Marlabs: Shaping the Future through Innovation, Inclusivity, & Empowered Leadership

Prathima Prabhu,  Chief People Officer

Prathima Prabhu

Chief People Officer

The best companies to work for women are distinguished by their unwavering commitment to gender equality, fostering environments that empower and support female employees. These organizations prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that women have equal opportunities for career advancement, mentorship, and leadership roles. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by women in the workforce, these companies implement policies that promote work life balance, flexible schedules, and family-friendly benefits. Furthermore, they actively address gender pay gaps, providing fair compensation for all employees. By cultivating a culture that values diversity, respect, and inclusivity, the best companies to work for women not only attract top talent but also serve as trailblazers in setting industry standards for gender equality and workplace excellence.

Founded in 1997 by Siby Vadakekkara in Piscataway, New Jersey, Marlabs is a data-first digital solutions provider leveraging design-led innovations, composable digital platforms, and collaborative technology partnerships to help enterprises prepare for their AI future. The firm strives to empower clients globally to enhance business outcomes through strategic advisory services, rapid solution incubation, and agile engineering in areas such as data, analytics, & AI, intelligent automation, application development, and cloud-powered infrastructure. With a commitment to advancing technology not only for its own progress but also for the benefit of clients and the broader community, Marlabs crafts unique and tailored technology solutions that empower businesses to bridge the gap between vision and reality. Under the new leadership of CEO – Thomas Collins, Marlabs is poised to become the preferred digital and data transformation partner for enterprises through design-led methodologies, people-led strategy, and nimble engineering.

Fostering Gender Equality & Inclusivity

Marlabs is at the forefront of cultivating a workplace culture that prioritizes gender equality and inclusivity. As an equal employment opportunity employer, the firm takes pride in its commitment to unbiased hiring practices, ensuring that gender does not influence the selection process. The organization's dedication to breaking gender stereotypes is exemplified by the presence of women in diverse roles, including sales and global customer support, showcasing a genuine belief in equal professional potential.

The company's focus on fostering a flexible and hybrid work environment serves as a cornerstone of its gender-inclusive policies.
Rejecting rigid office hour requirements, Marlabs empowers all employees, irrespective of gender, to manage their work schedules independently. This flexibility has proven especially beneficial to women, enabling them to strike a balance between professional commitments and personal responsibilities. Marlabs allows employees to choose their preferred office locations, promoting accessibility and minimizing commute-related challenges, thus catering to the specific needs of its diverse workforce.

The firm extends its commitment to gender equality beyond routine policies, delving into comprehensive initiatives that address the holistic development of women within the organization. Learning programs specifically tailored for women tackle challenges related to networking, personal branding, and self-limiting beliefs, aiming to propel them into leadership roles. In addition, Marlabs acknowledges the financial well-being of its female workforce, offering dedicated programs to enhance financial literacy and planning. The company's inclusive cricket tournament, The Marlabs Premier League, goes a step further in fostering a sense of camaraderie, with each team consciously including a minimum of two women players, reinforcing the organization's commitment to gender inclusivity and team unity.

Marlabs thrives on collaboration, blending client ideas with technological prowess to tangible, transformative realities for global enterprise clients

“The tangible outcomes of our gender-inclusive initiatives are evident in the composition of our executive leadership team with 40 percent women, who contribute significantly to our vision. The annual ‘Hall of Fame’ award which is the highest form of recognition in an individual category, consistently won by women for three consecutive years, reflects our commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the outstanding contributions of the diverse workforce", asserts Prathima Prabhu, Chief People Officer at Marlabs.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Passion

Marlabs embraces a distinctive culture that permeates every facet of its operations, placing a significant emphasis on the values that define its interactions with customers and shape its internal dynamics. Central to this culture is the promotion of entrepreneurship and ownership, fostering a sense of accountability that transcends customer relations to encompass the entire employee experience. Anchored in a philosophy of passion for people, technology, continuous learning, and meaningful experiences, Marlabs encourages every team member to adopt a leadership role within their respective functions.

The Robust Way Ahead

Marlabs is poised for an ambitious future marked by a clear and focused vision. The firm envisions doubling its revenue and expanding its size over the next three years, with data engineering and AI projected to contribute significantly. This future trajectory is not solely reliant on organic growth, Marlabs is actively pursuing strategic acquisitions to accelerate its expansion. A notable example is the recent acquisition of Onebridge in January 2024, a specialized firm in data engineering and analytics, particularly within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Marlabs' future acquisitions will align closely with technology offerings, focusing on data, AI, and machine learning, with a keen emphasis on contributing to the growth and advancements in the life sciences and healthcare industry verticals.

“As we embark on our journey, our focus is to empower our workforce with AI skills, focusing on delivering value added data-driven solutions to our customers and also to enhance efficiency across departments like HR, finance, and marketing. We're crafting a plan, aiming to have 40 percent of our team trained in data and AI by year-end. Additionally, we're keen on adopting design-led thinking and a consultative approach to become trusted partners for our customers", concludes Prathima.