M & CO. Seafood Trading India: Pioneering Sustainable Shrimp Sourcing Practices At Global Level

  Mathews David,     Managing Director

Mathews David

Managing Director

As the largest supplier of seafood, particularly various varieties of shrimp across the globe, India holds an enviable position in terms of exports. With this advantage also comes the responsibility of ensuring that only high quality products are shipped out of the country, putting the onus of vigilant sourcing upon exporters. Although the country does hold a place of prominence, the lack of attention by a large chunk of exporters and traders tends to put a damper on the nation’s repute and reliability. At the same time, awareness around sustainable sourcing practices is further enforcing the need for vigilant sourcing. Stepping up to the challenge and bridging the gap between the demand for high-quality, nutritious seafood and its supply for a global audience is M & Co. Seafood Trading India (MNCO Seafood Trading India). Founded in 2006, the company is renowned for sustainably sourcing best-in quality seafood from India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam - three of the global top exporting countries of seafood - and marketing them to the developed world.

Mathews David, the visionary behind this endeavor, drawing from experience in the United States, identified a critical need within the Indian shrimp industry for standardized practices and certifications. Through relentless efforts, he collaborated with influential bodies, conducted educational seminars, and spearheaded a transformative movement. These initiatives led to a significant transformation within the Indian shrimp industry, with a substantial percentage of shrimp now certified, meeting global standards. His relentless commitment has propelled Indian shrimp onto international shelves, bridging the gap between producers and retailers with a bounty of quality-assured products ready for global markets.

Operational Forte
The core essence of the firm’s operations revolves around sourcing and marketing Indian shrimp to the global market, cementing its role as a crucial liaison between Indian shrimp producers and major retailers worldwide including big chain stores like Walmart, Metro Cash and Carry, and many more. MNCO’s primary focus is on meticulously sourcing shrimp varieties meeting specific quality benchmarks, tailored for major retailers with yearly programs, ensuring consistent and reliable deliveries. Today, the firm delivers over 100+ varieties of shrimp across 50 countries.

“Our vision is to emerge as the trailblazing force in the seafood sourcing sphere. This ambition propels our unwavering dedication to uphold the highest professional standards, ensuring each commitment is met diligently and without compromise, every single day. Our relentless pursuit of excellence remains resolute, driving us to consistently deliver exceptional service. Anticipating a year filled with complete customer satisfaction, we stand poised to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in our industry”, shares Mathews David, MD, MNCO Seafood Trading India.

Understanding the challenge of market fluctuations, the team’s at MNCO adeptly manage to provide stability by offering fixed yearly pricing despite the dynamic market conditions, guaranteeing consistent monthly or weekly product deliveries to retailers’ stores.

Furthermore, MNCO’s forte lies in catering to diverse country-specific packaging requirements, legal stipulations and documentation standards. The firm accounts for a significant share of India’s shrimp
production, meticulously overseeing the quality journey from farm to shipment. With a dedicated team, MNCO meticulously monitors and ensures adherence to stringent quality standards, facilitating seamless deliveries to US and European warehouses.

Moreover, MNCO’s pioneering efforts towards sustainability in the industry are evident in its initiatives like the MSC certification for wild-caught shrimp and the initiation of the Fishery Improvement Program in India. As the first company to initiate such programs, MNCO under scores its commitment to sustainable practices and industry advancements.

The company’s unparalleled market penetration and insightful data management add to its distinctive position. With an extensive network across various markets, MNCO’s daily access to real-time market information from different regions in India enables precise pricing forecasts and buying decisions for clients worldwide.

“Our service extends beyond sourcing shrimp; we curate market insights from farmers, hatcheries, feed mills, and industry experts, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive market data. By aligning with international standards, we meticulously source shrimp, and our dedicated team identifies and collaborates with packers to meet each customer’s unique specifications. Our goal is not just to deliver shrimp; it’s about delivering tailored solutions and unparalleled service to our valued clients worldwide”, further shares Mathews.

From humble beginnings to overseeing a monumental surge from 20 containers to an astounding 2200 containers yearly, our journey exemplifies unmatched growth

MNCO’s Influence
MNCO’s influence extends beyond mere sourcing. The company wields significant influence in determining Indian shrimp pricing, owing to its substantial volume buying. Market reports provided by the company aid clients in strategic sourcing decisions, minimizing errors in the volatile market landscape. The firm’s grasp on pricing patterns influences industry trends, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping the Indian shrimp industry.

The company’s distinctive strength lies in its unparalleled expertise, fortified by a competent and dedicated workforce. While others in the industry focus solely on procurement, MNCO stands distinguished by its holistic approach, providing meticulous quality control and a range of specialized services tailored to meet the intricate demands of customers. This unique proposition, coupled with comprehensive quality control measures, solidifies MNCO’s position as an industry trailblazer, setting the gold standard for seafood sourcing and quality assurance.

“From humble beginnings to overseeing a monumental surge from 20 containers to an astounding 2200 containers yearly, our journey exemplifies unmatched growth. This remarkable trajectory mirrors our unwavering commitment to excellence and the tireless dedication of our highly skilled team. With expertise spanning diverse time zones, our team ensures seamless round-the-clock service for our esteemed global clientele, propelling us towards unparalleled success”, adds Mathews.


Future Roadmap
As the company gears up to transition into a private limited entity, it marks the onset of a transformative chapter, driven by visionary goals and an uncompromising commitment to growth. With a strategic eye set on the horizon, Mathews envisions a robust future for the company. Setting formidable targets, his aspiration spans doubling the business volume by 2025, while diversifying into the segments of vegetables and spices. This expansion, carefully strategized, aims to expand the company’s offerings, envisioning a comprehensive sourcing solution for esteemed clients like Metro Cash, Carry, and Walmart, simplifying the procurement process through a single channel.

The blueprint for the upcoming fiscal year outlines a meticulous roadmap, aligning with the ambitions to establish the firm as a pivotal player in the vegetable and spice sectors by 2030. This ambitious vision is not merely a plan but a family legacy, as Mathews eagerly awaits the entry of the next generation - his son and daughter - poised to usher in fresh perspectives and expertise into the thriving enterprise. Bolstered by an influx of professionals from diverse industries, this concerted effort aims to elevate the company’s stature, steering it toward new heights and forging a path of unparalleled success in the ever-evolving landscape of the global market.