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Anil Reddy, Founder & Design Director
Anil Reddy,Founder& Design Director

There’s an undeniable dream that’s alive today, fervently burning in the hearts and minds of people all across this planet. There are some truly inspiring entrepreneurs out there who offer up a plate of motivational and heart-warming success that keeps the flame of hope alive. One such story is of Anil Reddy. It was an extremely tough decision for Anil to move to India during the peak of his career; but, the insatiable thirst to prove to his counterparts that India was brilliant in the field of digital design, pushed him to take the leap. And, this was the time when he stumbled across a motivational video by Dr. Devi Shetty, where he shared his vision of providing affordable healthcare to the citizen of India and some how this stayed with Anil.

With a dream to place India on the world map as a digital design destination, Anil returned to his hometown, Bangalore, where Lollypop was formed. There was no seed capital and he definitely could not afford any big investments with a newborn. All he had was his tools - pencil, sketchbook, I-Mac and monitor backed by his experience.

The initial days were no less than a challenge with mixed feelings, evaluating his decision every now and then. “Back in 2003, not many were aware of the design field and none wanted to invest. Everyone would spend millions on physical office, product and its packaging but would not spend on their digital presence. So, I began designing at exceptionally nominal rates.
Fortunately, we got enough projects from New Zealand and was able to scale up Lollypop team to seven members within six months,” speaks Anil.

"A bunch of creative rebels who is bent on empowering people, businesses, society and world at large with beautiful solutions is what best defines Lollypop"

The Ideation of Lollypop
A UX UI company that has a tightly knit, experienced team of researchers, designers and developers who enjoy crafting great solutions is what best defines Lollypop. The team comprises of a bunch of creative rebels who is bent on empowering people, businesses, society and world at large with beautiful solutions.

The company, at first was named as Pixitree. However, since one of the favourite words of Anil’s newborn was Lollypop, he decided to rename it as Lollypop – an unconventional and catchy name. “We ideated on how we could build our branding story across Lollypop and many ideas floored. We collectively decided to ensure sweet experiences to all of our clients - be it designing experiences, interfaces or servicing our clients,” says Anil.

Lollypop focuses a lot on the research and understanding of all the stakeholders. Probably, this is why most of its clients turn into brand ambassadors and vouch for the quality and work ethics. This year, the company has been ranked first among the UX leaders globally by an independent reviewal platform called Clutch. Anil mentions, “Designs at Lollypop are the results of in-depth research, discipline, dedication, and continuous learning and unlearning. Our inspirations are not only from digital platforms but from real life incidents where we meet and interact with the people and our surroundings.”

Lollypop culture has also spun out
of this learning itself. “In my early designing days, I understood the importance of discipline and dedication. Hence, we at Lollypop work with minimum supervision but everyone is super responsible and has taken complete work ownership. The environment has been built around the values of trust, mutual respect, honesty and dedication,”he adds.

The Success Saga
The growth of Lollypop has been phenomenal. Today, Lollypop is a team of 100 with a branch office in Mumbai. The company has been instrumental in reimagining over 25 domains across 14 countries. Soon, it is looking to expand in multiple cities of India.

The road ahead for Lollypop is simple. “We are looking to take more extensive and deep projects that involve in-depth Research. We are already on our path and have designed a few projects from the domains of agriculture, entertainment, IoT, sports and media,” he further adds. The company will soon be expanding in different cities of India and explore having one office overseas. “We are working hard with innovative ideas trying to make technology truly assistive and helpful in ways that are not yet imaginable,” Anil concludes.

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