Marketstar: Driving Business Success through Comprehensive Revenue Acceleration Solutions

Keith Titus,  President & CEO

Keith Titus

President & CEO

India’s sales and marketing outsourcing landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation fueled by the country’s digital boom, increasing tech integration all across, and greater demand for adaptable specialized skills capable of staying abreast of market demands. As companies shift focus from mere scaling and growth to profitability, the demand for these services is skyrocketing, tapping into India’s talent goldmine. Consequently, India, today, stands as a strategic powerhouse for these solutions, driving greater ROI, and providing more valuable solutions.

Within this realm, MarketStar, a 1988 established international firm headquartered in Ogden, with a global presence, stands as a transformative partner that pioneered the outsourced sales model. Founded with the vision of revolutionizing traditional sales approaches, MarketStar, today offers a robust suite of services beyond mere conventional sales outsourcing solutions.

Gamut of Services

Beyond outsourcing sales services, MarketStar offers end-to-end solutions in partner channel enablement and support programs, comprehensive digital marketing strategies, sophisticated analytics-driven sales solutions, extensive global operational support, and customer success solutions. Committed to innovation to fuel client success, MarketStar has played a pivotal role in driving early success and prominence of major global brands like Blackberry and HP, and social media companies like Pinterest, along with doing transformative work for businesses like Google, Reddit, and Doordash.
What sets the firm apart is its strategic approach to successfully navigate the intricacies of sustainable growth demands. Its comprehensive revenue acceleration solutions have been designed to align with the particular goals of the clients, addressing their unique challenges. The proficient use of localized talent, and powerful integration of analytics that improve decision-making and performance, help MarketStar become an extension of the clients. Its solutions are aimed at empowering businesses across every stage of their growth journey, uniquely customized to address immediate needs and set the foundation for ongoing success and adaptation in an ever-evolving market.

MarketStar’s global success stems from its powerful senior leadership with a combined 200 years of experience in the industry

“We understand what it means to grow at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Our purpose is to create growth and our specialized teams of sales, marketing and customer success experts know just how to make that happen at scale for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Our deep domain know-how, strong backbone in tech and our world-class process enables us to deliver growth and drive ROI”, shares Priscilla Selwine, Global SVP of Marketing, MarketStar.

MarketStar’s global success stems from its powerful senior leadership with a combined 200 years of experience in the industry, along with a dynamic and motivated team keen to rapidly adapt to new trends across every industry it caters to.

Journey Since Inception

Since its inception, MarketStar has emerged as an industry trailblazer, and today, boasts a rich legacy of leadership of 36 years. As a forward thinking and agile entity, MarketStar is positioned at the forefront of innovations across industries.

“We set out on a five-year vision to transform MarketStar into a premier end-to-end revenue outsourcing agency – the best in the world. This transformation involved expanding our service capabilities and acquiring talent that could provide services across the entire buyer journey, from demand generation and active sales to customer success and revenue operations. With our talented people in India, we have delivered on that vision in assembling unmatched capabilities and delivering consistent results for our clients worldwide”, adds Keith Titus, President and CEO, MarketStar.

Through its journey, the company has achieved several milestones, set industry records by forging strong client partnerships lasting years and decades, and expanded globally in key locations like Dublin, Sofia, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and the Philippines. As the firm looks ahead, it aims to steadily move forward with its future expansion initiatives, ensuring a sustained growth throughout the years.