Mithra Hospital: A Multi-speciality Hospital with a Passion for Patient Welfare

 Dr. Bharath Raj,   Orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Bharath Raj

Orthopedic surgeon

Hospitals are one of the most crucial infrastructural developments for any country. With India focusing efforts on enhancing the overall infrastructure of the nation, the need for more hospitals has become glaringly obvious to meet the needs of the steadily growing population of the country. While there are quite a lot of hospitals in the nation, very few hold a multispeciality status and are equipped with the right manpower, skill, as well as tech to provide the needed support for patients. Mithra Hospital, a multispeciality hospital based in Bangalore, India and established in 2020, is a stellar example of what a multispeciality hospital needs to be. Located a little away from the center of the city, this hospital is ideal for patient care and recovery because of the peaceful and scenic surroundings that it is set in.

Mithra Hospital was built with the mission to bring transparency and faith back in medical treatments, make healthcare more affordable and provide high quality of care and treatment to all. The hospital supports minimally-invasive surgeries that cause the least amount of distress to the patient. All of the many services and specializations are offered with consideration for the crucial factor of the patient budget and affordability while receiving the highest quality medical treatment. The hospital also encourages studies and research in various fields in order to stay current with the most recent developments in medicine.
“Mithra Multispeciality Hospital is able to bring healthcare at low cost to the patients and provide support to the attendees by keeping the ethos of friendly care for health and happiness in the workforce. Counseling services are offered to each patient and the attendees by the hospital to understand the condition and the prognosis by the specialist in that department along with a counselor who helps in maintaining the quality of care provided by the hospital”, shares Dr. Bharath Raj.

The hospital aims to continue offering low-cost healthcare services while maintaining complete safety and ensuring highquality standards of the services

The hospital has also started offering hemodialysis at affordable rates which would otherwise set patients back a big amount. The hospital’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment including anesthesia and neuromonitoring equipment as well as high-end microscopes for performing complex surgeries like microvascular surgeries, reimplantation procedures, ophthalmology treatments, and much more. Additionally, the hospital is armed with advanced operation theaters, diagnostic services such as labs, and imaging rooms and equipment which helps fulfill the needs for diagnosis, treatment, as well as surgeries for various concerns.

“The key features of the hospital are the location being away from the main road and the serene surroundings giving the patients the potential to be away from the maddening city road noises and recover in a positive way. The low-cost model of running the hospital by providing affordable care to the patients at the same time maintaining the high standards of quality and safety as per ISO certification and corporate standards”, further adds Dr. Bharath Raj.

Future Blueprint
Over the coming years, the hospital plans to open smaller units across the city of Bangalore, followed by the rest of Karnataka. With this model, the hospital aims to continue offering low-cost affordable healthcare services while maintaining complete safety and ensuring high-quality standards of the services. The hospital also aims to maintain its stance of providing friendly care for health and happiness, keeping in mind the vision of affordable quality healing and sustenance of the green environment. Along with this, the hospital also plans to make a paradigm shift to home care services making the duration of hospital stay for a patient the bare minimum.