Letscampout: Infusing Life through Refreshing Corporate Camping

Abhijeet Mhatre, FounderMonotony is often an adversary of productivity. This is especially true in the corporate space, where professionals devote long hours working in front of screens in closed rooms. Abhijeet Mhatre, Founder, Letscampout, believes that the perfect antidote to corporate life’s monotony is a dash of green, some fresh air and gazing at the in¬finite sky. Serving this antidote by organizing camping trekking, picnic and corporate outbound programs for corporate professions, students, families and youth alike, his venture, Letscampout has been a trailblazer in the industry.

Having been a cog in the corporate machine him¬self for several years, Abhijeet identified a void in terms of well-organized campsites and quality camping equipment across India. Driven by a vision to revolutionize the outdoor and camping experience he laid the foundations of Letscampout in 2010 and has since amassed rich experience in the field of experiential and event camping. Building on the first mover advantage, the company has been the camping partner for re¬nowned events such as Sula Fest, Sunburn, Enchanted Valley Carnival, India Bike Week, The Lost Party and India Grape Harvest to name a few. Having worked with companies such as Sciformix, NVidia, Ubisoft, Reliance, Google, Microsoft, Avaya, Nomura, Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, CMA-CGM, LG, OYO, NEC, Decathlon, IBM, HP, Cognizant, ICICI, HSBC, HDFC, IndusInd, Daimler, Jeep and Royal Enfield, Letscampout has been dominating the corporate outbound sector.

Inimitable Corporate Camping Programs
“Unlike the agendas of the corporate world our motto is to stay close to nature enjoy the open skies spend time soaking at waterfalls, gazing at the sky and then enjoying stories around the bonfire,” explains Abhijeet. While these activities may seem purely leisurely on the surface Letscampout’s corporate outbound programs aim at improving team building, reducing stress within its participants and a lot more. “Our clients often face challenges such as trust issues, team communication gaps, working under stressful conditions lack of team work and mismanaged delegation of work among
others,” he adds. Leveraging the great outdoors as a vehicle for experiential learning, the firm enlists the help of certified NLP trainers to design special training programs that ensure lasting results to clients’challenges.

Letscampout enlists the help of certified NLP trainers to design special training programs that ensure lasting results to clients’challenges

Never compromising on quality, Letscampout makes use of quality gears, has every safety measure in place and employs helpful staff. Working in tandem with trainers and clients, the company executes programs as per plan and conducts assessment with clients & trainers. Functioning as a thoroughly professional organization the team ensures complete documentation of the requirements & programs and communicates important details to stakeholders.

Paving Way through Innovation
A true leader in its sector, Letscampout is known for creating innovative experiences and launches new products for the Indian camping industry. In order to address the issue of sanitation which was a major concern for the outdoor industry, the company brought in Pallet wood toilets. Made out of recyclable waste wood, these toilets are portable yet nature friendly. “Our Portable wooden toilets have been well accepted and lauded by our entire client base, ”adds Abhijeet.

Proponents of rural and responsible tourism, Letscampout also strives to empower locals in villages to build self sustainable lifestyle by partnering with the company. Through its franchise program the firm helps budding village entrepreneurs to setup campsites that are run as per Letscampout standards. This creates a symbiotic relationship where the company progresses along with the community.

Since its inception, Letscampout has been clocking positive returns and has experienced an upward swing in its revenue. “Having started the company when there were very few players around gives me a great sense of accomplishment,” says Abhijeet. Having carved a solid presence in Maharashtra, the company now intends to congeal its presence across the Southern and Northern states alike. The firm is also working towards enabling people who own land which is a liability into a revenue generating asset for them. At the end of the day, Letscampout is moving steadfast towards its motive of procuring world class locations in its roster, thus raising the standards in this industry.

Driven by passion to change the face of outdoor activities in India, Abhijeet is committed to living andpromoting unique camping experiences across all client bases. Having begun his career with ICICI Bank and then working with Fortune 500 companies such as CITI, AVAYA and HSBC, he has a keen understanding of the needs and pain points of the corporate world that he addresses through Letscampout’s unique camping programs.

Offerings: Trekking, Campsites, Picnics & Team Outbound
Offices: Navi Mumbai

•EF&H(Indian Express Group) Business Excellence & Honor in Unique Accommodation Category
•National Entrepreneurship Award for 2019 by Ministry of Skills Development & Entrepreneurship