Metrika: Designing Kitchens That Are a Class Apart

Vasant Vasudeo, DirectorWhat is your most favourite spot at your home? I bet most of you will say‘Kitchen’, which plays more important roles today than just being a place for cooking. With reducing home sizes, storerooms are a thing of past, and kitchen now plays multiple roles, including storeroom and dining place not to mention the trend of automation. Hence, it is essential to have a kitchen that fits all your storage requirements & kitchen appliances like a pro, and responds to your smartphone touches, while giving you ample space to cook with ease. But what if your kitchen comes with more than these!

A kitchen design expert Metrika always ensures to give a tech-touch to your kitchen that speaks your personality. “We understand the requirements of our modern customers. Hence, all our kitchen products/solutions are integrated with technologies like wireless chargers and Bluetooth speakers,” assets Vasant Vasudeo, Di¬rector, Metrika. This isn’t all! Metrika even integrates kitchen appliances with IT, allowing customers to control them with just few touches. “Just like you can switch on your AC far from your home and find your house cold when you enter, we enable you to even switch-on and pre-heat your appliances(oven) even before you enter your home. This surely saves a lot of time and makes your life a little easy,” explains Vasant.

Offering Designs that Speak Your Personality
Technology is just one of the many expertises that Metrika provides. Customization is another core specialization of the company, where it gives immense emphasis on every detail to understand its customers’ requirements. It all starts with a pre design form that customers need to fill. The form catches details akin to number of family members and their age, understanding everyone’s psyche their preference in terms of storage, designs, specific hardware colour and others. “The key to a good kitchen is customization and the key to customization is understanding the needs in detail to provide a product to satisfy their wants. And this form helps us do just that,” explains Vasant.

Once the predesign form is submitted by the customers Metrika sends its experts to physically visit the kitchen space to get the measurements. Based on these two key inputs the company’s expert designers design the kitchen exclusively for that client, which is often eventually displayed to the clients over Metrika’s experience centre. Customers can have a near real experience
of their kitchen design and imagine how it will look in real. But what if the customers aren’t satisfied with the designs? Is reiteration an option?“Of course! We provide three rounds of reiterations including design change. Only once the customer feels satisfied and their requirements are fulfilled is when we go to the next stage and propose the kind of finishing they want,” clarifies Vasant.

Metrika provides a range of finishing options, starting from laminates, acrylics, glass & stone finishes apart from several others. Once the customer finalizes the finishing and the commercials are discussed, the company sends its team to the site again to collect more accurate and final measurements, post which the design enters the production stage. It takes nearly 48-72 hours to complete the production and just a few days to execute it on site. To ensure quality product, Metrika has setup its own manufacturing unit(25,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility and storage unit) that works on a hybrid model where the main components of the furniture are manufactured inhouse while the standard work is outsourced to renowned brands.

The key to a good kitchen is customization and the key to customization is knowing the customers’needs in detail

A quality conscious company, Metrika’s products come with five years warrantee, and hence it has setup an in-house quality check team that checks every incoming raw material sourced from the empaneled list of vendors. This team further ensures that every product that comes out of the production unit ticks the minimum quality criteria boxes. Further for damages if any Metrika has setup a 24x7 hotline number(one of the few interior design companies to have this) where customers can register their complains, which are addressed within 48 hours. “In addition to the five year warrantee we provide one year free maintenance(for the very first year post installation)under which we cover three time product check, and if in due course there is any need of service that evolves, our service team takes care of it too,” explains Vasant.

A Promise of Innovative Products
Metrika comes from an Italian word and means linear growth. “We founded the company with the idea of linear growth, which also means straight line that moves up,” explaining the meaning behind the company’s name is Vasant. This linear growth is not confined to just the revenue growth of the organization which clocked at 20 percent last year (expecting 25 this fiscal year) but also in terms of quality and quantity. Hence, the company is always engaged in research and development of innovative concepts to integrate technology with its design and provides its customers a seamless experience. Further, technical collaboration with leading European companies specializing in various kitchen components like hardware doors cabinets and more always on.

“We promise seamless customer experience, and that isn’t encircled just within the product/service delivery, but from the very first time you reachout to us and forever. Our brand promise, product quality, service delivery, and our innovative product range that starts from the very first cabinet you see at home(shoe rack) to your bedroom cabinets & wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, vanity cabinets, to kitchen cabinets, all together form an experience that has succeeded in bringing our customers back to us for their new requirements. These customers even act as our brand ambassador and provide us with references,”concludes Vasant. With such a promising future the company has blueprints ready to establish three more experience centres by the end of next year.

Honoured with the Kitchen Retailer Award at India Kitchen Congress, Vasant is constantly working towards making the company more tech and design savvy while keeping customer experience at the heart of his work.

Quick Facts:
Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Kitchen, Wardrobe & Beds