MAP Systems: Catering To Specific Needs Of Customers Across The World With A Client-Centric Approach

Kavv Prasad Rao,CEOWith the availability of premium technologies in the market, comes the requirement of moulding them into the finest amenities which not only increases their efficiency many fold but also ensures feasible and flawless project execution. To avail this opportunity of refining the complex technologies and tools integrated with the advanced knowledge and efficiency, the Indian market is witnessing the arrival of many front runners ensuring reliable outsourcing destinations for global businesses.

Standing apart from the crowd by virtue of its passion for offering cutting-edge services in a competitive manner, MAP Systems is a Bengaluru-based firm catering to the specific needs of customers across the world with a client-centric approach. Ever since its establishment in 1993, MAP Systems is providing advanced, future-oriented, highly adaptive technological solutions as well as top-notch creative services. Focused on synergetic approaches for building a successful client relationship as well as employee-oriented policies, MAP Systems is contemplating to uplift the employees from diverse aspects of life including Training, Communication, Personal growth, and Career growth.

Services Embedded With Innovation And Technology
With specialists having a wealth of experience in their respective domains and perfectly equipped to serve the specific needs of our clients, MAP Systems operates in diverse industries including Photo editing, 3D designing, Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR), eBook conversion, Typesetting, Flash to HTML5 conversion, Illustration, and 2D animation.

"From delivering top-notch Digital Publishing solutions to exceptional designs for revamping of marketing collateral as well as providing the powerful combination of 3D rendering and AR-VR technologies to launch effective campaigns, our executives are always ready to render world-class support that is meant to help our clients receive high returns on their investments. Specialized in product Photo editing, Real estate photo editing, Photo restoration, Album designing and e-Commerce photo editing our photo editors are proficient in retouching efforts and finishing touches.

Our graphic designers can create professional marketing collaterals as well as Book covers, Catalogues, Illustrations and PowerPoint presentations that can help businesses create an edge in the market. Our 3D designers provide support to businesses
in Real estate, Education, e-Commerce, Retailing, and Engineering industries by delivering intricately-detailed 3D models and renders of Products, Machinery, Real estate properties, and more. Delivering end-to-end digital conversion services our professionals are proficient in eBook conversion and typesetting technologies and can generate print-ready files for diverse content delivery platforms," says KAVV Prasad Rao, CEO, MAP Systems.

Functioning as not just a service provider but also a team of guides, MAP Systems provides valuable advice to the clients by helping them benefit from the best out-comes enabled with creativity and customization. "We treat all projects, small or large, with equal importance and this approach allows us to create specific branding strategies depending on the character and philosophy of each brand that we work with. Gaining thorough brand knowledge as well as knowledge about the competition, we have deployed a strong scalable infrastructure that sup-ports large-volume projects and guarantees data security. We put a strong emphasis on customer support and our executives are available 24/7 to clients.

Operating with a for-the-customer and by-the-customer philosophy, we focus more on understanding our customers' needs and help them make the most out of our services. With a lot of customized software for our technology-oriented service teams, we emphasize on using the products enabled with the latest technologies from reputed vendors," states Rao.

Future And Beyond
While the pandemic had hit most businesses across the world, MAP Systems has successfully achieved its 2020 revenue growth target by retaining its employees with instant work-from-home facilities which included shifting their work stations and sending specialized equipment to their homes. Carrying out the normal yearly appraisal process to reward and motivate employees who performed well, MAP Systems continued to invest in its employees and technologies.

We have deployed a strong scalable infrastructure that supports large-volume projects and guarantees data security and prevention of data breach incidents

"Continuing to invest more in three major areas which include Human resources, technologies and marketing, we are planning to launch new technology products in 2021 as well as to expand our operations in the Middle East, Europe and US. With a centralized sales and marketing team that operates from our India office, we have already planned to gear up our marketing efforts and also distribute them across the globe through our branch offices located in the US and the Middle East. This would allow us to adopt a `go local' marketing approach, which would, in turn, help us to tap customers from diverse cultures and geographies.

Since innovation is one of our key policies, we make sure to launch new products as well as upgrade our existing infrastructural capabilities to make service delivery smoother every year and remain competent to address the unique needs of customers from time to time. In 2021 we will launch our proprietary Virtual Classroom product MAPMY Classes, which is an AI-based eLearning platform that allows students to enjoy learning in a personalized classroom. We will also introduce another AI-powered futuristic complete digital suite for libraries towards the later part of 2021," signs-off Rao.

Kavv Prasad Rao, CEO
Rao majorly focuses on ensuring that MAP Systems comprehends and provides what its clients need to make their investments pay off. He also works towards ensuring the company growth and diversification of services stands stronger.

Locations: Bangalore, Dubai, North Carolina
Offerings: Digital Publishing Services, 2D and 3D graphics, AR, VR as well as Technology based solutions including AI Based Virtual classroom and Digital Library suite