Mobikon Asia: Step into a Growth-Oriented Work Aura that Celebrates Individuality

Samir Khadepaun,Founder & CEO.

Samir Khadepaun

Founder & CEO.

Extending across 5+ offices in Asia, Mobikon Asia was founded in 2008 and is a leading Cloud-based customer engagement and analytics platform designed to cater the needs of hospitality industry. As a global provider of hosted platform services, the Singapore-based venture is highly known for its SaaS system-powered and groundbreaking, yet easy-to-use innovations and BI-driven tools and brands that include mEngage, mFeedback and mOrder.

Easily run on all major communication channels, the platforms serve as a catalyst in helping hotels, restaurants and retail outlets to get an access to a single window of customers, thereby effectively amplifying customer satisfaction, thus revenue, RoI and business. With a recent growth of 300 percent in Southeast Asia itself, the company has been witnessing an overall growth rate of 10 percent month-on-month. Its innovation and undeterred focus has also propelled eminent angels and other investors to pour around $5 million of funds till date to channelize its growth trajectory not only in the country, but overseas as well.

The Success Ingredients

As a sheltering canopy for a growing multi-cultural team of around 72 best personnel who love to infuse their own brands of ideas and zest, Mobikon strives to create value for not only its customers, but also for its internal resources. Backed by the headship of grounded core team
who clearly understand the criticalities a product development brings to the fore, the employees are bestowed with a dynamic work aura that nourishes openness, faith, a sense of ownership, empowerment, freedom to build things and more importantly, collaborative work environment yet individual growth prospects. Working on different real-time platforms, teams and even countries is perhaps bliss to a Mobikon employee. And besides, nothing can beat that delight of seeing his/her own ideas flourish in the high-end market out there.

Each product at Mobikon is architected with fresh thoughts of the young minds and strengthened with the experiences of the relatively proficient team.

Symbolizing the philosophies that celebrate individuality, each product at Mobikon is architected with fresh thoughts of the young minds and strengthened with the experiences of the relatively proficient team. "Additionally, as an Apple fan myself, I personally promote Apple gadgets. A lot of importance is laid on the gadgets and the portions of fun and quality are aligned around those gadgets," proclaims Samir Khadepaun, Founder & CEO, Mobikon.

Opportunities for the Doers

Mobikon constantly hunts for the talented and passionate doers who are dexterous to align seamlessly with its vision, either through job portals or referrals. Posing immense importance on hiring by referrals, the referee gets referral bonus whereas the company gets another trusted and talented candidate, a win-win for both the parties.

Being light on the funding part, the company does not pay the best of the industry salaries but promises to
deliver perks that are parallel to any big organization. Starting from well- defined growth plans for freshers to cover his/her initial years,to equity stock options for experienced professionals, trainings, fun-packed outings,and others, Mobikon has all of them on its plate.In a quest to enhance the recruitment outcome,Mobikon is currently rearing up to renovate its strategies.

Creating an People-Friendly Zone

Fathoming the crunches in taming the demandsofa professional and personal life-particularly in the case of women who stretch them selves toshine through the clutter-Mobikon has infused a safe and secure work zone and provides them with the much-needed work flexibility (especially for the mothers).To encourage one and all, Mobikon has also imbibed a fun-filled work culture and outing where the family of the employees will be a part of.

Apart from its yearly casuals that include birthday and festival celebrations, Mobikon is distinctively marked by its yearly internal cricket matches that not only re-unites the team spread across its offices, but also its ex-employees. And that is not the end; the tech team runs few initiatives such as Beer Friday and various knowledge-based programs that shed light on the new breakthroughs. The sales team, on the other hand, revives their routine by celebrating their productive quarter or through regular outings. The company will soon be adding mandatory health programs in its routine.

Key Management:
Samir Khadepaun, Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and one of the linchpins of Mobikon, Samir brings in a vast experience in direct marketing, OEM Sales and mobile technologies. He envisions being a leading player in Customer Engagement & Digital Marketing for services industry across India, South East Asia and Australia.