L&Q Surveys: Goto Destination For Real Estate Valuation By GIS, GPS, And Remote Sensing Services

Dr. S.N Bansal,Founder & CEO

Dr. S.N Bansal

Founder & CEO

With spatial data becoming a rich asset, many government departments and businesses are employing the usage of geospatial map data and applications. This increasing use of GIS is paving way for several opportunities. Since the time of the cholera outbreak in 1832 ­ when the first GIS application was coined to present COVID pandemic after 200 years, the advancement in the segment is humungous. GIS as an industry is brimming with scope and welcoming corporate players.

Among plentiful of such players, it is crucial to choose a brand that gives you precise analysis and helps to make the perfect decision on urban planning, agriculture, infrastructure development, constructions, transportation, segregating hotspots, and more. The right choice for the end-to-end analysis and details on spatial data, is the leading Government Approved Real Estate Valuer and Surveys Consultant - L&Q Surveys. The tech-driven company through its surveys, mapping, and data applications is assisting people and organizations in everything and has come up with several geographic information system products that are innovative in their approach. The brand's expertise lies in land surveys, alignments of roads, topography surveys which helps in the selection of land for any project.

L&Q In The Spotlight
Established in 1985, L&Q Surveys is one of the leading survey companies, based in Delhi, operating across India in the field of Land & Quantity Surveying. "We are the combination of expertise, technology, and highly innovative staff and the latest equipment, hence, we are always at the forefront of the survey industry," says Dr. S.N Bansal, Founder & CEO, L&Q Surveys. Ideated by this veteran, the company is listed by the Institution of Surveyor (India). Recognizing the Quality Management Systems, it is certified with ISO 9001:2015.

In the span of nearly 35 years, the company has executed 2000+ projects for infrastructural development in India and globally. L&Q's major involvement is in the development of Government Projects like Asian Games - 1982, Common Wealth Games - 2010, Townships, Housing, Trade Fair Authority, Highways, decongestion of traffic in NCR by providing a solution to Delhi Government. "Our flagship project was the alignment of peripheral expressway using remote sensing data for Govt of NCT Delhi," he informs.

The vast clientele for the varied range of the company's offerings includes central and state govt agencies, corporate houses, PSUs, infrastructure agencies, among others. Few of the esteemed clients are NTPC, N.B.C.C., Delhi Development Authority, IFCI limited, and DLF Building India. With solutions such as GIS database development, GIS mapping, remote sensing data analysis, GPS surveying, and more, the clients are provided with utmost security and confidentiality.

He further adds "We, the L&Q surveys (Pvt.) Ltd. is a front-runner in the area of Land and Quantity Survey, Cartography, Geological
mapping, Geotechnical investigation and related Study Of Project Sites, We are well equipped with all Modern instruments and technologies, Viz. Programmable total Station electronic theodolite, electronic distance Meters, automatic levels, Remote Sensing, CAD, and a large number of applications. Accordingly, we introduce ourselves proudly as a coherent team of well experienced, internationally trained globally accepted team of Engineers, Surveyors, Geotechnical experts, Transport Planners, and natural resources Scientists."

Quality, timely delivery of project, commitment, competitiveness, satisfactory solutions by a team of experts & in-house resources for consultancy gives an edge to the company. Staying ahead of the curve, it envisions to become a global market leader and become much stronger in terms of infrastructure and manpower to be equipped for the future requirements.

The Leadership Of High Standards
Dr. Bansal is a well-known known veteran in the field of GIS and land surveys. Leveraging professional skills & potential, he worked his way up in transforming L&Q as one of the best service providers in the niche. He completed his double M. Tech (Highway & Transportation Engineering) and Graduated Civil Engineer having the highest certification of the Institute of Surveyors in Building & Quantity Survey. He also holds a Ph.D. (management), double MBA in H.R & disaster management. He did P.G. Diplomas in Business Management (Marketing), Construction Management, and a degree in Architecture Engineering. Under the stewardship of Dr. Bansal, L&Q is functioning in the field of Real Estate Industry - rendering valuation services to various Government's Departments like Income Tax Department, Custom, PWD, DDA, NBCC, NTPC, ITDC, CPWD, NDMC and financial institutes like banks, HUDCO, and others.

Quality, timely delivery of project, commitment, competitiveness, satisfactory solutions by a team of experts & in-house resources for consultancy gives an edge to the company

He is a `Property Expert' on various TV channels like Aaj Tak, Delhi Aaj Tak, Samachar Plus, RSTV, etc. for providing an instant solution to investors, remedy, and awareness against fraud & Ponzi investment. Dr. Bansal is vice President and founder member of the Institution of Government Approved Valuers. An active member of the Association of Certified Realtors of India. Fellow member of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (UK).

Dr. Bansal comes with 45 years of Professional Experience including 30 years dedicated to Land surveys in India, the USSR, Nepal, the Middle East, Thailand, and Bhutan. He has experience in Land Survey, Cartography, Geological Mapping, Remote Sensing, and the related study of project sites. He has also worked in numerous projects like Urban Expressway, Delhi (NCR) Metro Rail, Delhi (DMRC), Universities, DSIDC, Delhi- Relocation Of Industries, Golf Course (8 numbers) within NCR zone and experience of many power plants projects strengthening & widening, rehabilitation, improvement, flyovers, etc., and handled conservation of heritage buildings & historical places/forts among several others.

Professional Measurement Services
• Land Surveys Topographical Surveys
• Physical Surveys Alignment Surveys
• Conservation Surveys
• Restoration Surveys
• Building Surveys Remote
• Sensing Surveys
• Natural Resources Surveys
• Loss Surveys
• Quantity Surveys Valuation
• Surveys Demarcation Surveys
• Road Surveys

Technologies for Precise Analysis
• Total Surveys Station
• Theodolite
• Levelling Station
• GPS• Satellite Imagery
• Radiology Of Building
• Under Ground Services Sensor
• Electronic Distance Meter

Dr. S.N Bansal, Founder & CEO
Having over 40 years of experience, Dr. Bansal is a trained engineer, architect, and surveyor.
Office: New Delhi
Offerings: Land surveys, topographical survey, physical surveys, alignment surveys and more