MedVigil: Prioritizing Client Requirements and Delivering Precise Medical Information with Global Standards

Dr. Kintu Chandiramani,Founder
Dr. Kintu Chandiramani

Healthcare is one of the most important requirements in human life. Covering a wide spectrum of stakeholders, for instance, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, patients, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies,the healthcare sector is loaded with a mammoth of data. Especially in the case of pharmaceutical companies, the process of collecting, monitoring, researching and evaluating information from healthcare providers and patients for the purposes of understanding and preventing drug-related problems is a herculean task. Moreover, there has to be a flawless management of data throughout the lifecycle of each product. With he aim to mitigate this pain point, MedVigil, a leading global Clinical Research Organization based in Mumbai, has come a long way ahead of its time by serving efficient and excellent medical information and pharmaco vigilance services to different industries like bio pharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer product, medical device, contract research and healthcare companies. As per the industry needs, MedVigil can adopt innovative processes and technologies, diverse clinical research expertise and render commercial insights that can facilitate shorter and more efficient process management to improve the commercial success of clients.

“During my post graduate studies in USA, I got more exposure to pharmaceutical industry and its immense scope. I decided to step into pharma field and change the lives of billions instead of treating a few patients as a physician,” says Dr. Divya Chandiramani Modi, Founder and CEO of MedVigil Clinical Research, who is also a graduate in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Illinois and holds doctorate degree in Pharmacy from University of North Carolina. “MedVigil intends to successfully partner with
healthcare organizations across
the globe to provide high quality scientific expertise and use our knowledge to increase productivity and promote patient safety worldwide. Our scientific expertise delivers accurate, consistent and current evidence based medical information to fulfil our client’s requests. We can provide strategic advice, build capabilities and operate services at every stage of your process. Our goal is to help you reduce costs and increase efficiency while maintaining world class quality.” With a portfolio of services ranging from pre-clinical and clinical to post marketing, MedVigil Clinical Research promotes patient safety along with client success. Founded in 2012, MedVigil dramatically simplifies each client’s adverse events process by completely monitoring and tracking activities. At every step, they strive to support drug safety by collecting, synthesizing and analyzing data from clinical trials and post marketed products.

Dr. Vinod Chandiramani

"Recognized for its personalised and tailor-made models, MedVigil is 100 percent dedicated to our client’s success and has developed substantially along with their client"

Customized Services to Meet Client Expectations
MedVigil’s services are categorized into Medical Information, Pharmaco vigilance, Aggregate Reporting and finally, Advisory Services. Under Aggregate Reporting company provides a gamut of services – Periodic benefit /risk evaluation reports(PBRER), Periodic safety update reports(PSUR), Developmental safety update reports (DSUR),Periodic adverse drug experience reports(PADER),Support for risk management plans(RMP)and risk evaluation and mitigation strategy (REMS). Furthermore, MedVigil team is specialized in adverse event reporting for prescription drugs, devices and consumer
products. Throughout the course of clinical trials, safety information is collected and reviewed thoroughly by a team of experts and provides the most-up-to-date information to clients. MedVigil’s Regulatory team delivers full strategic and operational Regulatory services on a custom-made scale. Dr. Divya cites that “Our team is constantly learning in to stay abreast with the fast paced healthcare environment. Most unique factor about partnering with MedVigil is that we are a team of young and proactive members and we can add that personal touch in terms of communication and service. We will work with client’s operational procedures and workflows to integrate into their business environment flawlessly and delivers custom-made solutions. Communication and accountability are our key strength.”

Dr.Divya Chandiramani Modi
Founder & CEO

Recognized for its personalized and tailor-made models, MedVigil is 100 percent dedicated to our client’s success and has developed substantially along with their clients. Within five years, company has grown from a three member company to a leading CRO with more than 30 experienced staffs. Today, they cater to a diverse clientele across the globe and had set up offices in USA and Europe. “We continuously strive for excellence and quality results at MedVigil. We are committed towards learning from experiences. Each member in our team provides individual skills to promote efficiency and quality to serve our vast clientele. Our client’s growth is our growth,” Dr. Divya mentioned. While striving to keep up the quality of services,the company is also preparing for a bigger expansion. They are planning to increase the types of services as well as the number of employees and will focus more on aggregate reporting and signal detection monitoring in the future.