical agency with template based proposals. Above all, market research, digital marketing and lead generation are lessburn’s flagship verticals.

Clients at its Kernel!
lessburn’s clients are truly surprised at the comprehensive expertise that it holds. Bestowing its clients with the pleasure and convenience of obtaining variegated services under one roof is indeed the company’s unique selling proposition. Besides the ability
to stay relevant with the market, creativity of its team and relationship with clients adds more to its excellence in the space of digital marketing. Moreover the company greatly adopts the strategy of sustaining its existing clients while simultaneously acquiring new clients to excel amidst the burgeoning competition in the market. This is because lessburn strongly trusts that acquiring a horde of clients is meaningless when it can’t satisfy even one of them.

The ability to predict the market, foresee the trends and innovate accordingly is what places lessburn way above its peers in the digital marketing space

Even the aspect of innovations at lessburn goes in tandem with the requirements of its clients. As an organization, lessburn is striving to constantly refine its offerings to stay ahead in the contemporary marketing world where unpredictability is the only constant. Indeed, the company is all geared-up to excel despite the prevailing market trend. But for now, it remains in a phase of consistency, enjoying the fruits of its workforce!

The marketing journey of The Chennai Silks the largest textile kingdom of South India, indubitably portrays the might of lessburn in digital marketing. In view of redefining marketing for this client the company came up with creative works that targeted the youth who primarily dominated social media. Gradually, the engagement rates started spiking-up for The Chennai Silks, which clearly proved lessburn’s unparalleled excellence.

The Backbones of lessburn
Ramesh articulates, “We, at lessburn, are a team of passionate, talented and fast learning individuals who effectively adapt to the unpredictable trends & technologies in the market”. In fact, lessburn adheres to the collegial model in terms of organizational behaviour, wherein everyone is aware of their responsibilities and enthusiastically work towards fulfilling them. Endless rules & regulations and superiority complex among employees are clearly out of place at the company. Work while you work, play while you play clearly suits lessburn’s team! Each employee is ensured to undergo a brilliant evolution after kick starting their journey at the company, while they also have lunch together and play dumb charades during interludes every day. Calling them one big family would be a cliché instead, they always have each other’s back.

lessburn has recently shifted into a new office, where it envisions expanding its current team of 30 members to 100. Despite starting from the scratch, the company has experienced an organic growth so far, accounting to a turnover of over Rs.1 crore every year. In fact, lessburn attributes this phenomenal growth to its aforementioned team of experts.

Speaking of future plans, the company aspires to outclass as the comprehensive digital hub that can address the marketing & branding needs of every leading organization or entrepreneur. Besides it envisages bolstering startups with good ideas, offering cost-effective marketing solutions to SMEs and extending the presence of Fortune 500 companies to every nook and corner of India. Altogether lessburn’s aim is to flourish into a million dollar company by scaling both horizontally and vertically!

A proficient entrepreneur and a business leader, Ramesh is greatly inclined towards Startups, IT Products & Services, Business Development, International Marketing, and Human Resources Management in the field of IT industry.

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year: 2016
•Offices:Coimbatore & Sivakasi
•Services: SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Creative Design, UI/UX, Web & Mobile App Development, and Explainer Videos
•Award: SISA 2018 (South Indian Startup Awards)