Luxoft India: A DXC Technology Company Leading Businesses Through Digital Growth, Innovation & Transformation

Mr. Madhusudan Deshpande,Managing Director

Mr. Madhusudan Deshpande

Managing Director

India remains a leading IT outsourcing destination globally. The market witnesses cutthroat competition for an overwhelming pool of talent. Yet, there are only a handful of industry experts to cater to the complex business needs of today; fewer who can do so with exceptional finesse. A premium, high-quality software development and consulting boutique, Luxoft, a part of DXC technology company, has been an undisputed leader when it comes to resolving some of the most complex business critical challenges. Founded in 2000, Luxoft has been focused on complex custom software development for world-leading enterprise companies. The organization develops business-critical software that helps clients navigate the ever rising complexities of business seamlessly. Most of Luxoft’s work helps customers drive digital transformation and win market leadership positions.

Banking & Capital Markets (BCM) is one of the strongest industry focus for Luxoft. Luxoft is helping top-tier banks in their digital transformation by providing solutions in Data Management AI/ML, Cloud Adoption, Blockchain, UI/UX, Regulatory/Reporting and Trading System Integration. India delivery center plays pivotal function in delivery of critical solutions supporting global customers by working remotely and on-site. Well established, reliable and long standing partnerships with industry’s leading platform providers such as Murex, Temenos, Finastra, Fenergo, PEGA, Calypso etc. have helped to enable our customer’s journey of digital transformation.

Luxoft works with major automotive OEMs and Tier 1s to develop software for the vehicles of the future with its digital cockpit, connected mobility, autonomous drive and system test & validation solutions. Automotive industry is going through significant transformation moving from Electromechanical to Tech companies. Value creation is shifting from hardware to software and services. This is an industry going through full fledged digital transformation from car manufacturer to mobility service provider.

Luxoft’s third large vertical called as Cross Industry Solutions (CIS) caters to digital transformation led solutions to several industry segments such as Energy & Utilities, Healthcare & Life sciences, Network & High Tech, Media & Communications, Travel & Hospitality.

Headed by Dmitry Loschinin (President & CEO), Luxoft- A DXC Technology Company, is a global enterprise that has not been a stranger to the APAC region. For one thing, APAC is now at the centre of global trade, with some of the P5 nations vying to secure a share in the transaction. As APAC became a world growth engine, Luxoft too began developing its APAC presence, especially in India. However, operating in geography such as India-APAC is no easy feat. Luxoft understandably required an enabler to take the reins and ensure successful operations and cement solid growth in the region.

Luxoft India With Madhusudan Deshpande
In 2017, Luxoft India began its operations upon acquiring a small boutique firm that catered to BCM segment. Mr. Madhusudan Deshpande joined Luxoft to lead it’s operations in India in 2018. He was elevated to leadership as Managing Director of Luxoft APAC in 2019 and has since been key in the firm’s skyrocketing growth in the APAC region. Having rich global experience working in a plethora of technology segments including PLCs & Automation, system designs, and embedded control systems, Mr. Deshpande started exercising his expertise in incubating CoEs, setting up GDCs & ODCs for a variety of industries including High Tech & aerospace and defense.

Mr. Deshpande was recently awarded the Business Leader of the Year Award by World HRD Congress 2022 for his over 27 years of experience in the tech industry. His clear vision and ability to seamlessly leverage his knowledge in various functions like business development support, customer management, strategic investments, multi-disciplinary engineering services management, and setting up and growing new global development centres has led Luxoft onto a trajectory of uninterrupted growth.

Under Mr. Deshpande’s leadership, Luxoft India has grown to a roughly 2,000-member delivery centre in FY22 with nearly 100% Y-o-Y growth. For FY23, Luxoft aims to bring great opportunities to expand business, and grow the India delivery centre. Malaysia, Vietnam, China have seen good growth in FY22 and poised to take on new challenges to grow in FY23. With much push in to digitalization post pandemic Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong are providing significant opportunities.

Under his visionary leadership, Luxoft in India, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia are now certified as a 'Great Place to Work'. Luxoft in APAC is one of the fastest growing regions within Luxoft.

Sharing his thoughts on Luxoft India’s growth and the driving factors, Mr. Deshpande says, “Luxoft has a strong team in India that has excelled in delivery as well as in talent acquisition and management through the challenging times of the past 2 years. We have established fully functional corporate functions to ensure seamless, optimized performance to support our business. Effective and transparent communication within the company is an integral part of our culture, and this has helped us build a culture of trust”.

He adds, “Our strategy of partnerships with platforms, investment in niche CoEs, and in the right talent with domain experience has boosted our growth. This strategy will further enable us to scale to new heights in the next 5 years. Leveraging global engineering excellence from other countries helped us succeed in delivery and will continue to do so.”

Luxoft's Cornerstones Of Complex Problem-Solving Expertise
Luxoft empowers global enterprises to drive business outcomes and navigate change. Backed by deep technical and industry
expertise, Luxoft helps build digital products and smart platforms, delivers business-critical solutions, and enhances customer experience.

The Organization’s Offering And Unique Selling Proposition Heavily Rely On Three Cornerstones:
• Domain Expertise
Luxoft engages with customers with deep domain knowledge and technological knowledge to solve critical business challenges to make new products and services a reality. The firm’s business domain experts know the customer business and propose the best business and technical solutions, which are implemented by Luxoft’s best-in-class software engineers.

