Maction Consulting: A Pioneering Company Redefining Marketing & Business Solutions for Companies in the B2B Sector

Mahendra Chaudhary,    Founder & Managing Director

Mahendra Chaudhary

Founder & Managing Director

When starting a new business, it's common for entrepreneurs to place a high value on production and sales, leaving market research and strategic planning until last. With this approach, they may not experience an increase in sales or repeat customers over the long run. This is because the firm lacks market, consumer, competitive, and high demand product expertise. Obtaining data about target demographics and potential consumers is the goal of market research in order to help a business promote itself and succeed in the long term. A vital part of every business strategy is doing thorough market research, regardless of the company's size or kind (B2B or B2C), age (new or old), or any other characteristic. Datadriven decision making enables companies to go forward rather than retreat backward. Therefore, Maction Consulting was started by Mahendra Chaudhary, who saw the importance of market research and decided to focus on it.

In 2015, Mahendra chose to pursue entrepreneurship and founded Maction Consulting, an organization led by industry professionals with over 20 years of experience. Clients all around the world benefit from Maction Consulting's research and consulting services, which include business and marketing consulting, organizational development research, and behavioral research in organizations. On a country wide basis, there are more than a dozen cities where the firm has a presence and more associates have been established in the rest.

High Client Retention
As a result of Maction Consulting's commitment to long term client relationships, several of its clients have continued to work with the company for several years. The experts at Maction Consulting are always
available to answer any questions or address any concerns that a client may have.The availability of the Maction Consulting team is undoubtedly a reason why their clients choose them over the competitors. Another benefit of working with an analytical firm such as Maction Consulting is that they listen to what the clients have to say about their experiences during the course of a project.

Moreover, after the service, the company keeps in touch with its consumers and provides them with post service advice. Explaining more on this, the Founder & Managing Director of Maction Consulting Mahendra Chaudhary says, "More than 70 percent of our clients are repeat customers, which is the most important component of our business. Consequently, those who have been with us from our start and those who joined three to four years ago are still here with us. The repeat business of our clients is a witness to the excellence of our solutions, and we want to continue this relationship for many years to come”.

Customized Research Solutions
Maction Consulting provides both quantitative and qualitative research, strengthened by solid data and consulting guidance, to its clients. As a result, Maction Consulting has classified its services into three segments, namely B2B enterprises, government affiliated organizations, and non-profits. "Marketing is a difficult task for most Indian B2B companies. For them, it's a challenge since they don't know how or where to effectively market and sell their products and services.

Many of the enterprises involved in B2B operations are suppliers and a manufacturer may be developing a product that has never been sold before in India. To ensure that their new products are discovered by as many people as possible, we act as a marketing intermediary between the companies and the people who will use them. For example, we give these companies a wide range of advertising options, including television ads, online advertising, and more", adds Mahendra.

Maction Consulting is well-known for its research based solutions; prior to establishing any solution or marketing plan, the company conducts a variety of traditional and innovative surveys. Recently, Maction Consulting employed many new digital survey techniques in response to the pandemic. However, when they are unable to collect information using digital methods,the firm tries to apply the conventional questionnaire approach.

Over a million surveys have been conducted by Maction Consulting's employees across 30+ countries. As a result, they are better positioned to assist their consumers in making good business choices. Maction Consulting leverages AI-based technologies to give cutting-edge insights while yet keeping the company's cost structure affordable.

Maction is a one stop shop for all market research requirements, giving solutions that combine innovation, quality, and reliability with minimal effort and maximum effect. In the next years, Maction Consulting intends to grow into the HR analytics area and execute various CSR initiatives by cooperating with significant organizations.