• Deep Technical Knowledge
Luxoft employs senior software engineers to deliver business value to its customers as early and quickly as possible. Sixty-four percent of Luxoft engineers have advanced degrees, and 79% of the talent has over 5 years of experience
• Trusted & transparent relationship with our customers and partners.

Luxoft has been working with customers for over 5 years. For its core customers, Luxoft sets up dedicated delivery centres where the firm creates processes that are similar to those of the customer, develops tailored trainings for both technical and business domain knowledge, and preserves this knowledge with the retention of core experts. Luxoft acts as a part of and as an extension of the customers’ own teams to support their leading positions in the market.

Truly A 'Great Place To Work'
As made evidently clear, Luxoft's workforce are an integral part of the firm's success over the years, especially during the recent health crisis. This is due to Luxoft's approach towards its employees. Luxoft’s retention focus is to preserve engineering talent in the company. This is assured by global and local programs, HR practices, and rewarding employees with a wide range of opportunities for professional growth. Luxoft encourages employee development and growth while working to retain domain expertise.

At The Organizational Level, Employees’ Career Advancement Majorly Is Managed By Several Initiatives And To Name A Few:
• Being a global company, Luxoft offers a relocation program for employees who want to move to another city or country
• The Internal Mobility program is intended to provide opportunities for greater responsibility throughout the project cycle to ensure an employee is ready to solve more challenging tasks
• Performance evaluation occurs annually for each employee to review their goals and delivered results
On the delivery centre level, where several projects are executed for a client, the following work reassignment practices are being used:
• Assign more challenging tasks when the employee is ready and good results are rewarded in many ways
• Increase the role seniority after appropriate experience is obtained
• Depending on criticality of business problems to be solved, Luxoft’s solutions team gets involved with customer from initial discussions who brings their domain and technology expertise in architecting the solution as well as deciding right team to deliver. This team is available for consulting both externally to customer and internally to employees.

Cross Trainings Within Global Centres Of Expertise And Technical Communities:
• Specialized Global Centers of Expertise accumulate and share technical knowledge and assign engineers with the proper skills such as big data, DevOps, IoT, mobile development, etc. to projects
• The development and architecture communities offer their own specialized technical trainings and invite industry gurus for trainings and webinars at Luxoft
• The Luxoft training centre offers many technology and soft skills trainings, which are free and available for Luxoft employees (on- and off-line)
One of the future professional goals, as Mr. Deshpande emphasizes, is "To make Luxoft an employer of choice".

Luxoft works with major automotive oems and tier 1s to develop software for the vehicles of the future with its digital cockpit, connected mobility, autonomous drive and system test & validation solutions

Luxoft's Roadmap For The Future
Luxoft is introducing a new operating model based on the industry alignment to support and accelerate growth across all lines of business.

One of the key competitive differentiators for Luxoft is its focus on selected industries: banking and capital markets, insurance, and automotive. This focus enables Luxoft to be highly relevant and productively engage with client leadership teams, thereby increasing its leverage and shaping the opportunities Luxoft works on.

To expand this model, Luxoft is establishing two industry-focused verticals in FY23: telecom, media, and technology (TMT) and consumer & retail. Both verticals will be formed within the Cross-Industry Solutions organization. The remaining part of Cross-Industry Solutions will operate as an incubator for further industry formations.

"Our industry focus is bringing excellent results in our Banking and Capital Markets and Automotive Lines of Business, and we will use our playbook to jumpstart new industry units", concludes the Managing Director of Luxoft APAC.

"Our strategy of partnerships with platforms, investment in niche coes, and in the right talent with domain experience has boosted our growth"

The Leader's Point Of View
Madhusudan Deshpande has played a pivotal role laying the brickwork for Luxoft's exponential growth and market recognition. His philosophy for life, as he shares, is "Industry, market, technology, or society, nothing remains the same. Everything keeps changing. What worked for me today might not work for me tomorrow. Staying creative, and relevant, while exploring new frontiers is key".

As a facilitator, enabler, and most importantly, a leader, Mr. Deshpande believes in collective growth. He expresses the importance of not just focusing on the future goals of the organization, but also on the present goals of the individuals working within the firm. "Each and every individual is a leader in some aspect. It is imperative to channel their energies to reach greater heights together", he adds.

Mr. Deshpande also shares his opinion about the importance of an emotional factor in the corporate structure. He calls it 'emotional comfort'. Mr. Deshpande believes humans need emotional balance in everything they do, be it professionally or in a personal capacity. To that effect, even a workplace can be emotionally consuming. Therefore, Mr. Deshpande underlines that a leader should ensure that the people working in the organization should feel emotionally connected and comfortable doing their work. That brings greater success to the enterprise.

While we are talking about balance, it is important to mention that emotional well-being is just as important, maybe more, for a global leader. Every once in a while, Mr. Deshpande becomes a laid back 'Madhu', cherishing his time with his family. He has four 'angels' (as he calls them) at home- mother, wife, and two daughters. When at home, Madhu unwinds by watching some sports or cinema. However, Madhu mostly spends his time listening to the three generations at home, observing every incident from a different perspective, learning along the way.